The Legal Wife Episode 6

The Legal Wife Episode 6 Javi embarrassed Monica during Vita presentation, Adrian becomes jealous of Miguel’s closeness to Monica

At the JJ&P office, the bosses told the workers that Monica and Adrian’s presentation were the same so both would present in a meeting with Vita Sardines executives.

Monica’s team blamed Adrian and his team for stealing their concept. Monica later brought cookies to Adrian to make up with him but Adrian was still offended for her team to think he was a thief.

Adrian and Monica eventually called for a truce and Monica’s team said Sorry to Adrian. Monica and Adrian worked on their presentation. Later, Adrian told his friend who owned a shop how Cupid has hit him with his arrow and he even did not care if he was poor and Monica was rich because some day he would also become rich and match Monica’s social status.

Elsewhere, the Zapatas launched their annual 30th anniversary and the man said everything would be left in his son Miguel’s hand. He told Javier that his son was interested in Monica and has told him that he already expressed his interest.

Fast forward, Nicole’s boss made advances on her and told her the real reason he employed her as an eventologist. Max got there to hit the man and introduced himself as the boyfriend of Nicole. Nicole was not ready to be used once again after Audrey blocked and dumped Max but as Max was insistence, she felt sorry for him and comforted him.

After Jasper spoke to him not to jeopardise the presentation of Monica, Javy now allowed the advertising agency to pitch the ad idea. Jarvy embarrassed Monica while she was presenting so Adrian saved the day by doing the presentation.

Adrian could not find Monica, he was told Monica had left. Bob told Jarvy that the shooting of the ad would be in Daet. Javy unknowingly approved the location before getting to know the location was a place his dad wanted to get rid off from his mind.

Adrian found Monica standing on a roof top and he said if Monica wanted to jump off then he would also jump along with her. Monica began to laugh and cried at the same time of how her relationship with her brother was brought to light for everyone to see how bad it was. Adrian broke the good news to her that Jarvy approved the ad and he now understood why the project meant a lot to Monica.

Adrian sent her out to have fun in order to forget about her pains. She realised that Adrian could sing and she also sang. Javier was bothered that Monica was still not in the house but Eloisa said Monica texted her that she was out with friends to celebrate after Jarvy approved their work. Jasper doubted based on how Jarvy embarrassed Monica.

After dinner, Javier called Jarvy to ask him what he told Monica for her to stay out for long and Jarvy said he wanted her to work harder. Javier told Jarvy to go to sleep and made his wife call Monica but Monica assured she was fine.

The next morning during breakfast, Javier asked Monica where she celebrated with her friends and she mentioned it. Javier then told her to go out with Miguel as the guy requested to have a date with her. Javier approved Monica to concentrate on the other side of her life and she felt so happy making Jasper realised his sister was seeing someone.

Javy called Monica to confront her for telling on him and she denied doing that. At the workplace Monica shared the cup cakes she baked and was surprised to be served with a coffee made by Adrian. Nicole received a bachelor’s party event from Dante Ramos and she went to her mother’s grave to break the news but she doubted if the person was her father.

Later, as Adrian did a presentation on the ad that they were going to shoot in Daet, Monica recalled her childhood moment with Dante and her mother.

She came out to buy snacks, Adrian joined her and as they were talking, Miguel came to remind Monica of their dinner date. Monica couldn’t say no and that got Adrian so devastated and went to the shop of a friend looking so down as Miguel and Monica had their date. It seemed Monica did not like Miguel’s Character and the manner he treated people.

She refused Miguel driving her home and went home with her driver. As she was in the car, Adrian called her and she told him that she was in the car going home with Samboy. This made Adrian happy.


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