The Legal Wife Episode 44

The Legal Wife Episode 44 Nicole orders Monica to back off from Adrian, Adrian reveals the truth about his affair with Nicole to Bunjoy

Nicole met Monica when the latter was going to work. She stopped Monica to confront her for trying to make life impossible for Adrian. Monica warned her not to drag her into anything pertaining Adrian. She should discuss with Adrian if she had troubles and walked out on her.

Monica got to the office and Adrian brought her a bouquet. He requested for out of town trip with the kids together with Monica which she consented. Nicole later called Adrian’s secretary to find out Adrian’s schedule for the week and realised he would go to a resort with his kids.

Monica packed the kids things for them to embark the trip with their father. She failed to go with them with an excuse that she had other things doing with Jasper. To Adrian’s dismay, he bumped into Nicole at the resort and Nicole called Bunjoy to ask him if he recognised her.

Bunjoy said how could he forget her and she told Jacob to say hi to his senior brother. Adrian made the nanny sent his legitimate kids away and he carried Jacob to play with him while he queried Nicole for following him to the resort.

Nicole framed up a story to make it look like a coincidence. She even said she got there the previous night before Adrian’s arrival. Adrian warned her not to expose him to his son, he would be the one to spill out the truth to Bunjoy and asked Nicole when he would leave the resort.

Nicole deemed it that Adrian was sacking her and tried to turn things against Adrian by claiming he did not treat her and Jacob like how he treated Monica’s children. Adrian reminded her that there was no day that he neglected Jacob.

He later called Monica to inform her that Nicole was at the resort too. This got Monica worried so they decided to tell Bunjoy the truth. Monica went to the resort with Max but the latter waited out while Monica went in.

Max stumbled on Nicole and queried her the reason she was there, whether she had a motive to introduce her son to Bunjoy. He warned Nicole not to hurt Bunjoy as he l0ved Monica’s children. Nicole asked him whether it is the children he l0ved or Monica herself.

Max admitted having feelings for Monica but made it clear that Monica still l0ved Adrian. Nicole interjected that, that was the reason they were annulling their marriage but Max said annulling their marriage did not mean Monica did not l0ve Adrian so Nicole should stop pushing herself on Adrian.

He advised her to be with Adrian on the basis that Adrian truly l0ved and has chosen her. Elsewhere at the resort, Adrian thanked Monica for not spewing negative things about him to his children. Monica said there was no need to turn his kids against him as he was their father no matter what.

Adrian then came clean to his son. He told Bunjoy that he did something terrible against Monica: he cheated on her and had a son with another woman.

Bunjoy got upset that his father cheated on his mother while he claimed to l0ve her. He ran out and Monica went after him to talk to him. Bunjoy wondered why a child from another mother was a sibling, he believed children from same mother and father are the siblings.

Monica explained that Baby Jacob was his half brother irrespective of his maternal trace. Whether a child is from a different mother or a father but shared the same blood from either parent they were siblings. She advised him to l0ve Baby Jacob as his kid brother just like he l0ved baby Martina.

After they went to the Santiagos mansion, Bunjoy became so cold due to the revelation. Eloisa delivered a gift that Adrian bought for him but he showed no interest in it. Sirkons and Sheldon held a meeting to think of a suitable person to replace Monica for the position of the Country’s Director since she had quit the job.

Adrian was told to talk to Monica but Sheldon got in and said Monica had chosen to stay. This got Adrian so happy that he went to see Monica to express his happiness that she stayed. Monica explained that she only stayed to give ample time for Sheldon to find a new replacement.

Adrian got home and Nicole had finished cooking. She set the table for dinner and when she heard of Monica, Nicole tried to warn Adrian against Monica but Adrian got upset as he knew his estranged wife would not make life difficult for him as Nicole was claiming.

Soon, Adrian got to the Santiagos mansion to gift Bunjoy with a new bike and they went biking but before he would leave with the boy, Max got there. This annoyed Adrian that Max was entertained in the house of the Santiagos.

He went on the biking with his son. Bunjoy was in a hurry and fell off the bike. He hurt himself and Adrian took care of him. He said sorry to Adrian for riding fast and talked to him about Baby Jacob. He wanted to see the boy.

Adrian decided to make him meet his junior brother some other time and said they had to inform Monica first. Nicoe called Adrian when she found out that he was with Bunjoy, she acted up. She then told Rowena how Adrian was paying more attention to his children when Monica returned.

Rowena reminded her how Adrian has never neglected Jacob and told her to allow Adrian to have time with his legitimate kids too adding that Adrian would never be hers.

Fast forward, Nicole visited Adrian at his office with Jacob and when he bent for a welcome k!$$, he remembered that Monica was around so he pulled back. Nicole gave him a k!$$ on the cheek no matter what. She told him that she brought Jacob there since the boy wanted to meet him but he fell asleep.

The Santiagos were happy that Eloisa and Javier’s anniversary coincided with Vita Sardines anniversary. Eloisa was glad that her children were happy in their lives: Jasper and Vince were setting up their restaurant, Javi was also back with Gwen and Javier added that Monica would also be free from her marriage. They toasted to happiness.

Elsewhere, Adrian told Bradley that he was not ready to give Monica the divorce, he was hoping they patch things up. Later, at the office, Monica realised Adrian was using his ring as a locket. He made a presentation on Mama Dee’s Cheese and the executives saw the concept as outmoded so he got his art together.

He made his assistant go for his guitar. He then played the guitar and sang to make the cheese advert concept lively and current. Monica knew he was singing that l0ve track purposely for her so she excused herself while Adrian starred surprisingly.


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