The Legal Wife Episode 41

The Legal Wife Episode 41 Adrian moves mountain to be with his family, Nicole and Monica give birth to a boy and a girl

Jasper advised Monica against suing Adrian and Nicole and proposed she leaves the country to have a space in her life. Sandra also advised Adrian not to give on his family, he should face the lawsuit to prove to Monica that everything he did was a mistake.

She knew it was tough since Nicole was pregnant and Monica would see Nicole’s child as the result of his betrayal but urged him to fight for his family and marriage. He should prove to Monica that he l0ved her and his son.

Making up her mind, Monica went to Idea Factory to give up on her shares and told Kelly that they should split it. Kelly wondered why she had to do that since Monica never did any mistake. Kelly cried that she would miss Monica and hugged her.

Adrian came over to the Santiago’s mansion to demand speaking with his wife and see his son but was not allowed in. He went to Idea Factory to ask Kelly if she had been speaking Monica but she gave Adrian attitude.

Monica packed her things and that of Bunjoy. As Bunjoy was playing, he realised his mother was crying and he hugged her. Nanny Gina went to a park for Bunjoy to play. The boy saw how some of the kids have their l0ved ones around and ran to Nanny Gina. He said he wanted to be with his father.

Speaking of the wizard, Adrian showed up and Nanny Gina hindered the boy from getting close to Adrian. Adrian stopped her and she said she was given a specific instructions not to allow him to get close to the boy.

Adrian played with Bunjoy and the boy told Adrian how frequent his mother cried. Adrian told him to hug his mother and give her a long k!ss whenever Bunjoy sees her crying. Javi visited the Santiago mansion to eat a chocolate which he thought was baked by Monica.

Monica said she did not believe she would be able to bake anymore. Javi saw how his sister was hurt and told her to travel with him to United States since he was going there to see Gwen and Thirdy. Monica was happy and decided to leave the country to USA.

She relayed the information to Bunjoy and the boy asked if Adrian would go with them. Monica explained that Adrian would be working in Philippines while they would stay with Gwen and his cousin, Thirdy. Bunjoy found it bizarre and asked Monica if she was fighting with his father again.

Monica made it clear that everything she was doing was the betterment of him and someday he would grow to understand her. Nicole heard that Adrian and his wife were separated again and went to Idea Factory to talk to Adrian but Adrian walked out on her.

In the house, Rowena advised Nicole to rather think of her pregnancy than Adrian. Nicole got upset and packed out from Rowena’s house since she was against her running after Adrian. Unknown to Nicole, Rowena secretly followed her and saw her feeling dizzy. She called Dante secretly for him to go for his daughter from the street.

Nicole did not want to stay in the Ramos mansion but in Costa Escaparse. Dante said Rowena told him about her delicate pregnancy, hence he did not want her to stay anywhere else. Though, he knew Nicole was upset with her but he wanted her to stay in the mansion to get the necessary attention till she delivered.

Max came to see Monica for the last. He was unhappy that Monica was leaving without saying goodbye to him. Monica told him about working in United States at an ad agency since she had some friends there who could help her so Max told Monica to connect him once she got any available photography work.

While Jasper was driving his family to the airport with Monica still consumed in her pains, Adrian went to the Santiago mansion to demand for his wife. The security stopped him but he screamed out Javier’s name telling him that he was equally a father and he wanted to see his son. He jumped the fence into the mansion but the security stopped him.

He was sent to the precinct and insisted on the police to throw him behind the cells. The police insisted to get a person to bail him out but he said there was no one. To his dismay, Nicole appeared there to bail him out.

Elsewhere, Monica and her siblings arrived at the airport and she began throwing up. When she reached the United States she ran a pregnancy test and it was positive. The doctor said her child was healthy. Adrian still went after Javier and discovered that Monica was pregnant. He called Bradley to inform him about it.

Adrian decided to travel to US to find his wife and family. Elsewhere, Max also made ready to travel to US to find a job but Nick reminded him that Monica was still not annulled. Soon, Nicole gave birth before her time and Rowena was there to support her.

However, the doctor said Rowena was not allowed in only the husband. Nicole told them to allow Rowena in, she did not have a husband, only Rowena that she had. It was new year, as the De Villa family were celebrating during the midnight, Adrian arrived home in distress.

Sandra realised Adrian did not succeed in finding his family. She advised him to relax since God knows he had tried his best to make up for his mistake and to find his wife and son. She told her they should rely on destiny to bring his family back to him.

Elsewhere in the US, Bunjoy was playing and Monica was watching him while Gwen came with Javi and Thirdy. Thirdy went to play football with Bunjoy. Monica told Javi that it was not fair for her to make her children grow away from their father.

She would make the baby she was expecting and Bunjoy meet Adrian at the right time. Monica began working and her boss was impressed by her good concept. She later gave birth and named her Martina.

In the Ramos mansion, Nicole whose son was in the incubator was finally discharged and Dante was playing with him. She wanted to send her son to see his godmother, Rowena but Dante wanted to play with Jacob. Adrian arrived there and Nicole gave him the boy and told him that she named him Jacob because the boy was the product of her l0ve.

He was her life and realised the boy needed her. Adrian said he was equally his parent and anything he needed he would be given to him.
Max visited Monica with gifts for Bunjoy. While he was playing with Martina, Adrian was playing with Jacob.

Two years later, Adrian and talked on phone with Monica and they planned to meet for him to see his children. Adrian attended an awards ceremony which he was nominated alongside Sir Bob. Nicole was there to support Adrian.

He won the awards while in the US, Monica was also promoted as the Executive Creative Director of the company she was working in. The workers celebrated her for her outstanding job.


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