The Legal Wife Episode 46

The Legal Wife Episode 46 Rowena delivers, Adrian involved in an accident after his annulment, Nicole causes a scandal at the hospital

In the Santiagos mansion, Gwen and Javi descended down the stairs to eat. Their action attracted Monica’s attention so she stood to stare at them. Jasper viewing the scenery, approached Monica to ask her if she envied the couple.

Monica said a little bit. Jasper asked how much, whether it was a good indication to help her make a decision to opt out from her divorce. Max interrupted and Monica went to sit to talk to him about his trip to Asia for his job offer.

Max told Monica that whenever she needed him, she should call and he would come wherever she was. She wished Monica farewell and Monica wished him the best in life.

Adrian went to the house of Nicole. After countless shouts of her name, he found her sitting idle. She apologised to her for his action and told her that he would not be able to give her the l0ve and happiness that she truly deserved and was sorry for putting her in that position.

He admitted everything was his fault and made it clear that equally he was not going to fight to maintain his marriage anymore, he would set Monica free. Nicole said indeed everything was his fault. She sometimes wondered why he had to come in her life as well as Monica’s.

She told Adrian to admit that they were doing okay till Monica came and he made her know she and her son’s position in his life. Adrian reminded her that he had always made her know her position in his life that he would only be there for their son and that was what he did.

“Our situation was never clear to me Adrian,” Nicole cried.

“It wasn’t as clear cut as a marriage or any kind of agreement in writing.”

“Why can’t you just admit to yourself that after Monica abandoned you, you have slowly learnt to l0ve me.”

Adrian kept mute and left. Max visited Nicole to inform her that he was traveling and wanted to have an outing with her for old time sake. Nicole did not want to go and he insisted, adding that it was his treat.

Monica was at the rooftop thinking when Adrian got there to tell her that she always climbed on rooftops to cry when she was sad. Monica told him that after granting her the divorce, she would be moving back to the state with her kids.

She has done their papers and everything was ready for her to get to United States to carry on with her life since she had already built her life there. Adrian asked if that was her final decision and whether that would give her happiness. She walked out and said she hoped so.

At the precinct, Javier covered up for Dante to stop his arrest. He told the police inspectors that the person who shot him was wearing a mask and took his wallet so he was fighting back when the person mistakenly shot his hand.

The two inspectors were perplexed since a witness account revealed a certain suspicious man left the party with him but Javier asked him whether he would believe the so called witness or him, the victim of that assault. The police then said they would inform Javier about any development on his case.

When they were alone, Eloisa told Javier that she knew he did not want to drag the issue. However, if it would help him have that peace of mind, she knew the hideout of Dante and she could reveal for the police to nab him. Javier declined it.

Nicole and her former flame went to a restaurant. Max told her that he was leaving for good since he has gotten a new job but he wanted her to stay away from Adrian since she did not deserve that prison.

Monica had made it clear to him so he has back off and he knew Adrian has also said same to her. He believed they would find their respective perfect fit but if Nicole still follow Adrian for the rest of her life, she might end up being alone in the world, something he did not wish for her.

Nicole still hanged her fate around Adrian since he would annul his marriage with Monica. As she was driving home, she recalled everything Adrian said about him not ready to annul his marriage but was trying to patch things up.

She also recalled Max’s advice and wept. The next day in Daet, Dante was standing at a place where he and Eloisa eloped to and took a trip down the memory lane to think of the good times she had with Eloisa and Monica.

He turned to find Eloisa there. He asked for her forgiveness and told her to tell Javier that he was sorry for everything he did against him. Eloisa said he shouldn’t be because he did everything out of l0ve.

She said she was grateful to Dante for taking her and her daughter in when they had no where to go. He took care of them as is own, something she would never forget. She knew Dante as a good person and wanted him to be the old Dante that she knew. Since he now has his own family, his daughter and grandson, she urged him to concentrate on them.

For the sake of their old relationship, Eloisa said she would always l0ve him as a friend adding that there were people out there who deserved their l0ve.

Javier, on the other hand, apologised to Monica for being a contributing factor in her marriage break up when Monica told her about her preparation to travel to the United States. Monica said she was not blaming anyone except the three of them.

Javier saw how Monica was affected by the whole thing and told her that it was because she was rising against her own self. Per his experience, he made the decision that would put his heart and mind at ease, reason he adviced her to fight for the person she l0ved.

In his room, Adrian took his counter affidavit and was bothered about everything. He told his mother that he would not contest the annulment case with the counter affidavit he filed. He would grant Monica the divorce since he made a promise to do everything that would make her happy in life.

Sandra assured him that he would never be alone in the world because a mother never files annulment of being a mother. She would always be there for him.

Rowena came with a glass of milk and asked what Nicole was thinking about. As usual, she knew it was about Adrian. Nicole said Adrian was annulling his marriage with Monica, that meant that he would be free for her to start a life with him.

Rowena slapped her to awaken her mind, telling her that she would never feel happy in her life with Adrian. Her water suddenly broke and Nicole rushed her to the hospital for her to deliver her child.

As Monica came out from the Santiagos mansion, she bumped into Adrian at the gate. Adrian said he was there to inform her about him setting her free from the marriage but Monica alerted him that he did not set her free. She sets herself free from him. Adrian then returned his ring and told her to send his regards to his children.

He said he never thought of a day that both would be free from eachother but the day has finally come. He hugged her and left. As he was driving, he kept reminiscing the past and shed tears.

He reached a T-junction since he was not concentrating, he realised a truck car late heading to his lane so took a sharp turn but his car collided with the truck. Monica was asked by her father how her encounter with Adrian went and she told him that it was finally settled, they were over.

Javier saw Monica crying and asked her why she was shedding tears since she ought to be happy. She has finally got what she wanted. Later when Monica was alone, Sandra called her to inform her about Adrian’s accident.

Meanwhile, Rowena also called Nicole to alert her about a breaking news, demanding her to on her television set. Nicole did that and saw the news about an award winning advertising agent who was identified as Adrian De Villa involving in an accident.

A witness account stated that Adrian De Villa’s car collided with a truck and believed none of the drivers would make it alive. Monica rushed to the hospital and went in as Adrian’s wife. Nicole also went in as Adrian’s wife, making the nurse at the reception wondered the number of wives Adrian had.

Monica was with her mother and Eloisa saw Nicole approaching. As Nicole saw Monica, she quarrelled with her at the hospital and queried her on the basis she used to come there. She told Monica that she lost every right she had on Adrian the moment she abandoned him and ran off with her children.

She also reminded Monica that Adrian had already annuled his marriage with her so she had no right to be there. Sandra got there and kicked Nicole out. Nicole refused to go and kept blaming Monica for Adrian’s accident.

As the scuffle was ongoing, Nicole fell on a nurse and Monica had enough of her. She now mustered courage to kick Nicole out, saying she was the legal wife and Nicole had no right to be there. Nicole went home to cry to Rowena while destroying things.

The nanny of Jacob brought her a glass of water but she shoved it. Rowena tried calming her. She told her that she did not need Adrian, she had Jacob and had to concentrate on her son. Nicole wondered why Adrian’s family and Monica were ganging up on her and saw no wrong in l0ving Adrian.

At the hospital, the doctor told Monica and Sandra that Adrian was stable. He was able to take the blood clot from his head and would later do further examination to find out if the accident affected his brain.

Nicole later rushed to the hospital again with a basket of fruits but the security did not allow her in since Adrian’s family had ordered him to do so. She threatened to sue the security for not allowing her in to see her son’s father.

Monica got there and Nicole humbled herself before Monica to beg her. She went on her knees to beg Monica to allow her see Adrian for the last. She cried to Monica that she l0ved Adrian and had to be allowed to see him.


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