The Legal Wife Episode 23

The Legal Wife Episode 23 Adrian and Nicole mate at Costa Escaparse, Monica quits her job at Vita Sardines

Dante opened the door for Monica but Monica left without saying any tangible word. This made Dante ask Nicole if she had a problem with Monica since she was earlier there and did not know whether she was there to see her or him.

Nicole said they had no problem that she knew of. She went to G-Amore Events to find that Adrian had left a document and flyer on Costa Escaparse which spelt out its aim, mission, vision and Motto.

At De Villa residence, Adrian talked to Monica to refrain herself from her family’s problems. He was sure that she would be pushed to the wall to choose one of her fathers and the result would not look good. Monica was bent on solving the problem. Adrian reminded her that she also had a family to concentrate on and as Javier said she should not get involved for Dante and Javier to do their thing.

If the two were destined to k!ll eachother, she should not think she would be able to prevent it, it would happen no matter what but Monica was adamant. Monica went to see Max to get to the bottom of the issue. She asked about other things Dante did using Max and the boy spilt it out.

Soon, The family had stakeholders party to announce the increase in sales of Vita Sardines with Eloisa Tuyong which Javier praised his wife for being the pillar of success at his side. Dante was ready to surprise the Santiagos but his surprise was ruined when he bumped into Javier who told him the party was over and also revealed Dante’s evil plans.

Dante said he owed the 25per cent shares of Vita. Javier smiled and was not shocked. He rather revealed to him that his deeds were exposed to him as Max had already confessed how he used him to infiltrate his company.

Monica and Eloisa arrived and Javier told Dante that all of them knew Dante’s dirty secret. Eloisa told Dante to drop the act and Monica wondered why Dante was doing that. Javier answered, he was doing that to win over Eloisa and Monica and threatened not to allow Dante ruin his family.

Dante forced Eloisa to escape with him and this led to a fight between the old rivalry men. Dante in the scuffle shoved Monica and she hit the ground. Dante claimed Javier made several attempts on his life and compelled Javier to admit but Javier denied.

Javier told his family that he met Dante five years ago and if he wanted to do what he was accusing him of, he would have done that. Since Eloisa was having doubts about Javier, she walked out and Monica followed.

After the incidence, Max talked to Dante, saying he has returned everything and he hoped he had seen it. He believed that would make him gain his freedom and also thanked Dante for every good thing he did for him as he was a father figure he never had.

He was then ambushed and beaten, but one of the henchmen received a call from Mr Ramos and they told Max how lucky he was that Dante who employed them to beat him up changed his mind. Dante was drinking and Nicole found him. She went to visit Monica to tell her how miserable Dante was feeling and wanted Monica to go and talk to him as he did not want to hear her out.

Monica refused since Dante tried to collapse Vita and was also accusing Javier of a huge crime so she could not stand at anyone’s side. Nicole believed Monica was already siding with Javier and was sure Dante’s accusations were true. She now understood why Dante was looking miserable because Monica that he l0ved did not trust him.

Monica also said it was not easy for her to be caught in between the two men that she looked up to. Nicole indicated that whatever was happening Eloisa and Monica had a hand in it and everything Monica was saying was about herself. Not even once did she bother to ask Dante why he did not marry anyone after Eloisa dumped him and walked out.

She went home and tried talking to her father to send him into his room but Dante pushed her away, saying he did not need her but needed only Eloisa and Monica. Nicole was saddened and said she was his real daughter and left. The next day morning, Adrian advised his wife once again to stop meddling in the Ramos and Santiago’s fight.

Monica refused, she deemed it that Adrian wanted her to leave her family when they needed her the most. Adrian also said Monica was choosing her family who had brought nothing but pains to her life and she was proving that she l0ved them than he and Bunjoy.

Nicole was at Costa Escaparse drinking her frustrations out when Adrian also arrived there to drink his frustrations out. Both were enjoying the soothing sounds of the breeze while trying to flee from their problems. Nicole began to cry and adrian tried to console her.

At Vita Sardines, Javier employed someone to look into the life of Dante if he had bullied someone and was sure Dante had swindled someone at Infinity Sardines or the casinos he owned. he ordered the person to file charges against Dante to get him behind bars if he found something fishy.

He was poised to end the fight once and for all but Monica advised him to stop. Javier refused and said the fight would only end if one of them (Dante and Javier) fall and d!e. Monica had enough and left to Costa Escaparse.

There, as the two drunk friends were talking about the greatest person with a miserable life, with Nicole taking the crown, she lost control and began k!ssing Adrian. The two made l0ve and sent their mood to the bedroom to get wet up in bed.

Meanwhile, Monica arrived at the restaurant at the beach where she was told her husband and friend were but met their absence. A lady came to inform her that both Adrian and Nicole had left the place. Monica wanted to go to the room but the lady claimed they were not there so she head back home only to find Bunjoy asleep.

She was broken down since Adrian had not replied to her text and calls. Nicole woke up to find out that she and Adrian had have a quality l0ve time together and warned him not to tell anyone. She rushed to the washroom to cry for her deeds.

The next day, as Monica was still unable to reach Adrian since he did not pass the night at home, she decided to quit her job at Vita Sardines but Javier was unhappy with that, thinking she was doing that for Dante. Monica said she wanted to concentrate on her family.

Nicole got home to find Dante already prepared and had served dinner but she refused to eat. Dante apologised and blamed his actions to the alcohol that he drunk. Nicole said the moment she accepted him, she also paved the way for him to hurt her feelings besides he had that idea in head and he was only frank when he slapped her with the truth.

The next day, Monica rescheduled all her meeting at Idea Factory and told Kelly that she would not attend work. Adrian arrived home and Monica said sorry to him and admitted Adrian was right all along. She had now chosen her family over the Santiagos.

Adrian was surprised and he also said sorry for every word he said and what he has done. The couple hugged as Adrian tried hard to hold back his tears. Nicole on the other hand, thought about her night with Adrian and felt sorry for what she did against her friend, asking Monica to forgive her while shedding tears in her room.

Kelly called Nicole to inform her about her meeting with Adrian but Nicole cancelled, claiming she was busy. She now texted Monica that they had to talk about something important.


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