The Legal Wife Episode 22

The Legal Wife Episode 22 Dante owns 25per cent shares of his rival’s company, Monica discovers Dante’s evil plots against Vita Sardines

Monica arrived at the restaurant much to the dismay of Dante and Max. She told her father that she was there to meet someone and Dante also said he was there to meet a business associate, Max. Monica found it as coincidence as Max was a shareholder in Vita Sardines.

Having a bad feeling about the motive of Max, Monica warned Max not to swindle Dante. Max then had a lunch with his mother and gave her a present but his mother returned it and even wondered why Max consistently bought gifts for her. She asked if he did not have a girlfriend.

She told Max about her plans to travel back to the state as she could not keep doing nothing and sitting idle. She wanted to return in order to take care of Max’s younger brother. Monica returned to the office and discovered that Max had also bought 5per cent shares of Vita, making his shares 25per cent.

Monica realised the boy was up to no good and considered him as a spy. Javier asked Monica if she believed Max obtained that resources from his inheritance as Max told Javi but Monica doubted.

Javier concluded that the shareholders of Vita were selling off their shares since they had no belief in Vita although they were recovering from their losses. Monica thought of a plan to get to the bottom of the act of Max.

Javier had a talk with Max, saying Vita Sardines was a family business and since Max had 25per cent shares, he considered a family and wanted them to iron things out for a greater good. At the resort, Nicole got upset that a particular Architecture couldn’t make it and the plan for the resort was given to someone.

Since the design was done by someone, the new person said he could not do it and Nicole got upset since the new person and the old one were all working in the same company. They agreed that the work would be done in two weeks time. Adrian had a conversation with his wife and told her Nicole was in a foul mood as things at the resort were being delayed.

Monica told him not to leave her friend so after the call, Adrian tried entertaining Nicole. He made her climb and she fell off but Adrian was there to catch her. Nicole later called Rowena to get there since she could not continue anymore.

Monica kept pestering Max and followed Max inside the elevator to extract the truth from him. Since both were pressing the elevator simultaneously, they got stuck and Max told Monica that his life was just a gamble, just like Monica was gambling with her family.

But Monica termed her act as l0ve for a family not gambling. Max warned her that it would get her into trouble and told her to be cautious about her father as he was not who she deemed he was. They called for help since they were stuck and got out by the help of someone.

Soon, Nicole felt sick and Adrian took care of her. He told Monica about it when Monica had a bad feeling that something bad was about to happen. She believed it was connected to Max and Adrian was relieved since he thought it was about something else.

The next day, Nicole was feeling better and due to how Adrian slept while watching over Nicole, he had a stiff neck. Bunjoy wanted to see his father so Monica went to the resort with him. There, she made enquiries on Max to know about his family.

Elsewhere, Eloisa went to Monica’s house to search for her. She knocked the gate several times but no one opened. Dante got there and stumbled on Eloisa. He tried talking to Eloisa and asked her to be his friend but Eloisa walked out on him, saying they were not enemies. She drove off, leaving Dante behind.

Nicole told Monica that Max’s family were overseas. However, she and Max one time went to see his mother to help her do cleaning. She gave the woman’s address to Monica. Dante met Max and he confronted Max for screwing up in his bid of buying shares from all the shareholders.

Max could not convince Mr Aziz to sell off his shares as the man was indebted to the Santiagos. Javier helped him when he was down so investing in Vita was not just an investment but a gratitude for the family standing for him. Dante believed the no of the man would expose them.

Max got upset and decided to quit. He made it clear that he would return everything Dante gave him to make up for his debt but Dante threatened him. Having a lead, Monica then went to visit Max’s mother and found her moving to abroad.

The woman deemed her to be Nicole, thinking her son had a child with her and now she was there seeking for a child’s support. She advised her to get it now that Max had money. Monica discovered that Max did not make it from any inheritance and his mother did not even know where he got his money from.

Max who had already asked his mother to wait for him before leaving, arrived home and Monica availed her face to tell Max that his mother already left. Monica squeezed the truth out of Max and he mentioned Dante as the person who made him do what he did.

Monica doubted but Max insisted Dante was the reason behind the downfall of Vita Sardines, stressing that Monica did not know the man she called father well. She then visited the house of Dante and when he opened the door, Monica stared.


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