The Legal Wife Episode 38

The Legal Wife Episode 38 Adrian assures Nicole of a child support amidst her pregnancy, Monica plans to patch things up with Adrian

At the hospital, the doctor told Nicole that she had to be taken lots of Vitamins and she would prescribe some for her. The camera men were done with the shootings and they stepped out to show it to Adrian.

The Manager of the facility was happy that the video projecting the ultra modern ultrasound equipment had come out great for their advert. Adrian became so disturbed and stepped out. That very moment, Nicole also came out to check the ad agency which was in charge and did not get to see Adrian.

She asked the doctor the aim of the video and the doctor said it was for the hospital’s ABP. She asked about the ad agency people if they were still out since she was having a hunch that it could be Idea Factory.

Elsewhere, Javier in the company of Eloisa and Monica came to offer their assistance to Javi concerning the case filed against him. Javi was with his lawyer when his family came so he made the lawyer leave.

Javier told him he should have seek his help so that he get him a good lawyer he knew. Javi whimsically said he did not schedule for family reunion and even if he and Dante were k!lling themselves it was none of his family’s business. Javier got upset and left but Eloisa followed to calm him.

Monica assured Javi that she would talk to their dad but Javi warned her not to poke her nose to where it did not belong. Monica ran to tell Javier that she would talk to Dante but Javier stopped her. That did not deter Monica from talking to Dante.

Dante told Ikay not to meddle as he has witnesses and he was not even the one who accused Javi so the evidence was strong. Monica doubted Javi could do that and told Dante if he was doing that due to her and Eloisa then he should stop.

Nicole came out of the health facility, while walking out, she fainted so Adrian who came from the elevator bumped into her. She was rushed for treatment. The doctor told Adrian that it was normal for an expectant mother to feel dizzy and nausea.

Nicole woke up and when left alone with Adrian, Monica called so Nicole stepped out while Adrian was talking to his wife. Adrian followed Nicole to ask if the baby was his and Nicole slapped him for asking that question. Monica told Eloisa how Dante was not ready to withdraw the charges filed against Javi.

Eloisa was shocked by how her old flame has changed so much since he used to be very l0ving and kind person. Monica believed Dante was tired of the situation. Soon, Adrian went to see Nicole to talk about the child. Nicole explained why she got offended when Adrian asked if the child she was carrying was his.

To her, the fact that she was his trump did not mean he should disrespect her but was glad he knew she was pregnant as she did not intend to surprise him some day when he sees her with big belly. Adrian was ready to support the baby but Nicole said she did not need his money.

She had plenty of that, what she needed was his time and for him to l0ve them. Adrian could not offer that due to Monica and he even lamented that he did not know how to voice out the truth to Monica. He was not ready to marry her if that was what Nicole was asking for. Nicole sacked him.

Wendy, a client who heard Monica was separated from her husband due to another woman asked Monica about it. She advised Monica, saying one did not have to get separated from her husband due to another woman.

Monica asked her if her husband has cheated before and the woman said countless number of times and it hurts, yet she fought to maintain her marriage and never thought of separation. She said she never gave up on her husband with his countless times of cheating.

And now they would celebrate their 18th anniversary. Everything she did in her marriage, she said it was worth it so it was a wrong decision for Monica to throw her husband out from her house. In other words, she was given Adrian the go ahead to cheat or get another woman pregnant.

Monica went home to find Bunjoy destroying things. He pushed his mother away that he only needed his father. Monica followed him to the room to talk to him that his father would come home soon. They faced bigger problem and now they were fixing it.

Elsewhere, Javi went to attack Dante and accused him of sabotaging him which the old man denied. Monica met with Jasper to cry that everyone was terming her as a bad mother while it was not her fault that Adrian cheated. Even now her own son was against him for wanting a space.

At GL-Amore Events, Nicole told Rowena that Adrian has accepted to take responsibility of the child. Rowena knew her friend wanted to use her baby to trap Adrian. Adrian visited Monica to play with Bunjoy and Nicole sent him a text that she was craving for a fruit.

Orwin, Rowena’s husband got there and Nicole called Rowena for the man to talk to him but Rowena left what she was doing to rush back home to drive Orwin home. Nicole wondered why Rowena was acting that way. Rowena reminded Nicole on what she did and Nicole said she was judging her even when she was her best friend.

Rowena told her not to call her that since the last time she called someone her best friend she slept with the person’s husband.A bang came on the door and Rowena opted to check the person. Thinking it was Orwin but it was Bradley who delivered the fruit Nicole was craving for.

Nicole told Bradley that she would go to parenting classes the next day so he should inform Adrian. Adrian also had counselling with Monica so he prioritised his legal wife over his illegal woman.

Nicole ended up as topic when all the women came with their husbands and they started gossiping about the Waterfall shampoo model being a single mother.

At the counseling, the counselor proposed they traveled to start life in a new environment to forget about their old life after she heard from the estranged couple that their happiness was when they are alone as nuclear family.

After the counseling Monica asked Adrian why he cheated on her and he explained that no matter the explanation he was at fault for what he did. Since Monica insisted on knowing the reason, he said when her family came in between them as he was happy when it was only about them.

Later, Monica told her parents and Javi that she has decided to patch things up with Adrian. Now she realised he did that only by mistake so she would forgive him. Eloisa was happy for her and Javier said she should tell Adrian when he repeats the act, they would take Monica from her.

Nicole confronted Adrian for how he stood her up at the parenting session. Adrian reminded her that he was not her boyfriend, neither was he married to her. He only promised to support the child.

Monica went home to tell Bunjoy that his father would soon be with them and the boy was happy. Monica then went to Sandra’s place to tell Adrian that she was giving their marriage another chance. She also proposed they travel to Canada but Sandra was not happy with that. Adrian promised to come for them once they secured there.

Adrian, later, met with Nicole to assure of his obligation to the child they were expecting. He told Nicole he would be traveling to Canada with Monica as he was now making things work between them. Nicole asked Adrian if he had told Monica about the pregnancy and Adrian said he would tell her at the appropriate time.


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