The Legal Wife Episode 20

The Legal Wife Episode 20 Monica fixes a blind date for Nicole and Jasper, Javier humiliates Adrian during a pitch for Vita Sardines

Max told Dante that the Santiagos were fallen apart but the thing has affected Monica since she replaced Javi to make the company work. Dante was upset that Max did not tell him early and warned him to get him posted on anything.

Nicole did the photo shooting for the Waterfall Hair Shampoo. Later, Adrian had a talk with her, saying Nicole had time but he and his wife spent little time together. He enlisted her help and Nicole went over the house the next day to meet Bunjoy but the boy did not like Nicole.

She helped Adrian and Bunjoy robed and painted the face of Adrian for the recital of Bunjoy. Monica called that she was coming home to her family for that recital since Nicole had helped them, she decided to leave for the family to have their fun time.

However, Monica failed to attend since Javier called her back for a last minute job. Elsewhere, Eloisa went to Javi’s house to find him destroyed things in his room and had passed out on the floor. Monica returned home to find Adrian and Bunjoy asleep on the couch. The next day, she made up for the lost time by staying at home. Sandra arrived and brought a helper who would be Bunjoy’s nanny.

Elsewhere, Dante toured Nicole at the Infinity Facility and showed her, her office. He announced to her that he owned the Sardine factory and Nicole was shocked since it was Vita’s competitor. Dante said someday Nicole would be the sole owner so he wanted to train her to manage the place and also wanted her to call him daddy.

Nicole accepted to be trained and started calling him daddy. Monica escorted Adrian to work at Idea Factory. She went out and returned to find Adrian keenly watching the flyers of Nicole. He was so attached to it and told Monica Nicole was pretty since she was her best friend and Monica said her friend was very pretty and deserved a good man as she was unlucky with l0ve.

Kelly came to call Monica and Adrian began talking to the flyer, asking “Why couldn’t she?”
Speaking of the devil, she showed up and requested to have a coffee. Monica appeared and she told her, she came around for something and dropped by as she wanted someone to join her for coffee.

They went out and Nicole told Monica about Dante being the owner of Infinity and she was offered a work there to manage the place. Therefore, she would be Monica’s business rival and Monica said she would not be an enemy and she had to accept the work.

They sat and chat while Monica and Adrian making l0ve. Monica asked about Nicole’s l0ve life and she said she was single. Monica suggested they found blind date for her but she did not seem to like since she was scared that the guy might not like her.

“Now what kind of man will not fall for you,” Adrian queried.

As she watched Monica spoon-feed Adrian, she also tried spoonfeeding Adrian by asking him to try her cake. As Adrian tasted and tasted Monica’s own, Nicole asked how hers taste like whether it was better than Monica’s own.

“The longer you eat it, the better,” Nicole said while Monica acted a bit awkward.

Elsewhere, the cousin of Dante was surprised to know her brother owned Infinity. She knew how Dante was obsessed about Eloisa and Monica. Dante revealed his plans of bringing Javier down no matter what. He was bent on destroying Vita even when he knew Monica was the one in charge. He was hoping Monica who viewed him as a father would understand once he destroyed the company.

At work, Javier ordered Monica to terminate the advert contract of JJP as it was very expensive and also lacked what he wanted. He decided to search for a new advert agency and Monica proposed Idea Factory. Since Monica proposed her husband’s agency, he accepted. Monica went home to give Adrian the good news.

Adrian was happy that through that project, he would have time to spend close to his wife. Monica together with Adrian and Bunjoy visited the Santiago’s mansion to present some food. The family gathered round a table to eat together. Javier shook hands with Adrian and told him that he accepted the agency since his daughter trusted he would do a good job.

Adrian said he also accepted due to his wife as he knew he would deliver. Javi arrived to ruin the day for everyone. Javier later sacked Javi and they also talked about Jasper’s relationship life. As the mother hoped Jasper would get a girl, Monica said her brother had a girlfriend Sabrina but was shocked to know the relationship ended long time ago.

Monica planned a blind date for Jasper and Nicole. Jasper seemed to like Nicole but Nicole was not interested in him. She returned to see Monica and Adrian and called them crazy for hooking her up with Jasper. Nicole said she did not believe Jasper like her and she was not his type but Monica said Jasper like her a lot and he always talked about her and how happy he felt around her.

Nicole doubted. Adrian said she was beautiful, fun and nice and any man would want her so he believed she would be his in-law. Nicole took all that as joke and when she returned home she realised she was rather interested in Adrian for his sweet talks and was in denial.

Adrian’s friend believed Adrian through the advert project might rather have misunderstanding with his father in-law. Adrian was rather hoping that would pave the way for him to someday be accepted by Javier. He went to Vita Sardines to do the pitching but Javier found Adrian’s concept as ridiculous and did not like it.

He was so disappointed and did not make Adrian end his pitch. He asked Monica if that was all the concepts they had and asked whether she liked what her husband was presenting. Monica defended Adrian and Javier ordered her to follow him to his office.


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