The Legal Wife Episode 24

The Legal Wife Episode 24 Rowena advised Nicole to see a witch doctor to get over Adrian, Monica fights Digna to protect her marriage

Nicole deleted the messages she crafted to send to Monica. She deemed it was appropriate for her friend not to find out. As Monica and Sandra were doing the laundry, the latter asked Monica if she and Adrian were still fighting.

Monica answered that they had solved their problem. Sandra was glad she quit her job to become a house wife but Monica said not entirely but she would help Adrian at Idea Factory.

Nicole packed out from Dante’s house to a hotel. Her father tried talking to her but she refused to talk to him. While she lodged at the hotel, Monica came there to iron things out with her. They decided not to allow their fathers’ feud to drift them apart.

Monica also asked her permission to have her second honeymoon with Adrian at Costa Escaparse. Meanwhile, Javier tried to convince Eloisa that Dante’s words against him were mere allegations.

He could have k!lled him five years ago when he bumped into him but Eloisa believed in Dante. She maintained her decision not to pack out as she promised when she returned to Javier. Javier said they have been married for the past 20years and above and would not allow Dante to ruin his happiness.

Monica and Adrian went to Costa Escaparse to spend time together. While making l0ve, Adrian thought of Nicole and could not get her out of his mind. The next day, Monica brought him breakfast in bed. Nicole got to GL-Amore Events to try working to get her deeds out of her mind but could not so she went to a bar where she stumbled on Max.

Max was surprised to find Nicole and saw her not of herself. Nicole said she would have thought her heart to l0ve Max if she could, that way she would not have done what she did. In bed, Adrian told Monica countless number of time that he l0ved her. They later went to work and Digna, a high school mate of Adrian dropped by the office to offer her laundry company advert project to him.

The way Digna was acting got on the nerve of Monica. Digna was equally a married woman and paid less attention to Monica when Adrian introduced her to his wife. She went out with Adrian and Monica went to GL-Amore Events to find Nicole who was busying herself to forget about Adrian.

She went out with Nicole to talk to her about Digna. Monica was feeling jealous and Nicole asked what she would do if indeed there was another woman that her husband was having an affair with. Monica believed Adrian would do no such thing to her but if he did, somebody has to pay for it.

Monica saw the face which Nicole made and she asked her if she was scared of her. Nicole said no and should concentrate on Digna as that woman would act like a quick sand . When Digna and Adrian returned, Monica queried her husband on Digna. Adrian realised Monica was getting jealous and asked her not to as Digna only brought business to promote her laundry company.

At the Santiago’s mansion, Eloisa and Jasper prepared a welcome surprise for Javi but Javi insulted Eloisa more for helping Gwen to flee from his house to the US. Eloisa assured him that they were there for him.

“That is the problem!” Javi hissed.

“You’re always there for me!”

“Now tell me when are you getting out of my life.”

That evening, Adrian received a text and Monica read it. She got upset but Adrian insisted it was a client. Nicole called Rowena over and voiced out her deeds. She told Rowena to slap her to wake her brains up and Rowena did.

Rowena expressed how disappointed she felt for Nicole’s action. She thought Nicole had learnt her lesson with Max. Knowing Nicole, she told her to forget about what had happened and move on but Nicole said it was not easy, she had fallen into her own trap, she could not get Adrian from her mind. He was stuck in her heart and mind and has taken over her entire being.

Rowena advised her to go and confess to a priest and a witch doctor. Monica while laying the bed saw a message from Digna to Adrian and she found Digna as a nuisance. Adrian returned after brushing his teeth but Monica pretended to be sleeping.

Later, she went to see Nicole to inform her about the nuisance in her life but Nicole said her hunch might be wrong since Adrian was people’s kind of person due to the advertising work but Monica said she was a woman and she feels it when her husband was seeing someone else.

She went with Nicole to a restaurant where Digna and Adrian were. Adrian and Digna seemed to have a past but was not well elaborated as Monica interrupted to spoil the moment. Digna had to leave, while Adrian and Monica got home, Monica lamented that Digna had been flirting with Adrian and sending messages to him at odd hours.

She strongly believed Adrian was involved with her. Adrian denied the allegations and said they were just friends and Monica could make him lose a client.

He said it did not matter if Digna was flirting with him but what mattered was that he was there for business and Monica was there for a fight. Monica said she only did that to protect her marriage and there was nothing wrong with it.


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