The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 11-15

The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 11-15 Monica and Adrian give birth to a son, Max begins to work with Dante to ruin the Santiagos

Adrian is rushed to the hospital after Miguel’s beating. Sandra asks Monica to give her son a break but the lady and Adrian make their entry in the Santiagos’ mansion leading to an altercation between Javier and Adrian.

Miguel issues a threat to Monica to have her by hook or crook and uses the near-bankruptcy of Vita Sardines to blackmail her into accepting him. Unable to accept the fact that her father has taken drastic measures at her expense, a devastated Monica seeks Adrian’s presence to ease her suffering and pain.

After discovering what has happened to his girlfriend, Adrian runs to Monica’s side to get her away from her family especially from her father. Soon, his overflowing l0ve for Monica drives Adrian to come up with a decision that will surprise the young woman.

Meanwhile, grief takes over Nicole when her grandfather passes away. Monica and Adrian decide to take their relationship to the next level by uniting themselves in marriage. The newly weds soon face Javier to formally tell him about their wedding.

However, Javier fails to hide his dismay about his daughter’s revelation and even reaches a point of disowning her. Monica and Adrian manage to keep the passion alive as they share harmonious relationship as husband and wife.

Soon, the couple is blessed with a son. However, despite living a good life with his family, Monica remains doubtful if she is ready to face her father after all these years. Nicole on the other hand returns to the country to settle her unfinished business regarding her grandfather’s assets.

As Monica plans to go to an award, her son Bunjoy falls sick from food poisoning. She soon reunites with Javier during his birthday party while Adrian and Nicole work together. Javi’s decision to sell off Vita Sardines to Max triggers a bad response in his father at the birthday event, leading Monica to worry about her father’s health.

Javier scolds Javi for making decisions behind his back. He vehemently refuses to sell the legacy of his father to Max. Unknown to Javi, Dante is the one behind the buying of Vita as Max is working for him.

Dante is hell-bent on taking revenge on Javier to take back Monica and Eloisa and also wants Javier to bow before him and beg him. Nicole keeps being cold to Adrian and fails to allow Adrian pass a night in her mansion even when the workers allowed him.

The next day, Adrian continues his work with Nicole after sleeping in his car. There is a heavy storm that night when Adrian sleeps in his car so Nicole took pity on him and usher’s him inside the house and the two later begin to get along. Jasper decides to quit working with Vida and proposes Monica as replacement.

Although Javi did not agree but Javier sees Monica as an option so Javi has no choice than to seek for the help of his sister to develop Vita Sardines. Monica later comes up with a well crafted strategy which Javier has no doubt in.

Dante soon discovers Nicole’s secret and tries to become father to his lost but found daughter but Nicole fails to accept him. He even attempts to buy the properties which Nicole is selling, Nicole comes up with a lie. Rowena tries to make Nicole surpass her challenges and sends her to a restaurant to ask her to call Monica.

Nicole reveals to Rowena that she and Monica are no longer friends. As Monica comes to meet Gwen in the same restaurant where Nicole and Rowena are, Gwen shows her bruises from Javi’s beatings and she is ready to divorce him.

Monica in a washroom finds a watch that belongs to Nicole and she begins a search for her.


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