The Legal Wife Episode 30

The Legal Wife Episode 30 Monica monitors Adrian to find his alibi as lies, Adrian, Nicole in hot waters as Monica discovers her husband’s mistress

Monica tried to calm herself down after fixing her bracelet at the jewelry shop. She went to her in-laws place to find out from Trish the kind of gift her brother gave her during her birthday.

Trish told her that Adrian had not given her any birthday gift yet so Monica promised to remind him. Monica sent Bunjoy home.

At the Santiagos mansion, Eloisa packed out. Javier tried to stop her from going but Eloisa saw no need to stay with her husband since all her children were no longer living with them. She blamed Javier for not l0ving his children, claiming, that was the reason all his children left the mansion.

As Bunjoy was playing with his father, saying his father was a superman, Monica appeared in foul mood. Bunjoy realised his mother was sad so he told her not to feel sad as she could also be a super woman. Monica saw it as a flatter.

Later at work, Monica kept giving her husband the cold shoulder. Adrian still tried to figure out why his wife was behaving strange. Max arrived and they were making preparations for the bikini contest when Adrian received a message from Nicole that they should have coffee. He then told his wife lies that he was going to meet Bradley.

Adrian took a cab and Monica followed but she lost him. Adrian met Nicole in a restricted place to make l0ve. While they were k!ssing, Adrian stopped to ask:

“I thought you wanted to have coffee!”

“Will you rather have coffee?” Nicole smiled still leaning on him inhaling his breath and feeling the warmth of her besty’s husband.

“Is it coffee or me?” she k!ssed him and Adrian was madly caught into it. Beaming with smiles, having the soft lips of Nicole in his mouth with his arms wrapped around her waist.

Monica arrived at Bradley’s place, she stayed aloof in her car and called Bradley to ask if her husband was there. Bradley covered up for Adrian but least did he know that Monica was watching him and he was not with Adrian.

While making l0ve with his other woman, Adrian received a message from his friend so he told Nicole that he had to leave. He called Monica and told her that he was with Bradley but Monica called him a liar. She cried uncontrollably in her car.

Later, when Adrian came home he maintained his alibi but Monica said she was equally there. This led into a misunderstanding and the couple yelled at eachother as Adrian tried to turn back everything against Monica for trying to dig out the truth.

Bunjoy appeared in the scene and Adrian left to meet Bradley in a bar for them to drink his frustrations out. He talked to Nicole that they would meet at Costa Escaparse while Monica waited all night for her husband in tears.

Adrian got home and the next day, Monica visited her father to talk to him to apologise to his family to bring her mother home. Javier objected that Monica could not tell him how to manage his home so she should concentrate on her husband as he saw a filthy Maggot in Adrian. He said he did not want to hurt Monica’s feelings reason he shuts his mouth.

Adrian also met Nicole at Costa Escaparse when she was taking some lines from the book titled How To Be A Good Mistress, a book given to her by Rowena to help her in her position. Adrian told her about Monica’s suspicions of him having an affair and wanted them to keep it low.

At the bikini pageant, as Nicole was walking, she realised her necklace was missing and told a lady about her heart pendant necklace which was missing and enlisted her help to find it.

Monica who had been feeling sad took a walk at the beach and stumbled on the necklace. She quickly called Jasper that she had found the necklace which Adrian bought for his mistress and was quite sure her husband’s mistress was at the pageant.

Jasper advised him to calm down as she could not be certain that it was the necklace Adrian bought for his other woman. She just found a necklace. Monica stumbled on Nicole who was devastatingly searching for her necklace.

She realised some two contestants were searching for something and Monica rushed to them to check what they were searching for but she realised none of them owned the necklace so she stood at the podium to announce a necklace that she has found.

A lady came to claim it but looking at the pendant, she realised it was not hers. As Monica was watching her closely, to see what about her that her husband bought her such expensive jewelry, the lady said it was a mere mistake and she did not own the necklace.

Someone watched the necklace and said it was for Nicole and she was even searching for it. Nicole came forward to say the necklace was hers.

“Best are you sure this necklace is for you?” in a sad tone Monica queried.

“Yes it is Best!” Nicole reaffirmed.

“If it is yours then take it.”

Monica gave it to her while shedding tears. Everyone wondered what was going on. Adrian tried to play innocent and asked his wife if she was okay but Monica walked out.


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