The Legal Wife Episode 34

The Legal Wife Episode 34 Monica incites Marco against Nicole at the bawl, Nicole wins against her rival to have a date with Adrian after a bidding

Adrian went to knock on the washroom door since Monica had kept long. Monica has locked herself inside and was crying while she opened the tap in order for no one to hear her.

She wiped off her tears and stepped out to assure Adrian that she was okay. They went to sit to talk to the client who worked for an insurance company and wanted Nicole to be the brand ambassador of the policy.

The man listening to Monica’s excuse on the reason she kept long in the washroom said she might be pregnant. Monica received a call from Javier that he has sent a stylist over to Idea Factory to pick a gown for the charity bawl.

Monica rushed to the office and chose a green dress. Elsewhere, Nicole in an escort of Marco went to the shop of the same stylist and also chose a similar green dress for the bawl. Max dropped by Idea Factory to deliver the invite of the bawl to Monica upon Javier’s order.

There, he revealed to Monica that he saw the affair of Adrian and Nicole before she got to know but failed to tell her since he did not want her to get hurt. He added that he caught them red handed and even had a picture of them. However, he made Nicole aware of him knowing, thinking that would make her quit the act but she failed to do it.

As he was leaving, Monica requested to see the pictures and he gave it to her to look at it with tears dribbling down from her eyes. She later, went to the shop of the fashion designer to pick up her dress. Nicole and Rowena also went there but did not meet eachother at the shop.

Elsewhere, Nick looked at the pictures of Nicole on Max’s laptop and termed her as hot. He asked Max if he was still with her and he said no. Nick saw Monica’s pictures and also termed her as hot and asked Max who she was. Max said she was Nicole’s ex best friend, however, her kind was not hot but beautiful.

Monica and Adrian arrived and danced at the ball. In the house, Rowena told Nicole that she looked amazing in the dress and was sure Marco would not keep his eyes off her. She said Marco was a reliable guy and never treated his ex bad.

Nicole and Marco also arrived and Max stumbled on them. He introduced himself to Marco as Nicole’s friend. Inside the bawl, Max mistakenly called Monica as Nicole and voiced out the truth that Nicole was also around and both of them are in same dress, reason he mistook her for Nicole.

Adrian saw someone standing in solitude and he went to hold her, thinking it was Monica. Monica then appeared to see Adrian talking to Nicole after he said sorry to her for mistaken her for his wife. Monica confronted them, Adrian tried to explain that it was an honest mistake.

Monica called Nicole a trump and Nicole told her to grow up. Due to the action of Monica, Adrian asked that they leave the place but she refused. Adrian then stepped out since his wife was in a foul mood. Monica realised Nicole was in the company of Marco. Nicole also told Marco that they should leave but Marco said they just got there.

They went to sit at their table which was number 16 and found Monica already sitting there. As Nicole wanted them to change tables, Marco realised their sitting partner was Monica, Nicole’s friend. Monica tried to incite Nicole and Marco was left wandering why Monica was talking in that manner.

Nicole termed the act as joke, Max got there and was surprised to know the rivals were sitting at one table. Nicole left for fresh air and Monica also left to keep an eye on her husband, much to Marco’s surprised.

Meanwhile, the organisers were worried since the person who had to be there to be used for the auction had disappointed them at the eleventh hour. Tanya saw Adrian and asked him for a favour. Elsewhere, Javier visited the condo of Jasper to ask Eloisa to come home as the house was so big for him alone.

Eloisa told him to give Adrian a chance as Monica was trying to make her marriage work. Also he should talk to Javi to stop working for Infinity. Javier accepted to do anything to make his wife stay with him for them to have a happy family.

Monica couldn’t find Adrian, Nicole saw Monica was following her so she called Rowena and acted like she was talking to her l0ver and termed Rowena as bae. Rowena now believed Monica and Adrian were there. Nicole told her how Monica was upsetting her and if she had not exercise restraint, she would have retaliated.

Rowena advised her not to do anything but should go back hom. Monica after keeping eyes on Nicole stood idle. Max appeared and sent her inside to dance next to Nicole and Marco.

When they exchanged partners as part of the dance, Marco told Monica who was now his dancing partner that Nicole was interesting. Monica admitted she was but there was more to her than what meet the eye.

Monica then stepped on Nicole’s dress and said sorry to her. Nicole knew Monica did that on purpose. Monica asked why she was refusing to accept her apology for just a minor incident. Nicole then stepped out to the washroom.

She stood before the mirror to stop herself from getting upset. Monica got there as well, Nicole told her she could be cr@zy for thinking her husband would be at the ladies with her. Knowing Nicole, Monica said no rules would stop her from doing things.

Nicole forgot that she did not work with rules so she reminded Monica that she could not stop her. She described Monica as cheap and Monica referred to her as cheaper, at least she had not slept with someone’s husband unlike Nicole.

Nicole warned Monica that she wouldn’t like her as her enemy and Monica reminded her that she was her enemy right from the very instance that she slept with her husband. Others got into the washroom so Nicole came out and Monica followed.

To Monica’s dismay, Adrian was standing at the stage with a mask for auctioning. The auction started from 50,000 and the highest bidder would have a date with Adrian but Adria interjected that he was there with his wife. Adrian was told that his wife would still leave the place with him that night.

Monica bided for the 50,000, Nicole heated it up with a sum of 70,000 a certain gay shot it up to 100,000 and Monica who wanted to be her husband ‘s hook up for the night spiced it up with a sum of 150,000 even Max tried to stop her for buying such mask for that outrageous.

Nicole smiled while Marco held her back. She told Marco to relax, as the auction numbers were counting for Monica, Nicole sealed the bidding with a whooping sum of 200,000 pesos for the mask.

This got Monica off her back and the run down for the auction sale was on. Nicole won and was called on stage to go for the mask.

She seductively took off the mask to get Monica irritated while she stood next to Adrian to take pictures. Adrian was dumbfounded by the scenes.


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