The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 21-25

The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 21-25 Nicole and Adrian give in to their feelings, Monica suspects Adrian of cheating

Adrian and Monica have a misunderstanding over Javier’s rejection of Idea Factory’s proposal on Eloisa’s dry fish. Javier is disappointed and scolds Monica for her husband’s inability to stand criticism and threatens to get a new advertising agency.

Monica tries to make Adrian sees her dad as a client but Adrian knows Javier is intentionally doing that to prove that he is not fit for his daughter.

Due to the family problems, Adrian resolves to drinking. Finding out about her friend and Adrian’s problem, Nicole talks to Adrian to make peace with his wife.

Fast forward, Max assures Dante of the progress he has made in buying shares from most of the shareholders of Vita Sardines. Meanwhile, Javier and Monica celebrate since the strategy of Monica is working and Vita is exceeding target.

Nicole has shot down the hopes of Dante in managing Infinity Sardines as she resolves in building a resort. She takes a loan from Dante and seeks Monica’s approval to travel with Adrian to put up the resort building. There, Nicole runs a fever and Adrian becomes her caretaker.

Nicole finds herself clinging to Adrian and has already fallen for him. She tries hard to fight herself from fallen for her best friend’s husband but to no avail. Monica and Bunjoy arrive at the resort after Monica had bad feelings of something unfortunate happening.

Smelling the fishy act of Max, Monica enlists the help of Nicole to find the contact of a family member of Max to discover from the mother of Max that he did not inherit anything. Monica confronts Max for his lies only to find out that Dante is behind the act.

Out of disbelief, Monica storms the house of the Ramos but fails to utter a word, leaving Dante to believe she has a problem with Nicole. Soon, the truth unfolds itself and Monica is stuck between choosing her biological father and the man who she grows to believe him as her father.

After dusting up with Monica, Nicole finds Dante drunk and tries to help him but the man sacks Nicole. He confronts Nicole with the painful truth that he only needs Monica and Eloisa in his life not her.

This did not go down well with Nicole. Adrian has also been telling Monica to disassociate herself from the feud. Since Monica chooses not to abandon her father, Adrian is also upset and seeks comfort from Nicole.

Finding Nicole in solitude as she weeps her frustrations out due to Dante, both Adrian and Nicole drink till they got wasted and make l0ve. The two end up in a room, having $ex together. Elsewhere, at the resort, Monica bumps into someone who says Nicole and Adrian are out of the place, she goes home and did not find Adrian.

Monica then resigns from Vita Sardines to be closer to her husband. Dante’s words against Nicole begin to eat him. He apologises for his action. As Nicole is striving to keep her distance from the De Villas, Monica seeks her help to put Digna, a high school mate of Adrian from getting close to her husband.

Nicole keeps fighting to maintain her friendship with Monica but an offer from waterfalls gets her closer to Adrian. Elsewhere, Jasper advises Monica against her negative thoughts about Adrian. He refrained her from reading from books that talks about the ways and acts of cheating husband.

Monica now makes her mind to read a book on how to be a good wife instead of acting paranoid. After Nicole rejects his calls, Adrian goes to the Ramos mansion to find Nicole unconscious. He saves her from the fire which gutted parts of the fabrics in her room. Later, Nicole accept the proposal of waterfall but Rowena is against it, since that will get her closer to Adrian.

Elsewhere, Javi is able to get in touch with Gwen through video chat and begs her to return home but she turns him down. Meanwhile, Jasper seeks his father and mother’s permission to stay on his own. Monica comes across Max who is now back to his old photography work.

Soon, Monica finds her husband in a compromising situation with Nicole. She struggles to fine tune her mind as she believes Nicole can never hits on her husband.


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