The Legal Wife Episode 45

The Legal Wife Episode 45 Max chalks a new height in his photography career, Dante shoots Javier after Infinity collapsed, Eloisa sincerely apologises for eloping with an ex-l0ver 

Javi arrived home from the state. The Santiagos welcomed him, as he took a seat, Javier had a little chat with him to discuss an important matter with him.

He told him that he was retiring and was leaving the company, Vita Sardines in his hands as the President of the family business.

Javi was amazed by the offer. Since he had already started a life with Gwen in the state, he told his dad to give him a little time to think about his offer. Elsewhere, the lawyers of Dante advised him to sell off his shares as Infinity Sardines was on its knees due to the scandal that crippled the success story of the company.

He was told to do so before the shareholders kick him out. He then went to visit Nicole to give her the piece of the bad news but told her a portion of his shares was in her and Jacob’s name.

As he was leaving, Nicole called him back to tell him that he worked so hard for the company and wondered why he wanted to give up the fight to save his company. She promised to help him bring the company back on its feet.

Monica visited her regular salon and told the people about how Nicole was all over her due to her husband. A woman who earlier had told her she was also cheated on by her husband advised her to beat the heck out of Nicole.

Monica found that as too much. The stylist l0ved her ignoring strategy, believing that it would rather make her catch the attention of Nicole. After a meeting of the estranged couples with their lawyers on their annulment case, they were told the hearing would start two weeks time.

Adrian told Monica that he did not want the break up but Monica said that was what she wanted. Sheldon was impressed by Adrian’s Mama Dee’s Cheese advert concept and told Monica how successful the campaign was.

He said it has attracted another client, they had gotten Infinity Sardines led by Nicole Esquivel and wanted Adrian to take charge of it. Monica complemented her estranged husband, saying his method might be a bit orthodox but effective.

She gave the proposal to Adrian, making her estranged husband surprised that she wanted him to work on Infinity advert campaign. Max and Adrian went to meet Nicole at Shatter advertising conference room.

As Adrian was telling Max the account was given to him to handle, Nicole got there to indirectly !nsult Max for his presence in there. Adrian made Max excuse him and he asked Nicole why she was acting that way when she knew he and Monica were in a situation.

Nicole said she only seek his agency’s help since Infinity Sardines was facing a problem. She made that clear in her brief and did not remember interfering in Adrian’s divorce. Adrian got pissed off and left only to find Max behind the curtains listening on to their conversation.

Monica bumped into Nicole after the latter’s meeting with Adrian. Nicole brushed it on the face of Monica that Adrian was assigned to her campaign. Looking all happy but Monica surprised her when she revealed to her that she actually signed Adrian that account.

Nicole got provoked, claiming that Monica was acting like the victim. Monica hissed, saying Nicole wanted the best and she gave her the best so actually she was acting professional since she knew Nicole wanted to keep an eye on Adrian and she helped her out.

There were many advertising agencies but Nicole intentionally chose theirs. She also said the last time that she checked, she was still the Legal Wife and did not know who actually Nicole was.

Monica told Nicole to be at peace since she was the one annulling her marriage and Adrian would be freed soon. If Nicole also think her days were numbered at the side of Adrian then her jealousy would not work on her.

At the photo exhibition held by Max, fortune began to smile at him when an editor of a renowned magazine saw his works and was impressed. He introduced himself to Max as Lee Bon Chon and offered Max a life changing job in Asia for a Face of Magazine project. He wanted Max to partake in it by being his permanent worker.

Max called Monica and the latter had even forgotten that it was the day for the exhibit. She apologised for not being there but decided to attend. Max stopped her as he only called her to check up on her since did not show up. Monica explained that she had lots of things to do at work so she the exhibition escaped her mind and kept apologising.

It was Friday and Adrian failed to go for Jacob. Nicole called to find out about the schedule of Adrian and realised the employees are having some fun time out. She asked of the location and went there. She saw Adrian entertaining Monica so she stormed out in jealousy.

She lingered around till Monica came out for her to confront her. Adrian saw the scene so when Monica left and Nicole got in, he asked Nicole what she told his wife. Nicole told Adrian to stop acting delusional Monica would never get back to him so he should move on and stop asking her what she told Monica.

Adrian made it clear about her stance in his life, adding that he l0ved Monica so she should give him space. Adrian headed back home to tell his mother that Monica did not l0ve him anymore.

Sandra told Adrian that it was his fault. However, he was different from all the men who cheated on their wives: Adrian has regretted, making amends, trying to be fair to his wife unlike her who left Adrian’s father due to his constant or repeated act of cheating without being remorseful.

Monica in the house told her mother about the team building activity which Nicole showed up there to use her feelings against her. She told Eloisa that Nicole knew her weakness which she herself did not know and Nicole was so good at it but no matter what she could not escape the fact that their lives were tied together due to their children with Adrian.

Eloisa knew Monica was feeling hard to move on since she l0ved Adrian. Monica admitted she did but it was wrong for her to keep l0ving Adrian. Nicole on the other hand, ranted about Monica intentionally returning just to ruin her relationship with Adrian.

Rowena found it funny that a second choice, a homewrecker and a mistress derailing from her lane to claim a position that wasn’t hers and talked her out of it. She also made it clear that her advice was not as a result of her hormonal imbalance or her pregnancy.

She felt her child was kicking in her womb and believed the unborn child had agreed to what she said. In her room at Santiagos mansion, Monica reminisce the past life with her husband.

How she discovered the betrayal of Nicole and Adrian and gradually finding the bomb shell of the hidden pregnancy which got her exploded to kick him out and eventually breaking up with him. She wept bitterly and layed next to Martina.

The next day at work, Adrian had a conversation with Monica when she was leaving for a client meeting. He told her that he has warned Nicole to stop bothering her. He also wanted them to be together for their children, stressing that whenever he was in a room with Monica or sees her, he still believed he had a chance with her since Monica had not confessed not l0ving him.

Monica said there was no need for that and she would still pursue the divorce and left. Dante read a news article on the success of Vita Sardines which was made possible by Javier and Eloisa. He got upset and he crumbled the papers.

It was the night of the couple’s anniversary which coincided with the Vita Company’s anniversary. Monica who was fully dressed was still grieving inside. Eloisa fetched for her
and sent her inside, encouraging her not to feel sad.

At the grand celebration, Javier announced his retirement and introduced the replacement of him as the President and CEO of the company, he was no other than his Senior son, Javi Santiago Jnr. Also brooding at somewhere, Adrian spotted Dante arriving with his car.

Very soon, the party was over and Javier saw some of his guests out but Dante caught him by surprised. he held him on a gun point and warned him to follow him out quietly. He sent him to a nearby bush ans lamented that he did not want to resolve into k!lling but he had no choice.

He had wanted Javier’s family, especially Eloisa and Monica to abandon him but Javier was expert in manipulation so he had managed to manipulate Eloisa and Monica.

Javier made it clear that his family had forgiven him. Dante then asked if Javier had asked him for forgiveness as well. Javier then asked Dante for forgiveness for everything he did against him in the past.

For attempting to k!ll him and for taking back his wife and daughter. Dante claimed it was not enough, Javier should kneel and beg him for his life but Javier protested.

Javier made it clear that he has found forgiveness, he was at peace knowing his family were united and happy, therefore he was ready to d!e and dared Dante to pull the trigger.

Adrian who followed Dante to the place showed up to Javier’s defense. As he held Dante to stop him from committing the crime, the gun mistakenly pulled and it triggered. The bullet landed on the shoulder of Javier. Dante took to his heels and Adrian assisted Javier.

He called Monica to inform her about the unpleasant news while he rushed Javier to the hospital. At the hospital, Monica thanked Adrian for saving her dad’s life and said he was getting better.

The Santiagos surrounded the ward of Javier. Eloisa cried that she got scared, thinking he might not make it. She was filled with tears of joy that her husband survived the bullet. Elsewhere, Nicole was feeding Jacob when Pia, the servant tend in a letter.

She read and it was her father, Dante begging and asking her for forgiveness for not being able to be a father to her. He also confessed of doing something terrible against Javier and now he was under loose.

Max sent Monica out to by some street food. The place was not far from their work place. He told Monica about his new job he has gotten and Monica congratulated him, knowing he had been waiting for such opportunity in life. She charged him to grab it and assured that she can manage on her own.

Max thought Monica would stop him from going but she did not. Monica hugged him and congratulated him. Adrian spotted them and felt jealous.

Elsewhere, Eloisa expressed how guilty she felt seeing that the past mistakes she committed was having effect on their lives. She begged Javier to forgive her for running with another together with their daughter as she could see his pains in the eyes of Monica.

She felt sad that l0ve had to come with pains. Javier expressed how prepared he was to fight all the pains to make l0ve worth it and he would never grow tired for how far they had come. He advised Eloisa not to think about Monica as their daughter knew exactly what she could do to end her suffering.

Adrian told Bradley how sad he felt seeing Monica happy but with a different man. He took consolation in the fact that seeing her cry made him feel guilty at least she was happy but with a different man.

Bradley advised him to free Monica if he indeed l0ved her. Later, he used the name Mr Records to book an appointment to talk to Monica about how Adrian had changed, regretted his action and wondered in the United States to search for her with a glimmer of hope that he would find her.

He said Adrian lost meaning to his life when he lost her and meant every word he said when he stated it was over between him and Nicole. Monica gave him just two minutes of her time to hear him out and he realised his two minutes grace period was over and left.


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