The Legal Wife Episode 27

The Legal Wife Episode 27 Monica seeks professional touch to woo her husband, Nicole begins her mistress journey with Adrian

Adrian returned from the bathroom to find his wife holding and sniffing his shirt. He wanted to take it but Monica did not allow him. She k!$$ed him. The next day, Monica told Jasper about the doubts she was still having on her husband.

Monica received a call from the executive of Waterfall who told her about the Appreciation dinner set for Nicole and Adrian the previous night and thanked Monica for it.

Monica was surprised but acted along after the call, she tried convincing herself that Adrian forgot to tell her. Elsewhere, Nicole was waiting for an investor who she has a meeting with. Adrian was with her working on the campaign of the resort. She told Adrian that Javi was working for Dante and she did not know why.

Adrian said perhaps they had a common enemy. Marco DeLeon, the investor finally arrived and Nicole made him greet Adrian. At De Villa mansion, Monica was playing with Bunjoy when Adrian came in. He informed Monica that Javi was working for Infinity and told her Nicole informed him.

Monica said she knew and her father wanted her to work for Vita but she made up an excuse just to turn him down. Adrian told her to accept working for Vita much to Monica’s surprise. Monica reminded him that it brought issue among them sometime ago.

Adrian said he was over it so now she could accept it. Monica saw Adrian changed his dress and was wearing a new perfume. She told Jasper about it and Jasper assumed she was being paranoid.

Javier appeared in the scene and Jasper excused them. Monica turn him down but Javier did not understand since Adrian had already given his consent. Monica lamented that she did not want to pass through what she went through with her husband the previous time working for Vita.

Javier smelt fire on the mountain and asked if she had a problem in her marriage. Monica visited Javi to convince him to work for their dad but he refused. As she was leaving, Monica stumbled on a salon and went to have her hair do and got a skimpy outfit.

She went to Idea Factory and Kelly was amazed by her makeover and her new look. Adrian appeared and complemented her looks. They went to a dinner date only to find Nicole. They joined her since her date was not there. Marco arrived and she introduced him to Monica.

She and Marco went to a different table but Adrian couldn’t stop watching them. Monica was happy that her friend was now going out on a date and found Marco as a decent guy.

Nicole got home and found Javi there. She advised Dante to stop what he was doing as he was being pitiful. Adrian while in bed with his wife was thinking about Nicole and her date Marco. He was looking all stressed out while there with Monica.

Nicole, later met with Adrian to look at the designs corrections she made but Adrian due to jealousy presented something that Nicole did not like. Nicole was prompting him that it was not the designs that they agreed on and Adrian did not do all the corrections but Adrian said he was good at what he does and he was professional.

“What do you want Adrian?” Nicole stood looking so upset.

“What do I want?” Adrian hissed.

“I want you to stop going out on a date.”

“What?” Nicole retorted.

“And I don’t want to see you entertaining other men,” Adrian added.

“Who are you to tell me what and what not to do?” Nicole hissed.

Adrian suddenly k!ssed her and Nicole slapped him.

Nicole said she was sick of that and she had been trying to brush off what happened between them due to the fact that she knew it was not right for her to get involved with her best friend’s husband.

“Thanks to what you told me…”

“I realised I made a very big mistake!”

“I give lots of importance to the people that I l0ve because I don’t want to hurt them.”

“I know the difference between right and wrong so I am asking you Adrian…”

“Let’s stop this!”

“Please stay away from me!”

“I am trying my best Nicole,” Adrian cried.

“But I don’t know how to start doing that!”

“You can start by getting out of this room,” Nicole interjected.

Monica was playing with Bunjoy in the house and she texted Adrian. Adrian came out of a bus and Bradley followed him to know of his problem. Adrian lamented that he was in a quick sand Although he knew he was wrong yet he could not get over with it.

Bradley realised Adrian was in l0ve with Nicole. Nicole reached home feeling sad for what had happened, she overheard a conversation between Ruby and Dante. Ruby was unhappy with the fact that her cousin had employed Javi as rumoured had it that the boy was stealing from her father’s company.

Dante asked Ruby to understand that Javi was Eloisa’s son and he came to him for employment and he offered that. He realised she was right that when he was sinking Vita that would make him lose Monica and Eloisa so he changed his strategy.

“Ruby if you are telling me he is a thief,”

“Then, he should help me take back Monica and Eloisa and have them back.”

“Don’t you get tired cousin?” Ruby hissed.

“Listen, Eloisa and Monica are my family…”

“You know that!”

“They are mine, I work hard every day for their sake.”

“Don’t take that away from me.”

“You can’t blame me….”

“For all that I want in life is for Eloisa and Monica to come back to me.”

“That’s all that I want!”

In tears Nicole turn back and sent Adrian message. Both met up and had another illicit affair. Monica called Adrian and Adrian told Nicole that he had to go home. Nicole said she knew what she has gotten herself involved in so she understands.

Adrian went home and pleaded with Monica for coming home late. He made up a story to justify his action but Monica had her doubts. The next day, while the workers including Monica were looking for a key phrase to advertise a napkin, Adrian arrived with all happy face and gave a key phrase.

Monica gave another key phrase an they agreed on that. In the house, Bunjoy had a perfect grades in school so Monica suggested they take him to a trip. As the couple were having their time together, Nicole was also waiting for Adrian to come.

She had prepared food and was thinking Adrian was not coming, to her surprise, Adrian arrived and they made l0ve. The next day, they visited the Santiagos and Javier told Adrian to treat Bunjoy for the good grades in school and should also give to his all the good things in life. When he had to punish, he should do it, when he had to reward, he should do it, that is how he raised his children.

Adrian accepted, as Monica was setting the table, Max told Monica that Adrian looked different from the last time he saw him. He now looked extremely happy and relaxed. Monica said Adrian was sociable and the last time he was stressed out, reason he was like that.

Later, Nicole and Adrian met in a restaurant and were planning to go and have fun. Monica called Adrian and he told her that he was in a meeting with a client. Unknown to him, Monica was in that same restaurant and she spotted them.


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