The Legal Wife Episode 40

The Legal Wife Episode 40 Javier whips Adrian for breaking Monica’s heart, Bunjoy runs from home, Monica breaks up with Adrian after realising Adrian l0ves Nicole

Adrian called Sandra and pleaded with her to make Bunjoy stay with her for the time being. He explained that Nicole was pregnant and Monica was upset so he wanted to solve the problem before Bunjoy would be in the house.

Monica took her comfort from Max. She told him that she was tired and was no longer interested in fighting. As Adrian was sitting on the bed waiting patiently for his wife to come, Monica appeared and was sober, not ready to talk.

She took pillow for Adrian to sleep outside their bed room. The next day, Monica told Adrian to prepare his own food since the helper was not there, adding that she had already spoken with Nicole not to bother them. Adrian told her that his obligation was only to the child not to Nicole.

However, Monica did not want him to talk to her rival again even when they go to Canada. Monica declared that their plans to travel to Canada would push through due to Bunjoy but she did not know how Adrian would explain to Bunjoy that he has a sibling from a different woman and she walked out on him.

Soon, Adrian met with Bradley to talk about his issue with Monica. Bradley saw it as unwise to run away at this time. He believed since Monica was ignoring Adrian, she might do worse when they travel. Adrian said it was his fault so anyhow Monica would treat him, he would accept it so he would travel to Canada with her for a fresh start.

The De Villa family joined the Santiago family in the mansion to have a farewell party to finally say goodbye to the couple for them to travel. Max brought a gift to Monica and left due to Adrian’s gestures. Javi arrived late at the event and in an anguish, he reminded Monica that he had already warned him against Adrian.

The next day, Monica packed their things, while waiting for Adrian who was delivering some important documents to Kelly at Idea Factory, Bradley visited Nicole at GL-Amore Events to present to her a cheque written by Adrian to support the baby.

Nicole got upset and stormed Idea Factory to tell Adrian that she did not need his money, all that she wanted was his time. She was not a baby making machine for her to stuck in Philippines alone. Since Adrian was bent on leaving, Nicole held him back, wept and told him to return for their child.

In the De Villa mansion, Dante visited Monica to also bid her farewell. He reminded her that no matter what happens, she should remember that she was he and Eloisa’s Ikay.

Adrian took some steps to leave, suddenly he saw Nicole bleeding and rushed her to the hospital. Monica decided to go to the airport to wait for Adrian there since he was not coming. She called him and Adrian told her that he was rushing Nicole to the hospital.

Monica went there and she witnessed how Adrian was so worried about Nicole and her condition. When Adrian realised the presence of Monica with his wife shedding tears, he tried to explain.

“She went to the office, I couldn’t do anything.”

“Please understand I fear for the safety of the baby.”

“You know what?” Monica cried “I realised now that I was so full of anger that I completely forgot to ask, what I should have asked.”

“What is it?” Adrian hummed.

“Did you l0ve Nicole Adrian?”

Silence wind rushed through the place. Adrian remained quiet and could not talk, Monica realised her hunch about her husband’s feelings for Nicole was right. As she shed tears and was leaving, Adrian now begin to talk to stop her from leaving.

“My l0ve, you’re the one I l0ve.”

“That wasn’t the question,” Monica cried.

Adrian kept his mouth shut and Monica thought of the obvious. She went to her parents house and Nanny Gina sent Bunjoy to Jasper’s room.

“Sweetheart,” Eloisa called “Please tell me what happened?”

“I thought you guys are leaving today?”

“He l0ves Nicole mother,” Monica cried.

“He did! “Adrian l0ved Nicole.”

At the the hospital, Nicole woke up and was impatient to make the nurse find the doctor for her. She wanted to know about her baby and the nurse told her that the doctor said her baby was fine. Back to Santiago Mansion, Monica kept weeping.

“Nicole is pregnant mother!”

“She was with Adrian earlier and she bled..”

“So Adrian rushed her to the nearest hospital.”

“At the hospital, when she is on the bed…”

“And the doctor was attending to her, I witness everything with my own two eyes….”

“The fear that Adrian felt, his concern for Nicole’s safety and the indescribable l0ve that he has for her.”

“Mother Adrian l0ves Nicole!” Monica wept bitterly.

“My husband is in l0ve with that woman!”

“My husband is in l0ve with that woman!”

“I am so tired of getting hurt!”

“I don’t know what to do!”

“I can’t take it anymore! I can’t take it!”

“Why mother?”

“Why did they have to k!ll the tiny hope that makes me believe that my family will be whole again?”

“Tell me why mother? Why did they have to do this to me?” Monica kept crying and Eloisa tried comforting her.

Javier appeared in the scene and felt sad for what had happened to his daughter. Adrian came to the mansion and was stopped by the security. He was not allowed in so he tried everything possible in order to make Monica steps out.He screamed calling out his wife to come out for them to talk.

Javier had enough and he stepped out to handle it. He canned Adrian with his walking stick till Adrian ran back home in agony to be with his mother. His tears and cry got into Sandra and she tried to calm him.

Javi had a video chat with Gwen and she told Javi that although Monica was going through a lot of pains but she never stopped thinking about him. She told Javi to reunite with his family.

Bunjoy on the other hand felt that his mother had fought with his father again, reason they were no longer going to Canada. He was upset with Monica and called her a liar.

The next day, he pretended to be sleeping and sneaked out when he had the chance with the security not able to see him. He wondered on the street and cried out. Fortunately, Javi stumbled on him while driving and sent him back home at the time that Monica was devastated searching for Bunjoy.

She thanked Javi for bringing her son home. Javi said Gwen told him that she was no longer traveling to the state and suggested she stayed with their parent and left. Adrian tried several times to reach Monica but couldn’t.

Sandra told Adrian to calm down, if he had thought of how he l0ved his wife and kid, he would not have done what he did. Rowena bought a baby dress for Nicole and also anti-miscarriage drugs which the doctor prescribed for Nicole.

She advised Nicole to get her act together and asked if she really wanted Monica to get separated from. She told Nicole she knew she has a conscience but Nicole said she wanted them to get separated. She had always wanted Adrian to be with her on the basis that he chose her not that she was not the one who took him from Monica.

She wept that no one who is in l0ve would not wish for a happy ending. Rowena hugged her. Elsewhere, Dante decried how he was rich and could get everything he wanted but could not get the family he ever wanted.

Ruby told him it was time for him to give up on Eloisa and Monica to concentrate on himself as his action had made him neglect his daughter. She told him that he might d!e alone if he failed to leave Eloisa for Javier.

Javier had a serious talk with Monica to make her wake up to reality that now that Nicole was pregnant it meant that she would forever be in her life and that of her husband so she had to think right and make a good decision in her situation because her son Bunjoy will now share his father with the child of Nicole.

Adrian attempted to call Monica and was surprised to hear her speak by picking the call. They decided to meet for a serious talk. When they met, Monica told Adrian that she has given up on them and wanted their marriage annulled.

Adrian started to cry and made it clear that she was the one he truly l0ved but Monica knew he was trying to f00l her and was not ready to get hurt again. She revealed to Adrian that she witnessed how Adrian watched Nicole at the hospital and realised that was how he also used to look at her,much to Adrian’s surprise.

He insisted that Monica did not understand but Monica made it clear that she understood everything from his gestures. She said she believed if the situation was different and Adrian was to be single Adrian would have chosen Nicole over her but Adrian disagreed with her.

He said he would choose her. Monica pushed him away when he embraced her, asking her she should have a little patience he would fix the problem. Monica told him that if he would not do her that favour to get their marriage annulled, she would file a concubinage lawsuit against him for cheating on her.

She said Nicole’s pregnancy would serve as an evidence for his act. Adrian was not moved, he was ready to stand any trial if that would mean that she would forgive him. Monica said she and Bunjoy would travel to the state but Adrian should meet her in court for the case. Monica walked out leaving Adrian to shed tears.


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