The Legal Wife Episode 25

The Legal Wife Episode 25 Adrian saves Nicole, Monica finds her best friend in the arms of her husband

Bradley questioned Adrian on what he was doing that his wife was suspecting him. He realised Adrian was acting all defensive and knew his friend had cheated. Adrian admitted but he said it was complicated and had no feelings for the person.

Monica confide in Sandra and the woman said they seemed to fall for handsome guys. Adrian was just like his father but Adrian l0ved her and urged her to settle her issue with him since she was the only girl her son introduced.

The couple made up and Adrian asked his wife for forgiveness. He admitted acting unprofessionally and promised to be more careful. Monica, Adrian and Nicole went to a restaurant and Monica suggested to Nicole to use the resort to organise some events and Adrian supported the idea.

Monica left so Adrian talked to Nicole to make it clear that he l0ved his wife and there was no way he would leave her. Nicole found it offensive and told Adrian she l0ved Monica too. Later, Adrian went to the office and Monica asked about Nicole. He told her Nicole said she would come and also reveal to her the Waterfall Hair Shampoo meeting.

Monica wanted to go with him but he declined. Monica began reading a magazine on things she could do to make her husband happy but Kelly startled her. Javier stumbled on Javi smoking. He advised him to man up and put his life together.

In the Ramos mansion, Dante told Nicole he has found a replacement for her at Infinity Sardines while they were eating. Nicole could not eat and was also not responding to Dante so the man left, saying he was going out to look for someone to talk to.

The Executives of Water Fall Hair Shampoo product went to Idea Factory to talk to Adrian on how the ad had turned the financial fortune of their company. They wanted to keep the streams so they were coming with a new campaign which they wanted Nicole Esquivel to be the image model again.

Adrian believed Nicole would accept it. He texted Nicole several times but she failed to respond. Monica read a magazine on a cheating husband and learnt they always had their phones with them. She sprayed herself and wore a $exy night wear to entice her husband.

Adrian got home and Monica acted all $exy, Adrian decided to shower first and left with his phone. That to Monica was a sign of cheating but for Adrian, he was expecting a client’s call.

The next day, Monica was with Jasper and Adrian was at GL-Amore Events in search of Nicole but didn’t find her. He went to her house to find her unconscious. Nicole burnt a leaflet into the trash can but something fell in and the fire gutted a fabric. She tried to put it off but she couldn’t and she got chocked while inhaling the smoke.

Elsewhere, Javi had a video chat with Gwen and pleaded with her to return. He tried convincing her that he has changed and has found himself something doing. Gwen was happy for him, she also said Thirdy was also happy and could now play around. As Javi was insisting she returned, she ended the call.

Adrian sent Nicole to hospital. There, Adrian apologised for his action and Nicole asked if what happened between them meant nothing to her. She further asked if the person was a random girl, he would have done that but Adrian said he had no answer for that as he did not know what happened.

Monica told Jasper that she had a bad feeling that Adrian was cheating on her. Jasper doubted and she showed him the book she had been reading which the action of a cheating husband was replicated by Adrian. She said Adrian had been clearing his call history.

Jasper believed it was all in her head and she was worried about nothing. Monica now said she would read a book about being a good wife. Nicole accepted the commercial project of Water Fall and Adrian thanked her. Rowena confronted Nicole for getting close to Adrian again. She said Nicole could turned down the ad commercial.

Soon, Nicole went to shoot the commercials. Adrian who was there watching her as she was taking the pictures was thinking about her. He recalled their moment together and tried to snap out of it. Monica also decided to pick Adrian up at the location of the commercials.

While left with Adrian, Nicole decided to leave to change but slipped and Adrian caught her. Monica arrived to find the two in a compromising situation. She interrupted them after staring for a while. Monica felt cheated on so she told them she could tell they were not done so she was going to the rest room to wait for Adrian.

In the rest room, she tried to convince herself that her best friend could not have a relationship with her husband. Nicole left Adrian to go and change. Adrian went to his wife and told her they should have dinner together. While talking, Nicole hid in the bush to spy on them.


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