The Legal Wife Episode 26

The Legal Wife Episode 26 Javi is hired as the marketing head of Infinity Sardines, Adrian develops feelings for Nicole

Adrian in a bar told Bradley how confused he was after the affair with Nicole. He knew it was wrong and regretted his action but could not get Nicole from his mind. Bradley advised him to concentrate on his wife since she was a nice person.

The next day, Adrian went to exercise with Monica and Bunjoy. Monica called Nicole to find out that she was going for a yoga class and she decided to go with her.

Elsewhere, Javi told Eloisa that he was about to work for a big company, bigger than Vita Sardines. He met with Dante to thank him for giving him such opportunity and promised to do his best. He assured Dante that he would not regret for hiring him since both have a common enemy, Javier.

At the Santiago’s mansion, Eloisa gave Javier a newspaper publication on Javi being employed at Infinity Sardines. She told Javier to talk to his son to stop him from working for Infinity but Javier refused as Javi did not want him in his life.

Eloisa tried talking to Javi to quit his job at Infinity to work for Vita Sardines but he refused and termed his mother as jealous since he was working for her ex.

“Or may be you’re just uncomfortable with the fact that I am working with your ex. So may be you want the job yourself so that you can be with him too,”Javi spewed.

“Watch your mouth Javi,” Eloisa slapped him for disrespecting her.

“I am worried about you because I know that Dante will use you to his advantage.”

“Use me against who?” Javi hissed.

“Against my dad?” he queried.

Monica attended the yoga class with Nicole and found the exercise as difficult but Nicole said she did great. Monica believed there were things Nicole was good in that she was not. Meanwhile, Max had shown Javier the favourite coffee joint of Dante. Javier went to have a coffee in wait to surprise Dante.

Dante came to meet his rival and Javier wanted him to leave his son and warned Dante not to think he was ahead since Javi might be loyal to him but Dante never doubted the loyalty of Javier’s family to him but he wanted him to feel the pains of how things get taken away from a person.

The executives of Waterfall planned a surprise party for Adrian and Nicole so he sent a message and called Monica but his wife didn’t answer. When he called Nicole, Monica received the call and he told her about it. Monica revealed that she was the one and passed the phone down to Nicole.

In Santiagos’ mansion, Jasper was packing out to his new condo so Eloisa was helping him out. He was surprised to know that Javi was working for Infinity. Jasper rescinded on his decision to pack out due to the tears of Eloisa. He received a call from Monica who invited the family to a surprise party she was organising to celebrate Adrian’s success.

Due to how happy Monica was, Jasper failed to inform her about Javi’s new job. Adrian went to Waterfalls meeting only to discover the change in the company’s plan which per some unfortunate reasons couldn’t contact him. He was about to talk to Monica when he accidentally dropped his phone.

Nicole arrived and he was so turned by Nicole’s looks. They were ushered to the Appreciation dinner set for them at the location. They had an engaging chat. Elsewhere, Monica organised the surprise party but couldn’t reach Adrian. All the guests were waiting patiently for him. She also called Nicole but to no avail.

Javier informed Monica about Javi’s decision to work for Infinity and requested for Monica to work for him for Javi to know he was not the only child. He told her to think about it. Adrian went to the washroom while thinking about Nicole and trying to figure out his actual feelings, he saw the phone suddenly working and Monica had been calling and texting.

He rushed to the location to meet Max standing with his wife. Monica sent him in and he was surprised. He received a text from Nicole saying thank you and Javier realised his gestures. He came to warn him to ensure he did not lose everything as he was feeling he has gained everything.

He also left a word of caution for Monica to lock all the doors and windows from her house for burglars not to break in. Monica who had been advised by Jasper not to imagine things still kept her composure.

Nicole arrived home to find Javi with Dante. Dante introduced Javi to her as the replacement of her in Infinity. Nicole was against it, claiming it was Javi who collapsed Vita Sardines and believed he would repeat the act at Infinity.

In the house, Adrian told her lies about where he went and texted Nicole not to inform her besty they were together. Nicole asked for the reason and he said he did not tell her. Monica picked her husband’s shirt and her suspicions intensified as he always told him about change in his schedules but failed to do it.


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