The Legal Wife Episode 31

The Legal Wife Episode 31 Monica attempts to run Nicole and Adrian over for betraying her, Eloisa turns down the demands of Dante

Monica joined the pieces together and became very suspicious of her friend and husband. To ascertain whether or not it was a mere suspicion, Monica then called the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Waterfall Hair Shampoo company, hoping to hear the necklace was a gift from there to their brand ambassador.

To her dismay, the gift given to Nicole was a laptop. Monica wept bitterly and bumped into a staff at Costa Escaparse. She asked the staff whether she had noticed any changes in Adrian and Nicole but the staff did not give a definite answer.

She asked Monica if she had noticed something and Monica said yes. The lady then advised Monica to believe what she was thinking. Elsewhere, Adrian confronted Nicole for claiming the ownership of the necklace while he had already told her that his wife was suspicious of them.

Nicole explained that she took it since it was a gift from him and if Monica suspected them she would have slapped her.

Monica rushed back to the event to stand aloof to find a better proof to confirm her suspicions. She noticed her husband has clinged to Nicole and the latter tried to calm her husband.

Monica left into her car while weeping uncontrollably. The bikini contest was over and the couple from super $exy were asking Adrian of Monica. Speaking of her Monica called and told Adrian that she has left for Manila. Adrian asked if there was a problem at home but Monica hang up.

Adrian told Nicole that he had to rush home, Nicole followed him and held him that she wanted to join him for them to face Monica as she was also scared but Adrian said he was Monica’s husband and wanted to settle the issue with his wife.

Monica in her car, spotted Nicole holding unto her husband, in agony she stepped on her car. In speed she tried to run them over but Adrian quickly pulled back and while confronting the driver, he realised it was his wife. He and Nicole shivered but Monica sped off.

Elsewhere, Dante visited his old flame in the condo of Jasper and told her that Javi informed him that she was there. He was glad that Eloisa had gathered courage to finally leave Javier and was there for them to revive their relationship as he came to claim her and Ikay back.

Eloisa made it clear that she was not a toy for him to claim her besides he did not own her. She also was not something that Dante and Javier could fight over, adding that she left her matrimonial home since she needed a space but she had grown to l0ve her husband.

She opened the door for Dante to leave. Unknown to Dante, Javier was outside the gate, spying on him. Once Dante left, Javier followed. Monica came home in tears. Bunjoy told her not to cry. Later, Adrian came in and started to give explanation.

Monica asked him to tell her the truth, she slapped him multiple times for doing that against her. Monica said she saw them with her own two eyes so what else would Adrian say. Knowing he could not give any explanation to cover his lies, Adrian begged and told Monica that he was choosing her.

Monica said he shouldn’t choose her, he should end things with Nicole as from that moment, Nicole was d£ad to him and her. Adrian’s face now turned pale.

Nicole met with Rowena and began to shed tears that Monica had found out the truth and she wished her friend had not discovered so that she could continue her relationship with Adrian.

Also she cried for the awful thing she did as she was now the other woman, a position no woman would ever want to be. Rowena calmed her. The next day, while having breakfast, Bunjoy noticed that her mother and father were in loggerheads. After eating, Adrian sent Bunjoy to his room and called Nicole to meet up with her.

Monica had been calling Nicole for several time but she failed to pick the call. Monica then stormed the Ramos mansion but met Dante. She yelled, demanding the presence of Nicole but Dante said Nicole was not there.

Dante asked Monica if there was a problem between her and Nicole and the latter realised that Nicole had not yet informed Dante. Adrian met with Nicole to have an emotional break up with her due to his wife.

Nicole wanted to face Monica but Adrian advised her not to as Monica might hurt her. Nicole did not want Adrian to face Monica alone, seeing how Adrian was crying while he was calling it a quit and also apologising to Nicole that he did not mean to hurt her, Nicole asked if he ever l0ved her.

Adrian could not give an answer and said it was no use now. Nicole said it was hurtful that after what she did, she would lose a l0ver and also a friend. She told Adrian not to worry, adding that she could manage. Adrian wanted to hold her but he tried hard to resist it and found it hard to leave Nicole but mustered the courage to storm out of the restaurant. Nicole now sat alone and shed tears.


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