The Legal Wife Episode 19

The Legal Wife Episode 19 Monica and Nicole finally settle their differences, Gwen packs out of Javi’s house with her son

At the casino, Dante appeared with his poker ante up and played with Javi. Javi lost to him and lost all his money on him and Dante gave him a last chance, saying that could be his luck so he could bet with his watch.

Javi thought about it since the watch was a presence from his dad after graduating and becoming the COO of Vita Sardines. He bet with it and lost.

Elsewhere, Monica arrived at the exhibition event with Adrian. Eloisa gave free tasting of her dry fish. At the other side of the event, Nicole called Dante to be there. She was talking to Rowena and her friend prompted her to watch some handsome guy and She told Rowena to stop as the guy was Adrian, Monica’s husband.

Adrian came to her and told Nicole that he has told Monica that she was the one who organised the event and she was expecting to meet her. Adrian went to where the Santiagos were with Monica.

Javier told Eloisa to give some of her fish for Nicole to taste. Nicole and Monica made up at the event. Monica apologised and Nicole also asked Monica for forgiveness if she acted unreasonable. Monica told her to meet her son, Bunjoy and she knew Nicole would like him. Nicole could bet on that if Bunjoy took after his mom, then she would surely like him.

As Javier bought a strong coffee at the exhibition and left, Dante also arrived to look for some of the strong coffee. Nicole was about to talk about Dante to Monica and he arrived at the scene to find Monica, Eloisa and Nicole together. Ekai ran to meet him but the reunion was ruined as Eloisa held aback when her husband appeared in the scene.

Dante then left and Nicole also told Monica that they would continue their conversation next time and left. Dante and Javier accidentally met at the Food Bazaar. Dante wondered why his rival always had a kind of effect of doing something that did not end as expected. Javier said he was not afraid of him, he was just wearing nice clothes and shoes and wanted to call a shot but he was still a monkey.

Dante tried scaring him and returned Javi’s watch, saying his son was a loser like him always scared and lost his watch through gambling the previous night. Javier at home gave the watch to Eloisa and said he might be a bad father or his son was a bad one. He knew now Javi was destroying his life and asked Eloisa to talk to him as she might make him come around.

At Javi’s house, Gwen was fleeing with Thirdy before Javi got home, unfortunately, her husband bumped into her. He wondered where Gwen was going and his wife made it clear that she could not take it anymore and was leaving. He said she could leave but he would not allow Thirdy to go with her.

He attacked Gwen and pushed Thirdy to go upstairs. Eloisa arrived and intervened but Javi pushed her and she hit the floor. Gwen asked him not to hurt his mother. Javi warned Eloisa to leave his family alone as she was the one who was breaking his family apart, acting like she cared about him but she didn’t.

As Javi was pushing his wife to get in, Eloisa slapped him multiple times and warned him not to lay his hand on a woman. Javi claimed his mother was using his family against him, screaming that no child wanted to be abandoned by his mother. He made Gwen and Thirdy went upstairs.

Monica did presentation on Eloisa Tenkuyo, a dry fish product that she wanted to add to Vita Sardines to change the narrative from her grandmother to her mother Eloisa. The idea was well embraced by the board and was heading to a pitch by her husband as she was chosen as the model for the waterfall hair shampoo. As she was about to drive, Eloisa called her over to Javi’s place so she couldn’t make it to the schedule meeting.

Adrian now had to change his plans at the eleventh hour. He urgently needed someone to replace his wife so he thought of Nicole and called her to inform her. Nicole couldn’t say no to him but said she was in the middle of something. Adrian said he would pick her up and there was more time for her to get ready.

Nicole was having dancing rehearsals with some ladies when Adrian arrived. He was very touched by Nicole’s moves on the dance floor and watched keenly with so much interest. Monica arrived at Javi’s place and Gwen ran to open her. Javi dragged Gwen by the hair, his act compelled Monica to call the police and got her brother arrested.

Adrian did the pitching and Nicole was used as the face for the Waterfall Hair Shampoo. The clients commended the looks of Nicole, thinking she was Adrian’s wife and Nicole said she was not his wife. Adrian now explained to them that although in the proposal, he said his wife was the one he was using but she couldn’t make it and there would be no better substitute for his wife, other than her best friend.

Adrian had a call from Monica and planned to reschedule the meeting but Nicole held his back due to how he also helped her at the farm house incident. Eloisa rushed home to ask for the help of Javier in setting Javi free. Since, Javi said he did not need the help of Javier, his father also told Eloisa that Javi was a grown up man and could handle his situation.

Eloisa reminded how Javier also used to beat her and she fled with Monica, leaving her two sons behind. That, she said was the reason Javi has become like that and Javier should understand that their mistake was the reason their son had turned out like that. She decided to help her son even without Javier’s help.

While in bed with her husband, Nicole called Adrian to check up on Monica. The next day, Japer visited Monica to inform her that Javi had been posted bail. Monica and Adrian went to Dante’s house to show their gratitude to Nicole for standing in for Monica.

Monica thanked Nicole for helping her husband out. She knew Nicole would get to like her husband with time and Nicole said she already liked him already and complemented the marketing skills of Adrian. Adrian and Nicole went to the advert shooting. While Monica went to the office to do a presentation to the board but Max objected the dry fish product as it was not cost effective.

The two were about to argue on that and Monica was called out for an urgent thing. Javi who could not contact his wife was at the office destroying things and Monica tried to calm him. Javi pleaded with Monica to return his wife and son. As Javi left, Monica asked everyone to go back to work. She found a place to cry. Max got there to present to her an handkerchief.

“Don’t think bad about me,” Max said.

“I also have a heart.”


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