The Legal Wife Episode 28

The Legal Wife Episode 28 Monica, Adrian celebrate 6th Anniversary, Nicole gets disappointed after her trip with Adrian gets cancelled

Monica after seeing her husband and best friend went to their seat to ask Adrian if Nicole was the person he was terming as a client. Adrian said yes and she had a new business for Idea Factory Advertising Agency.

He crafted a lie that Nicole has sold off all her unit and needed membership so he was about to go on a vacation with her to Costa Escaparse to design a strategy for her to sell membership to people. Monica accepted and told Nicole that she should release her husband before their anniversary.

She prepared Adrian things for him to embark on his trip. As she was packing Adrian’s things into his bag, she stumbled on a bracelet and she quickly put inside its case and placed it inside the bag when she heard Adrian approaching.

Likewise, Nicole packed her things and saw that Javi was in the living room with her father. She told them that she was going to Costa Escaparse and Dante said he would give her an escort but she refused, saying she would go with Adrian.

Javi was amazed that she was so close to his sister to an extent that she was sharing Adrian with her and Nicole asked if he was jealous and wanted to share Adrian too.

While Adrian and Nicole were having quality time at Costa Escaparse, Monica was also with Jasper seeking his knowledge on what to present to her husband during their anniversary.

Jasper proposed she gets him a gift from the first day that they met after Monica proposed to buy a laptop and shoes. She found Jasper’s idea as brilliant and bought a record. Adrian went home to meet a beautiful romantic ambiance with his surprise.

He also went for his surprise for Monica and after a long wait to get to the actual surprise from the boxes, she finally found the silver bracelet with l0ve patches on it. Elsewhere Nicole woke up to find Adrian’s note that he has left and also left her a necklace with l0ve pendant as her gift.

Monica thought Nicole showed Adrian where to buy the bracelet and he said she was not the one. They celebrated their sixth anniversary with so much l0ve and comfort.

After their time together, Monica rushed to Gl-amour to show the bracelet to Nicole that she got one ahead of her. Nicole wondered if she bought it herself and Monica told her that Adrian bought it for her and asked her not to be envious.

Monica returned home and told Adrian that she showed the bracelet to Nicole and her friend was envious of her as they had been wanting to buy some but she told her not to worry as she would get one when she started to date.

Later, Adrian packed his things to go to Costa Escaparse. Monica on the other hand thanked Jasper for his advice as that has helped her to look so relaxed without being paranoid. At Costa Escaparse, Nicole suggested they go to where they could feel more safe to do what they wanted without fearing they would be caught. She told Adrian that they should go to Segrada.

She had a client who needed a campaign for their $ex product and Monica suggested a bikini contest to advertise the product. The couple client wanted a resort and Monica suggested Costa Escaparse and told the couple that her husband was already there.

Meanwhile, Adrian thought Nicole how to sell membership and escorted her to sell it. Nicole was able to market the resort and they celebrated. Monica met Max and gave him the position of a photographer for the $exy bikini campaign.

Together with the client, they went to Costa Escaparse and bumped into Adrian and Nicole who were holding their bags to journey to Segrada. Monica surprisingly asked them where they were off to.

They remained quiet, Max said it seems the surprise was rather on them. Adrian now tried to turn it against Max but Monica insisted on her question and Adrian lied that he and Nicole were heading home.

Monica then said they could not go home as she came with a client who needed resort for her $exy Organic Product and max would be the photographer for the show or campaign ad.

Nicole introduced herself to the couple and showed them round Costa Escaparse. They liked the place and told Nicole and Monica to bring their proposal. Monica decided to escort the couple to their car and max followed them.

Left alone, Adrian asked Nicole whether she was upset that they had to cancel their trip and she said no, she already knew what she has involved herself in. Adrian promised that he would make it up to her.


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