The Legal Wife Episode 35

The Legal Wife Episode 35 Monica causes a scandal at the bawl, Rowena suspects Nicole is pregnant while Eloisa reunites with Javier

At the bawl, Nicole signed a cheque for Tanya and asked for her mask. Tanya thanked her and said the money would go a long way to help her organisation to secure the education of less privileged children.

Tanya asked her if she was happy to have Adrian as her date for the night. Looking at Monica’s face, Nicole confirmed she was happy, after all she paid a high price for that.

As Adrian was waiting, Monica got there so Adrian told her they should leave. He would talk to the organisers as well as Nicole but Monica refused. She was not ready to live under the mercy of Nicole so she told Adrian to go by the rules and left to stand outside, waiting for him at the car.

Max stumbled on her, looking at how irritated and devastated she was, he gave his handkerchief to her in case she wanted to cry.

Nicole then came in and Adrian wanted to leave. Nicole reminded him that she paid huge sums to be with him. Adrian pleaded and told Nicole that he would pay her once he raised the amount.

Nicole refused and brought back their past. Adrian told her that it was a mistake which they hurt others especially Monica in return. Nicole said everything that happened between them meant a lot to her since she l0ved him.

She forced Adrian to spill out his actual feelings but Adrian was acting like a baby. He couldn’t look at Nicole’s face and talk, all that he said was sorry.

As Nicole’s hands were wrapped around his face to make him look into her eyes to tell her his exact feelings for her, Monica got there and was upset that the two would not quit and threw her purse at Nicole. Adrian tried to calm her but Monica kept on acting, attracting third parties who came to shoot the scandal with their phones.

“Dirty trump,” Monica attempted to hit Nicole but Adrian came in between.

“What do you want from me?” Nicole queried while standing at the back of Adrian.

“You’re going too far!”

“I’m what?” Monica hissed.

“Did you just tell me I am going too far?”

“Monica that is enough!” Adrian exclaimed.

“You’re my best friend,” Monica cried.

“I trusted you!”

“But what did you do?”

“You betrayed me and slept with my husband.”

“So is that what you wanna here?” Nicole got irritated.

Marco Entered.

“Yes Monica I slept with your husband.”

“And it kept happening.”

Adrian looked tensed and frustrated while he couldn’t stop the two ladies who were fighting over him.

“We were not just having $ez we were making l0ve!” Nicole added.

Monica slapped her and left. She arrived home and Bunjoy ran to her to ask of his father. Marco asked Nicole whether it was true she slept with Adrian and she said it was obvious that it was over. Nicole arrived to find Rowena on her laptop.

Rowena told her that if she had forgotten her manners in the house, she should have told her for her to bring it back there. Nicole was shocked to discover that she and Monica’s action was trending on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Eloisa brought the family album and told Javier that all that she wanted was to have a beautiful family and now that their children had grown, it was left for them to grow old together.

Although there were countless number of times that she wanted to run with Dante since living with Javier was difficult. She said in all that she kept choosing Javier and if that did not prove that she l0ved him, then she would voice it out that she has learnt to l0ve him and they would grow together.

She used that opportunity to also ask Javier for forgiveness for everything she did against him and hugged him. Javier also pleaded with her for his insecurity and was ready to do anything to make their marriage work.

The next day, Dante thought of how Eloisa rejected him and vented his anger on Javi, claiming he was the one who came in between him and Eloisa, otherwise he and Eloisa would have been together and attacked Javi. Javi was lost by Dante’s action.

Nicole came to call Rowena that they should go to work but due to the scandal, Rowena did not want to go with Nicole as she read the news article on Waterfall Hair shampoo girl whose hair was pulled by her best friend who was the CEO of Idea Factory.

Monica and Kelly read the news and the former found her action as a shame. She told Kelly that she tried to contain her anger but she couldn’t. Adrian appeared in the scene to seek permission to fall out to a meeting.

Kelly realised Monica did not trust Adrian and gave him a key to monitor her husband. At that night, Monica tried to access Adrian’s phone, to her surprise, he has changed his password. She went to have exercise with Adrian the next day and took his passcode to register the phone to a tracking service.

Nicole had some get-together for business men and women. She became the topic due to the viral video. A certain man kept bothering her that he could give her everything she needed. The wife of the man arrived and started calling Nicole names.

Marco then asked Nicole to go home but she did not go home without telling the lady and her husband her piece of mind. She came home to meet Max who was there to know what was happening to Nicole and she told him that her mistake was to fall for a married man. However, she did not regret since all that she wanted was to be l0ved again and found that chance with Adrian.

Adrian told Bradley how his life was being frustrated by Monica as she did not trust him even though he was trying everything he could to make it up to her. With the help of Kelly, Monica tracked the cellphone of Adrian to know his location and called him to find out.

Rowena realised Nicole was eating a fruit which was odd and asked her about not touching the pads that she bought. Nicole then realised she was delayed so Rowena told her to go and test with the pregnancy kits.

Nicole later went to Mc Carthy and in her car she texted to meet Adrian but she quickly deleted the message and went to the hospital. Monica tracked Adrian’s phone to know his whereabout. She claimed her husband has kept long even her meeting at the board room was done but Kelly reminded her that Adrian went with a car and could be stuck in traffic.

Knowing the location of her husband which is McCarthy, she made Kelly used a different line to call GL-Amore Events and discovered Nicole was also at the same location. Monica doubted it was a coincidence. Adrian after buying something at the shopping mall went back to the hospital.

The facility manager wanted an ad for the hospital and was working with Adrian. He wanted an ad like Costa Escaparse. Meanwhile, Nicole went to make an appointment to have a test done at the same health facility.


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