The Legal Wife Episode 7

The Legal Wife Episode 7 Max, Nicole rekindle their relationship, Monica and Adrian in loggerheads over Andrews police case

At the Esquivel mansion, Max showed up looking so frustrated. Eduardo came out to meet him to ask who he was. Nicole later came out to find her old fling taking pictures of her grandpa and had a talk with Max to continue his relationship with Audrey.

Max lamented that Audrey did not want to talk to him, hence his visit to use Nicole to forget about his broken heart.

At the Santiago’s residence, Jasper tasted the dry fish cuisine of Eloisa when Monica got there and also had a taste of it and complemented the fish dish just like Jasper did. Javi got to the kitchen and Eloisa gave him two bottles of the dry fish dish but her first son refused, saying he was allergic to dry fishes.

Eloisa urged him to take the fish and give to Gwen. Elsewhere, Adrian played with his kid sister and Andrew told their mom that Adrian was in l0ve but his mother did not want them to talk about it. as Monica was preparing to go to work, Javier knocked at her door and came in to thank her for going out with Miguel and making him happy.

Nicole was planning an event for a client out of town and asked Rowena, her secretary to handle some other clients. Monica received a visitor at her office and Adrian thought it was his rival Miguel. Monica went to find that Mr Gonzalez as Max who asked for her to help to plan a surprise dinner for Nicole but Monica refused to be swayed by his game.

Realising Max did not l0ve Nicole, she pleaded with him to leave Nicole alone, stressing that her friend had been through a lot already due to him. While Monica tried reaching Nicole, Adrian called his mother to make Andrew send him a polo shirt but his mother said she would bring it.

Later, Rowena informed Nicole about Dante’s visit to the office as well as a woman by name Camila Esquivel, asking if she had any connections to him. Nicole revealed to Rowena the woman was her mother.

Thirdy was reluctant to go for his  Tae Kwon Do class since it always left him exhausted and Gwen reminded him that his father would be happy if he got a yellow belt. As they were leaving for the class, they bumped into Javi, who asked his son to show him some moves, simultaneously commending Gwen for doing a good job.

Sandra puts on a quite provocative outfit to deliver the shirt to her son at work to find out about the girl who has caught his attention. A moment later at JJ&P, she witnesses Adrian interacting with big ‘ol Carrie and misinterpreted the exchange. Soon enough, she brought Adrian yet another floral shirt but Adrian was reluctant to take it since they were set to go for a formal event.

As Monica spied nearby, Adrian introduced his mother to Mr Bob. Eloisa paid a visit to her son’s family and upon noticing how her grandson was being bombarded with too many activities, she advised Gwen to monitor him and lessen his activities since it could be bad for his health.

Gwen pointed out that Javi was also active in his childhood and Eloisa asked her to let her grandson play with other kids while he was still young.

Max hanged in a bar, calling Nicole on phone countless times. At the event agency, Nicole pulled over just as Dante was asking Rowena about her inside the facility. Upon getting wind of the situation, Nicole discreetly drove away.

Meanwhile, Andrew returned a motorcycle he had borrowed from a friend named Jack and when he asked him to fill it up with gas, he handed him just 20 bucks and walked away, leaving Jack quite dissatisfied.

“Mom Nicole,” Rowena talked with her on the phone.

“Mr Ramos has been here for a while now.

He is waiting for you. What should I tell him?”

“Ask him to leave,” Nicole said.


“Ask him to leave!”

“I won’t be able to make it.”

Nicole hanged up and a second later, she received a text message from Max. At the events agency, Dante had a chitchat with Rowena before leaving for the province, just as Nicole showed up at the bar to reconnect with her old fling Max.

Adrian witnessed his brother being ganged up on by some guys and he strived to restore order even as Jack accused him of stealing his motorcycle. Once home, Sandra gave Andrew a much needed scolding for the mess he has made and Adrian tried to calm the situation.

Monica met Adrian’s absence at work and while he was discussing the matter with Carrie, Adrian arrived and headed to his desk all downcast, practically ignoring everyone. A moment later at the kitchen, Monica brought him a cupcake and before she could utter a word, Adrian assured her that he was okay.

Trish informed her mother about Andrew’s arrest and a moment later at the precinct, Adrian and his family strived to settle the issue. The officer revealed that the complainer would only drop the case if they paid for the motorcycle.

John informed the team about Adrian’s decision to miss the event at Daet and in no time, Monica catched up with him at the precinct after learning of his predicament from Bradley. She offered to help him out with his brother’s problem but Adrian took offense and strongly refused the help.

Later, Monica invited Nicole to join her for the production shoot at Daet so she could forget Max and see where she had grown up with Dante. Ironically, Nicole’s been hanging out with Max all this time and thus, turned down the offer. Meanwhile, Adrian brought his brother home after bailing him out and Sandra scolded him again.

“You do believe that I did nothing wrong, right?” Andrew queried Adrian.

“I may be a burden as a son or a brother, but I’m definitely not a thief or a criminal.”

“Do you think I would have bailed you out if I didn’t believe you?” Andrew replied.

“We may live simply, but our family has honour. That, I can assure you.”

Monica ran into Nicole in town and she was dumbfounded when she found her in the company of Max again. She confronted him about it and Nicole got all sarcastic about the matter, even as Monica tried to make her see that Max did not really l0ve her.

A war of words ensued and when Max tried to butt in, Monica shuts him up and told Nicole not to come crying to her again when “that man hurts her again.”

Adrian suddenly showed up at the production shoot in Daet and the team gladly welcomed him, Monica exclusive. While Nicole made breakfast for Max and his buddies at the Gonzales residence, Adrian strived to apologise to Monica for his behaviour before but she somewhat ignored him and treated him with indifference.

In the meantime, Max catched a glimpse of Audrey in town and soon learnt from one of his buddies how Max had reportedly broken up with her through text.

Max begged to differ, evidently confused. Nicole arrived home to find the house deserted and all her attempts to reach Max on phone proved futile. Later that night in Daet, Adrian had a talk with John about his falling out with Monica, conflicted with his feelings for her.

Back in the city, Audrey was in attendance of a wedding when Max suddenly showed up and asked that they talk. Audrey tried to ignore and walk out on him but Max held her back and assured her that she was the only one he l0ved. As he hugged her, Nicole appeared and looked on in disbelief.


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