The Legal Wife Episode 8

The Legal Wife Episode 8 Monica meets Dante after 15years, Adrian cries over Miguel’s relationship with Monica

Nicole came to meet Max speaking to Audrey in an attempt to win her over. She distracted them and launch an insult on Audrey for abandoning Max. Max pulled her aside and tried to persuade not to do what she was doing since he could not command his heart to l0ve her.

Nicole thought everything was going on well between them as she was the one who embraced him and helped him get over Audrey when she abandoned him but Max seemed not to be over Audrey.

Audrey stepped in and tried to make Nicole ashamed of herself. Nicole sulked and went to a bar to drink her frustrations out. She had a company and the boy wondered the reason behind Nicole’s broken heart. He found her $exy but Nicole vent her anger on him and hit him and other men with her hand bag and termed them as Womanisers and users.

In Daet, Adrian tried to make up for his mistakes. He begged Monica and thanked her for being such a great friend to him. Nicole now realised that she was just a friend to Adrian reason he behaved that way to her. Adrian wondered why she was saying that and he confessed to like her. He asked for her permission to court her.

Monica said it was a free country so he could do whatever he liked and Adrian took that as a yes. As Monica ran to her room to think about Adrian, Nicole also rushed to the ladies to throw up and called Monica to talk to her unfortunately, she could not reach her friend.

Nicole was later found drank in her misery and was rushed to the hospital by her grandpa and the maid. The next day, Monica stepped out of her room to find Adrian standing there. Since he told her he was courting her, he made it a mandate to always watch over her and took the items she was holding.

They went to Daet beach and they bought 3kilos of tuna. Monica had a call from Miguel but she failed to receive it and this excited Adrian. Adrian received a call from his mother, after it, he escorted Monica to her mother’s for friend and gave them the items. There, she learnt that Dante was once there and bent his hut down, he left and never returned.

Monica and Adrian left the place and the latter asked Monica who Dante was and Monica said he was her father. Later, Monica realised that she left her hand bag at where they went and Adrian chose to go for the bag. As he went, he discovered the secret that the couple was keeping and asked someone around about Dante Ramos but the person did not know the man in question.

“Excuse me why are you looking for Dante Ramos?” Dante who was working nearby asked Adrian.

Meanwhile, Javier scolded Javi for the set back Vita Sardines was facing and Javi explained that he was not useless as he was doing everything possible and even couldn’t follow the JJ&P staff to Daet for the advert that they were shooting.

“Daet ?” Javier questioned in anguish.

“Monica is in Daet?”

“Make her come home!”

Adrian returned with Monica’s hand bag and after the shooting, they visited Dante and Monica who was astonished to meet her dad hugged him. Javier was upset at Eloisa when he went home and did not like the idea that Monica was in Daet. Eloisa asked Javier how could they gon on if he could not forget about the past.

Nicole woke up and was still mentioning Max’s but Graps was astonished to see her in that situation. In Daet, Dante ushered Monica to his room and served her but Monica did not eat. Dante said although it had been 15 years but things were just like yesterday and he still viewed her like the small girl that he carried around. He asked her whether she was happy in the Santiago’s mansion and she said yes.

Once they left there, the staff of JJ&P grilled some fishes and Adrian together with Monica used that moment to bond. They made l0ve at the beach. Soon Javi called Monica to get back home.

Elsewhere, Nicole told Graps that she would start working the next day but Eduardo did not like the idea, leading Nicole to rant out her frustrations that she was used to living alone while Eduardo said he did not raise her to become like her mother and advised her to get rid of Max from her heart.

Meanwhile, Javi got home and Thirdy brought his giraffe drawing for him to see. He yelled on him to go to sleep as the boy was insisting on him, he screamed out for Gwen to put him to sleep. The next day, Miguel showed up in Daet and got to see Monica.

He later ordered food for all the staff and Adrian who felt jealous came to serve Monica. Miguel told Monica that Javier said she would return that day and asked him to send her home so they would take a chopper.

At Vita Sardines, Javi talked to the workers to settle the problem that the company was facing but the workers had no belief in his words and some even planned to quit working there. Javi got home to find Thirdy crying that he would not go to his Tae Kwan Do Class and he forced the boy compelling Gwen to intervene that he was hurting the child.

Monica later packed her things and refused to take the chopper that Miguel offered. As Miguel was insisting to go with him, Adrian came in to stop him from forcing Monica. Monica chose to go with the van that the staff went to Daet with and begged Miguel to respect her decision, adding that she would explain to her father once she got home.

She then arrived home to find Miguel’s father there. Miguel also showed up and told her that if she had taken the chopper with him she would arrived hours ago. Monica asked of her leave and Javier whispered to ask why she did not want to entertain Miguel and she complained that she was tired.

As they were leaving, Miguel’s father asked him what he saw on Monica that he was head over heels for her. Miguel said Monica was $exy and smart and would surely win her over by hook or crook so Mr Zapanta wished his son good luck.

Elsewhere, Nicole was upset with their work and she got on the nerve of her male worker as they have had enough of her but Rowena understood the plight of Nicole. Adrian bumped into Andrew betting with friends and he got upset with him for not listening to him. He sacked him and later drank with his mother as he was so down.

He confessed to his mother that a woman that he was interested in was also being pursued by another man. Sandra saw that as lust but realised her son was really interested in the girl as Adrian was sure about his feelings and had not introduced any woman to her before.

“My son is in l0ve now!” she cried

“Cheers! ! !”


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