The Legal Wife Episode 9

The Legal Wife Episode 9 Monica, Nicole rekindle their friendship, Miguel ensnares Adrian over Monica

Gwen descended down the stairs to inform Javi that Thirdy was asleep but was scared with how he acted. Javi asked her if she had a problem with how he disciplined his child, though uncomfortable with her husband’s behaviour but she had to accept that everything he was doing was right.

At the Santiago mansion, Eloisa pleaded with Monica for Javier sending Miguel after her in Daet. Monica told her mother that she saw Dante and age was catching up with him but he was strong.

Javier who was eavesdropping heard that and got upset. He left to his room while Eloisa and Monica kept on with their chitchat. Eloisa told Monica to stop talking about Dante for the sake of her father. They quit that chat and at work, Monica sent her usual cup cakes and Adrian distributed them.

At Jay Pineda Event, Rowena told Nicole that the clients requirements were impressed by how she organised the event. Nicole then told Rowena to talk to Anton to review his resignation. Rowena believed that Anton made a hasty decision and she believed he did not mean to resign and accepted to talk to him.

She served Nicole some food and Nicole was sorry for her earlier actions. She admitted that she had been pushing off those who really cared about her and embraced those who actually did not care about her. She said she was always alone but Rowena beg to differ as she has her, her grandpa and Monica.

Nicole doubted if she still had Monica. Meanwhile, Monica had texted her several times to have a talk with her but she refused to respond. At work, a colleague of Monica made fun of her, saying she could tell she was now into Adrian so she needed her permission to also be with Miguel.

“He is all yours,” Monica smiled.

Later, Max and Audrey came to meet Nicole at an event and the latter made them believe she no longer cared about them. She said the two deserved eachother and left. Adrian asked of his leave to carry on with his part time job and was able to sell a salon car with his persuasive selling strategy.

He later went on a lunch with Monica and promised to go to a fancy restaurant with her once he got enough money. Miguel called Monica but she failed to receive it. At Vita Sardines, Javi assured the board that he had plans in line to revamp the company.

The board was still no convinced with the marketing strategy Javi has put in place. Javi made it clear that he had an alternative plan should the commercials failed to work. That night, Monica and Nicole met. Each presented a gift to say sorry to the other.

Monica then told Nicole about Dante and gave her a chit bearing the address of where she could find Dante. She also told her about Adrian and Nicole was really happy for her friend. Nicole advised Monica to gather the courage to tell Miguel’s her actual feelings about him.

As they went on their separate ways, Nicole threw away the chit but took it back even though she made Monica know that she would visit Dante in her own convenience. Edward arrived and said sorry to Nicole for abandoning her. He believed his acts stemmed from abandoning her mother but once Nicole was hospitalised, he was scared of losing another l0ved one.

He said he was not in support of Nicole’s mother going after Dante, reason he disowned her till he heard she has passed away and searched for Nicole. Graps was hurt that his daughter d!ed without forgiving him. Nicole assured that her mother had no bad memories about him and meant no grudge.

Adrian and Monica went out while in the Santiago’s mansion, the nanny expressed her resentment towards Miguel and wondered why he kept bringing Eloisa gifts. She felt that Miguel wanted to buy Monica but Eloisa said she wouldn’t allow that besides Monica was brave than her and would fight for what she actually wanted.

Monica got home and met her father drinking with Miguel and she asked of her leave but Javier called her to join them but she refused. She had no option than to join the family for dinner. Miguel presented her with a chain, a gift he bought for her but she did not accept.

Javier who was not impressed by Monica’s act told the Eloisa and Jasper that Miguel had something to tell them and the gentleman made his point clear by asking permission to court Monica. He asked Eloisa and the woman said it was solely Monica’s decision to accept him or not but Javier objected.

As Miguel left, Javier queried Monica the man she has been seeing as Javier had been telling him that when he went to Daet she was with a man, at the office too she was with a man and she admitted.

She told her father that she did not like Miguel. Meanwhile, Nicole deleted all the photos of Max and thought about the moment they shared together. Later, Miguel met with Adrian at his workplace and gave him a job and told him the job was to challenge him to boost his résumé. Adrian accepted the challenge and Miguel told him to bring his proposal the next day.

Later, Monica met Adrian and she tried to brush off the idea of him doing what Miguel asked of him but Adrian was bent on doing it. He did not want Miguel to feel that he defeated him for him to keep acting arrogant.

That evening, Miguel bumped into Monica outside the Santiagos mansion to give her a bouquet. Once again Monica refused so Miguel asked whether she was acting that way due to Adrian and she said no, she was doing that due to herself. Miguel reminded her that he was doing everything possible while there were other girls running after him.

Monica told him to go after those girls instead and left. Miguel threw the flowers at Samboi and told him to give it to Monica. Samboi told Monica that he did not like Miguel but liked Adrian. He then asked if Monica has accepted Adrian and she said no, she wanted the advert of Vita Sardines to come out first for the problem of their company to solve first.

Elsewhere, Nicole, Rowena and Anton went out to have fun. She later saw Adrian who was playing a game at a bar. He has scattered things and Nicole slipped on them and fell. Adrian went to help her up and she had a talk with him to know his problem. Adrian said his mind was stuck and Nicole said she used to have such a problem but she surpassed it.

Adrian seemed to like her and he once again said sorry to her. Nicole then left.


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