The Legal Wife Episode 29

The Legal Wife Episode 29 Max discovers Adrian and Nicole’s dirty affair, Monica left heartbroken finding Adrian bought a necklace worth ₱70,000 for an unknown person

Dante was in the kitchen preparing meal when Ruby came in to query him on the reason he sent flowers to Eloisa in her matrimonial home. She was scared for her cousin that his deeds would make Javier get upset but Dante was not afraid of Javier and the outcome of his deeds.

Dante indicated that nothing would stop him from pursuing Eloisa till she was his. After escorting the couple, the staff at Costa Escaparse were gossiping about Monica so she wondered what was going on and asked Adrian.

Nicole on the other hand, gained a company while sitting in solitude. Max began asking her questions about her life. Nicole wondered why a j*rk like Max still cared about her. She told him that she was still not having a solo person but was still sharing. This made Max to wonder what she met.

Adrian wanted his wife and him to have dinner in their room but Monica felt that Nicole and Max would be alone. While walking, they bumped into Nicole and Monica told her about Adrian’s plans of them having dinner in their room. Nicole was cool with it.

As Adrian and Monica were having a video chat with Bunjoy, Nicole was also waiting patiently for Adrian to come and warm her bed. She checked her time and it was getting to 11:00pm. The next day, the two friends and their man, Adrian gathered on one table to eat their breakfast.

Max called Monica and the latter told him, she was at the restaurant having breakfast with Nicole and Adrian. Max asked how Nicole was doing, claiming Nicole did not have a good sleep the previous night, leading Monica to ask Nicole if she was with Max the previous night.

Adrian interjected that Nicole would not be with such a j*rk. Nicole walked out and Monica followed her to find out if she was upset with Adrian’s utterance and she said no. However, she was upset to see Max and promised to control herself seeing him around.

That night, Monica and her husband were having fun. Nicole was pacing, while waiting for Adrian. She went close to the door of the couple and overheard them playing. She went to her room, looking so frustrated and hit her pillow on the bed. She stepped out, while wallowing in misery, Adrian sneaked out at a convenient time, the moment his wife was asleep to be with Nicole.

Max was also snapping pictures nearby when Adrian and Nicole k!ssed. He realised it through the photos. Monica woke up to search for her husband. She saw Max at the beach and told him, she was searching for her husband.

She decided to go to the direction where Max took the pictures from and Max stopped her in order for her not to catch her friend and her husband together. Max escorted her to her room and they found Adrian at the corridor. He lied to his wife that he just took a walk since he was not feeling sleepy.

The next day, the bikini pageant for super $exy product was being held but Max could not be found. Nicole called him and Max slapped her with the truth about her affair with her friend’s husband. He said he saw them last night at the beach and was showing concern but Nicole got upset and shouted at him.

Max now understood why Adrian was so romantic to his wife and said since Adrian was cheating Monica with Nicole, reason he was so l0ving and caring as that was the habit of a cheater.

Monica tried to calm Nicole but she snubbed Monica and walked out on her. Realising Max was causing trouble, Adrian went to meet him and confronted him but Max mean words to him made him wake up to reality that Max knew about his affair with his ex-girlfriend.

Elsewhere, Dante received a surprised visitor who wanted him to work with him on a memorial. Dante said he did not need that service at the moment but the person said Javier Santiago sent him there. He found it amusing and told the person he wanted 10memorial service plan but he should bill it to Mr Santiago.

Adrian texted to meet Nicole for them to talk. Monica on the other hand packed to go to Manila, she accidentally broke her bracelet. When she went to Manila, she told Sandra about it and her mother-in-law told her to fix it right away before Adrian noticed it.

Nicole met Adrian and he told her that Max had seen them. Nicole said she knew and was scared about what would happen. She asked Adrian what he would do when his wife found out their little dirty secret.

Adrian promised that he would ensure Monica did not find it out and if Max had also told Monica about it both of them would deny it. He then met with Bradley and told him about his secret which was found out by Max. He was scared that his wife would get to know.

Bradley told him that infidelity went hand in hand with Paranoia and secret was like a stench, no matter how hard you covered it the scent would still seep out. Monica arrived at the jewelry store to repair the bracelet but to her dismay, she discovered her husband bought a necklace along with it.

Monica framed up a story that he gave it to his mother but she did not have a chance to look at it so she took a sample of the of the necklace and learnt from the shop keeper that it worth 70,000 pesos. She was left heartbroken wondering who her husband gave it to.


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