The Legal Wife Episode 32

The Legal Wife Episode 32 Monica teaches Nicole a lesson for seducing her husband, Nicole takes overdose of oral contraceptives after Adrian’s snub

Monica stormed Idea Factory, demanding to know the whereabouts of Adrian. She wanted Kelly to make her aware of her husband’s schedule: who he was meeting, what he was up to and the time he was supposed to be home.

She talked with so much fury making Kelly get lost. She yelled once again and Kelly said Adrian was around but did not know where he went.

Adrian arrived, knowing there was a fire on the mountain, Kelly excused the couple and Adrian told her that he has ended everything with Nicole just like how Monica demanded. Monica got upset with Adrian and swerved his embrace.

She stepped out to meet Jasper and told him everything that Adrian had done with Nicole. She told Jasper that she was going crazy thinking about how the two people she trusted made a f00l of her. Jasper said it was right for her to let out her emotions and frustrations.

At the Ramos mansion, Nicole packed out and she tried hard not to engage in a conversation with Dante. Dante told her that Monica was there earlier and asked if there was a problem. Nicole did not answer but descended down the stairs with her bag.

Dante kept asking about the issue she had with Monica and said she and Monica were almost like sisters so they could solve any issue. Nicole tried to swerve and leave, least did she know that Monica was hanging around. She stormed there to demand her to tell their father what she was up to.

She pushed Nicole and Dante held her, Monica asked Nicole to tell their father how she slept with Adrian. She kept pushing Nicole.

“Did you enjoy it huh!”

“Did you enjoy my husband?”

“So how did you seduce him?” “Tell me!”

“What did you take out first… your bra, panties or may be your conscience?”

“Monica,” Nicole cried “Believe me I tried to stop myself.”

“Oh really you tried?” Monica hissed “Did you honestly do that?” “I wish you never did it.”

“Well I am sorry,” Nicole pleaded “I admit now that I made a very big mistake.”

“And I don’t know how to begin to explain everything….”

“Was it not enough for you that Adrian is my husband?” Monica cried.

“What I did in my life is to l0ve you to make you feel that someone l0ves you and you have a family.”

“And you did that to me?” Monica attacked Nicole but Dante cast all his strength to stop Monica from venting her anger by going physical with Nicole.

“Monica I know you will never understand me even if I try to explain everything I know you won’t understand,” Nicole broke down.

“Because you never experienced what I have been through.”

“You don’t know what it is like!”

“Because you, you have always had everything

“You had everything Monica….”

“I watched everyone around you showered you with so much l0ve!”

“I saw how much your family l0ves you!”

“How my very own father l0ves you and especially how you are l0ved by Adrian!”

“No one l0ves me,” Nicole shed tears, this shocked Monica and Dante.

“What are you talking about Nicole?” Dante surprisingly queried.

“I admit,” Nicole cried “I admit it Monica I am just so jealous of you.”

“The reason this happened is I envied what you have.”

“What about Me?” Monica cried .

“Because I l0ved you so much Nicole.”

“Yes I know!” Nicole admitted.

“I l0ved you so much that you never knew,” Monica wept.

“How could you do this to me!”

“I will never forgive you!”

“You destroyed my family!

“You ruined my family!”

“You snake! I hate you,” Monica threw her sandals at Nicole.

“Monica do whatever you want to do to me,” Nicole drew closer to Monica.

“You snake! You liar,” Monica pushed and attacked her but Dante held her back.

“You can hurt me even more I will accept that,” Nicole cried while pleading.

Monica went to sit out to cry. Dante asked her to forgive Nicole. Monica got upset and left barefooted. Elsewhere, Jasper stormed Sandra’s place to fight Adrian for cheating on Monica while all that Monica did was to prove her l0ve to him.

He lamented that Monica abandoned her family to prove her l0ve yet he found it so easy to cheat on her. Sandra intervened and Jasper told her to ask her precious son what he did against his sister. Meanwhile, Dante got inside to confront Nicole for what she did to Monica.

“How could you do this Nicole?”


“Of course!” Nicole hissed “I am your daughter so naturally I take after you.”

“It was Javier who stole her from me,” Dante tried to explain his situation.

“I didn’t steal her and Eloisa l0ved me first before anyone else.”

“And even so they were already married when you two lived together,” Nicole interjected.

“And because of that woman you abandoned my mother.”

“You left my mother for a woman you really know she had a husband and children so please stop it.”

“Stop acting like you are a saint!”

“Show me some respect Nicole…” Dante demanded.

“Dad,” Nicole smirked “Take a good look at yourself!”

“When I needed you in my life, where were you dad?”

“You weren’t there, you wanted to be with Monica and Eloisa.”

“I decided to let you into my life but not once were you a Father to me!”

“This so happened because of you.”

Dante was left dumbfounded by what his daughter said as she walked out on him. Elsewhere, Javier went to Jasper’s condo to demand Eloisa to go home with him but the woman refused.

Sandra got upset when Adrian admitted to Jasper’s allegations. She threw her shopping bag at him for what he did against his wife.
Adrian got home to treat his bruises from the beatings Jasper gave him.

Monica arrived and he asked her where she was from. Monica said she was from his mistress place. Adrian told her to stop it since he had already broken up with Nicole.

Monica said she would not end it till she was okay. Later, Dante arrived at the condo to inform Eloisa about the feud among their children but Javier who had been spying appeared in the scene to attack Dante for being with his wife.

He accused Eloisa of refusing to go home with him just to meet with her flame but Eloisa denied. Monica arrived there during the confrontation when Jasper was stopping his father and blamed him for the omen that has fallen on their family. He wondered why his mother never left him.

Javier slapped Jasper. Dante told Monica to inform everyone about the illicit affair between her husband and Nicole. Javier in fury told Dante that his daughter took after him and Dante shut him up. Monica did not want her parent to know but Javier drew her closer and drove her to a different place to talk to her.

He saw Monica in his shoes but with his situation he blamed himself. Since Monica claimed to l0ve her husband, Javier advised her to fight for her family. He knew she was passing through a tough time but among all his children he deemed Monica as the strongest and was sure she could go through it.

Meanwhile, Nicole stumbled on Adrian in a bar. Seeing Nicole, Adrian was in dilemma whether to talk to her or not. He stood for a while, Nicole also pretended but was hoping to see Adrian talked with her but Adrian mustered courage and walked passed her.

He went to Sandra’s place but his mother was moody for not learning from her experience with his father and the two siblings. She was upset that Adrian could not keep his marital vows to l0ve and be committed his wife, rather he fell into temptation. She advised Adrian to save his marriage now that he could.

Sandra cried that she was a worthless mother, reason Adrian did not learn a good thing from her after all the sacrifices she did for him and his siblings. Adrian told his mother that she was the best mother ever but he did the mistake and his mother asked whether she should give him a medal. She told him to always let his wife no his whereabouts and even sacked him to go home to settle his issue with Monica.

Adrian went back home to find out that Bunjoy’s grades in school had dropped so he encouraged him and assured him that he would picked it up again. Bunjoy now tried to make his mother and father make up, saying he feels sad when they fight so they should stop fighting.

That night, Adrian begged his wife and confessed to her that she was the one he l0ved. Monica was so upset but eventually gave in to Adrian’s demands. Adrian then started to k!ss her and Monica cleave to him.

Elsewhere, Nicole was caught in her memories as she thought about the break up. She went to bed but could not sleep so she took oral contraceptives, multiple doses of the sleeping tablets and she fell asleep.


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