The Legal Wife Episode 37

The Legal Wife Episode 37 Monica separates from Adrian, Dante sues Javi, Trouble looms as Adrian discovers Nicole is pregnant

Monica cried out to her parents concerning Adrian’s act. Javier told her to take a vacation with her family including Adrian.

“But dad the problem is I don’t think I will get over what Adrian did to me,” Monica wept.

“I don’t know if I can still forgive him!”

“Look!” Javier said “If you want your relationship to last longer, then you have to ask yourself…”

“Can you live knowing that your husband cheated on you?”

“Think about it!”

“I would like to but I don’t know if I can,” Monica cried.

“I have no idea!”

“Monica L0ve is an endless act of forgiveness!” Javier explained what L0ve entails.

“It never ends, it never ends”

Monica went home while sulking, Adrian came to sit close to her on the bed trying to explain that nothing happened between him and Nicole. Monica stopped him from touching her.

She was so upset with him an cried that he was making her act in a manner which she could not even recognise herself anymore. She then asked for separation as means she could get over her pain and for them to rebuild their marriage.

Monica said she wanted that space so that both of them could think properly and maintain their respect for eachother. Adrian asked for how long would they be separated.

He did not want that and proposed marriage counseling instead. Monica insisted that she needed space so Adrian asked about their son and Monica said they did not have to tell him the truth, they would say Adrian travelled.

Adrian was not happy with that decision but Monica said she was doing that out of l0ve in order for them to pickup the broken pieces together. Adrian in tears stepped down and Monica packed his luggage and sent it to him. Bunjoy appeared in the scene and asked his father where he was going.

Adrian tried explaining to him that he would be leaving for a while and would return once the job was done. Bunjoy cried and asked his father if he would return and he promised the boy that he would return soon.

Adrian arrived at his mother’s house and his siblings went for his luggage. Sandra found it as good that he came home at least that would spare him and his wife from arguing over and over infront of Bunjoy.

Elsewhere, Nicole began vomiting and Rowena saw she was gloating. Rowena asked if she really had her period or it came in droplets. Nicole acted so scared and told Rowena that she had not seen her menses. Rowena insisted on her to have a pregnancy test, when she did, she realised she was pregnant.

She wanted to go to a party but Rowena stopped her from going since she needed not to drink. Nicole said she did not think she could handle it and Rowena knew she was thinking of abortion but she stopped her from that ¢razy thought.

Nicole did not know whether to tell Adrian or not but promised her unborn child that she would do anything to ensure to give the baby a perfect family. She was sad that her child was caught in her complicated life.

Soon, Adrian applied for any job and the manager was impressed by his real estate developing skills and was hired immediately. However, the manager asked him about Idea Factory since he thought he owned half of it but Adrian said it was complicated.

At Infinity, Javi was shown a news about the food poisoning and he went to talk to Dante. Javi believed someone sabotaged them just like someone did when he was working for Vita. Dante swore to find the person and when he does, he will sue the culprit.

Soon, Adrian visited Idea Factory to find out that Max had left with his wife for a lunch. Adrian stormed the restaurant to cause a scene. He punched Max for talking back at him when he reminded him that Monica was still his wife and Max said they all knew perhaps Adrian himself forgot.

Monica warned Adrian not to accuse him of things he himself does. She left with Max and went to treat his mouth injury which came out of the punch.

Adrian talked to a couple who he wanted to sell a house to but the couple were making l0ve and he talked in an upset manner with them, feeling they were not listening. The man got upset with Adrian for claiming they were fl!rting. He punched Adrian and the wife said they gave him such opportunity since they were friends with Monica.

Bradley brought Adrian home and Sandra attended to his injury. Bradley told Sandra how upset the client was with Adrian. His mother knew he has missed his family.

The separation of his parents had a negative toll on Bunjoy and he fought in school, making his teacher called the De Villas. Adrian came to meet Monica at the school and asked her questions about their son but Monica was upset. Adrian told her they should have a decent conversation.

The teacher appeared and had a chat with the couple. She said Bunjoy had not been participating in class and now always depressed. Explaining why Bunjoy picked up the fight, she said the boy Bunjoy fought with was adding Bunjoy to his group and Bunjoy fought.

She asked the couple if they were having a problem and advised them to solve the problem as it was having a toll on the child. Monica told Adrian that she tried to make Bunjoy become happy.

They talked to Bunjoy and asked him why he fought the kid and he said he was a sad boy while the other kids were happy kids. Monica told him not to be a sad boy and promised that his dad would finish whatever he was doing and return back to them. Adrian also promised him and told him not to become a sad boy.

Later, the couple went to Gl-Amore Events to make Nicole aware that Monica and Adrian were separated. At Infinity Sardines, Dante attacked Javi and accused him of sabotaging his company much to the dismay of Javi. Dante claimed someone at the company confessed that Javi made him do it but Javi refuted the claims.

That night, Adrian visited a bar to drink. Nicole got there and he told Nicole to stay away from him. Monica who was tracking Adrian realised he has gotten home to his mother’s place and she said good night to him.

Nicole who followed Adrian to the place stood aloof in her car to watch Sandra come for her son. She then spoke to Sandra and the woman told her she was a beautiful girl and would get any man she wanted. However, her son was married and needed not come her house but his wife’s place.

Nicole told Sandra that she l0ved Adrian. Sandra told her that was the reason Adrian was in that mess so if she l0ved him, she should have pity on her son. The next day, Adrian woke up to the call of Monica to remind him of his appointment with Bunjoy’s teacher.

They met at the school and the teacher said Bunjoy had improved and was participating in class and lauded the de Villas for solving their problem. She said kids sensed things easily without them not being told. Adrian followed Monica to the shooting at the hospital with Bunjoy.

Elsewhere, Jasper went to the precinct to assist Javi who was facing a lawsuit filed against him by Dante. Jasper told Javi that he would talk to Javier for him to help him but Javi declined it, saying his lawyers were working on his problems and did not need the help of his family.

Jasper advised Javi to drop his act as he needed help. Jasper called Javier to inform him about the problem of Javi.

The nurse was able to talk to Nicole to be the person they would use for their advertisement but assured that her face would not be shown. Nicole accepted to do the ad for them, before Monica would get to know the pregnant woman being used, she had a call from her family concerning the arrest of Jasper who was being sued for sabotaging Infinity.

Adrian was left in charge of the shooting and while the ultra modern equipments which the health facility has bought from Japan to do ultra sound was being used to show the movement of Nicole’s child in the stomach, Adrian saw the pregnant woman was Nicole, much to his surprise.


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