The Legal Wife Episode 21

The Legal Wife Episode 21 Vita Sardines exceeds market target with Eloisa Tuyong, Monica approves a five-week vacation between Nicole and Adrian

Javier went to his office with Monica to express his displeasure on the presentation made by Adrian for the campaign of Eloisa Tuyong.

Monica found the concept presented by her husband as perfect but Javier was not ready to use gimmicks in selling his products. He proposed to find a new agency which would come up with a good concept since Adrian quenched the hopes he had in Idea Factory.

Monica stepped out only to find out that Adrian was eavesdropping. She tried to make him see her dad as a client and work on the concept again. The executives of Waterfall had a set up to unveil Nicole as the face of waterfall.

Seeing Adrian disturbed and gallivanting, Nicole rushed out to talk to him but Adrian reminded her that she was needed inside and she said she knew no one except him.

Adrian and Nicole ended up k!$$ing as Nicole took advantage of his vulnerability. In the midst of the atrocious act, Nicole suddenly woke to find out that it was only a sweet dream she was having.

In the De Villa mansion, Adrian tried a new concept and the next day, he pitched it to Javier and the board members of Vita Sardines. Javier was against the concept since his wife would be used as a face of the dry fish product but Adrian still maintained his stance on Eloisa being the face.

As some board members accepted the concept, others also agreed with Javier for claiming his wife was the reserved type, hence would not be good for the advert.

Monica then stepped in to propose they used a different woman who would be used as a mother figure instead of Eloisa and Javier approved that. Adrian later confronted his wife for disgracing him infront of everyone. Monica disagreed but Adrian maintained that his father saw him as incapable and he only accepted the project just to be close to his wife due to her busy schedule.

Max began to buy shares from some of the investors of Vita Sardines and told Dante on phone that he has gotten 5per cent shares from another shareholder. He believed in no time Vita would collapse. Nicole interrupted the conversation and informed Dante that she was going to see Monica and if he had a message for her, he should tell her and she would deliver.

Dante asked Nicole if she had a strategy installed for infinity to boost their sales as Vita was coming up with some new products but Nicole was not bothered. Later, Nicole met Monica and learnt about her marital problems. She advised her to show Adrian affection. Monica then decided to bake a cake for Adrian.

Meanwhile, a client was upset with Adrian for not putting a deadline to an ad commercial which in turn has made her company to run a loss, adding that if Monica was still working at Idea Factory that oversight wouldn’t have happened. Nicole stumbled on Adrian in a club and he was drunk. She called Monica and together they helped Adrian to get home.

In the house, Adrian tried to force himself on his wife but stopped and slept. The next day, he apologised to Monica. Jasper ran into the room to show to the family the newspaper which the news centred on Eloisa’s dry fish. The family was happy that Eloisa was now famous and the advert on the dry fish product was aired.

Dante reading the news on Eloisa’s dry fish asked Nicole if she would not follow him to the office but Nicole said she had a different passion and had come across some property which she wanted to buy to start a resort business. Dante accepted to help her with money to establish the resort but Nicole wanted the money only as a loan.

Adrian lost one of the biggest clients and met with his friend that night who believed Monica might be upset knowing he lost a bigger client. He also saw the news article on Eloisa and realised Monica was only addressed by her father’s name, Santiago and De Villa was not added to it.

Realising Idea Factory was losing a client, Monica arranged a meeting with the client and went with Adrian to talk to the man not to pull out and the man reconsidered his decision and maintained Idea Factory.

Monica rushed back to Vita Sardines only to find out from her father that their campaign worked and Vita Sardines has exceeded the target so both celebrated. Javier was so proud of Monica. Monica then had a surprise dinner with Adrian. As the couple were spending quality time together, Max came in to ruin their moment.

Adrian who found out from Max’ speech that Monica had that surprise for him due to the increase in the sale of Vita asked his wife why she failed to tell him. Monica planned on telling him but did not want to steal their moment together with Eloisa Tuyong.

Adrian was happy as that could make Monica return to Idea Factory but Monica was not planning to leave Vita Sardines at the moment. Later, Dante contracted Adrian to initiate a campaign strategy for the resort of Nicole. After Adrian’s pitch, Dante like the idea and accepted the strategy and suggestions of Adrian about the resort.

He scheduled a week vacation for Adrian and Nicole to the resort to come up with more strategy to facilitate the campaign. Adrian told Monica about it and she was happy with it. Later, Monica bumped into Nicole and the latter seeks her permission, asking if Monica was okay for her to have a trip with her husband.

Monica was okay with that since her husband would be with Nicole. Nicole and Adrian had the vacation and when Nicole made her reasons for establishing that resort known to Adrian, he suggested a Spanish name Costa Escaparse for the resort.

To make people who wanted to escape from their problems and the world think of that place as a hideout for the breeze to fan away their problems. Nicole embraced the name as it fit the purpose of the resort.

Soon, Max met Dante to talk about their evil plots against Javier and Vita Sardines. Least did the two know that Monica followed Max to the place. When Max was presenting some documents to Dante, they were surprised to see Monica approaching.


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