The Legal Wife Episode 33

The Legal Wife Episode 33 Eloisa pleads with Javier to fix their marriage to secure their children’s life, Monica sabotages Nicole’s new brand ambassadorial deal

At the Ramos mansion, Javi was talking about business to Dante but the latter was lost in his thoughts due to the previous confrontation that went on between Monica and Nicole.

He told Javi that he was not in his element. The servant came to serve him and he told the servant to check whether Nicole was awake. The servant went to Nicole’s room after several knock on the door fell into deaf ears.

She saw Nicole had taken sleeping pills and came to inform Dante that Nicole had committed suicide. Nicole was quickly rushed to the hospital for treatment. Javi wondered why Nicole made such an attempt on her life. Dante realised Javi did not know the confrontation between Monica and Nicole so he told him about it.

Javi rushed to see Monica to chastise her for not listening to his advice to stay from their cursed family but chose to be in for her family to destroy. Monica interjected that her family was not yet ruined and promised to fix it.

Javi went to Vita Sardines to see his dad and confronted him for ruining the lives of his children. He said as a father they had to learn a lesson from him, rather life thought the children lessons that they should have learnt from Javier.

Javier objected but admitted that he has not been all that perfect. However, his children’s decisions were solely made by them and he had no hand in that. Nicole was discharged, soon she went to GL-Amore and Rowena expressed her disappointment in Nicole as she least expected Nicole to be suicidal.

Kelly got there to deliver a message by Adrian but Rowena confronted her and blamed Adrian for the suicide attempt of Nicole. Kelly who was shocked by Rowena’s confrontation went to Idea Factory to inform Adrian and Monica about Nicole’s suicide attempt, adding that Rowena was blaming Adrian.

Adrian sent Bradley to go and check on Nicole but Monica saw the two friends so Bradley asked Monica if he could go out with Adrian. Monica suspected something, Bradley then ran to GL-AMORE Event but stumbled on Monica so he hid.

Nicole who had been waiting to see Adrian since she believed her act would catch his attention but to her surprise the act rather caught Monica’s attention as the latter went to Nicole’s office to confront her for trying to gain attention from her husband but Nicole vehemently denied the act as an attention seeking show.

Monica arrived home and told Adrian that she went to see Nicole and if he cared to know Nicole was doing fine. At the Santiago’s mansion, Eloisa came to find Javier drunk. Javier knew she came to pick a fight with him. Eloisa pleaded with him to make them fix their marriage in order to stop their children from further ruin.

“Javier it is time for us to wake up,” Eloisa pleaded.

“Now you telling me this?” Javier queried.

“It’s a good that now you have come to your senses!”

At GL-Amore Events, Nicole asked for her leave to meet a client but Rowena doubted. He assured Rowena that she was moving on with her life. Adrian also told Monica that he was meeting with a client. Monica asked the location and the time he would return, compelling Adrian to tell her to follow but she did not.

Once Adrian left, she ran after him and confronted a different woman who she believed to be Nicole but to her surprise, it was a different person. Adrian now stepped in to avert a bloody confrontation. Meanwhile, Nicole met Marco and they agreed to go outing with no strings attached.

Adrian talked with Monica and blamed himself for everything that had happened which has made his wife not to trust him. He was willing to continue proving himself to her. Monica said it was very difficult for her to trust him again. She later told Jasper how perplexed she was that Adrian had been able to move on quickly but she could not do that.

Jasper said he felt her pains reason he gave Adrian punches on the face. In order to build her family, he advised Monica to forgive him so that she could move on to start trusting him again. Adrian went to see his mother but Sandra blamed him for all his woes when Adrian told her how hard it was for him to start proving to his wife he l0ved her.

Monica got home to find Max and Javier with Bunjoy. Javier told Monica that he could see his grandson was not doing well but Monica tried covering up that the boy was tired from playing. Max went inside with Bunjoy, leaving Javier to talk to Monica.

He told Monica about her mother’s visit to the house demanding to make them fix their marriage. Monica believed Eloisa l0ved him and Javier asked if her husband has told her he l0ved her and he said yes. Javier found it amusing that she believed him so easily.

In order to help her move on in life, he invited her to a charity ball. Elsewhere, Nicole bumped into Javi and the latter confronted her for wrecking the family of his sister.

Nicole found it intriguing that Javi was confronting her over a sister that he never cared about but Javi said that did not give Nicole the right to ruin his sister’s family, adding that Nicole took after her father and they liked stealing people’s spouses.

Nicole then threatened to have him arrested next time he attacked her like that and reminded him of working for her father. Nicole packed out of the house. Dante tried stopping her but she said the house was for homewreckers so she would not stay to be like her father.

She went to live with Rowena, there she met her friend’s boyfriend. The next day, Adrian and Monica had a meeting with a client who was selling off an insurance policy and wanted someone refined and nice to get it done for him.

“What about Waterfall Shampoo girl, Nicole Esquivel I find her very $exy,” the client told Adrian and Monica.

“She is unavailable,” Monica retorted.

“She wouldn’t be able to do it!”

“Hmmm that is too bad,” the client felt disappointed.

Monica excused herself and went to the ladies to cry, thinking about all the moments her husband was with Nicole and she brushed it off when she saw them together.


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