The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 26-30

The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 26-30 Adrian engages in an illicit affair with Nicole, Monica discovers her husband’s mistress

Still unhappy about the change in her husband, Monica goes to Yoga classes with her best friend in order to be in shape for her husband. In his bid to win Eloisa and Monica over, Dante hires Javi to occupy the vacant position left by Nicole. The news takes the Santiagos by surprise.

With the help of Max, Javier makes a surprise visit to Dante’s favourite coffee shop where Dante makes a joyous remarks of taking Javi from him.

The Waterfall company prepares a surprise dinner for Nicole and Adrian. Upon meeting up, Adrian is gushed about the beauty of Nicole and can’t get her out of his head.

Elsewhere, Monica plans a surprise party to celebrate the success her husband has chalked as a marketer but Adrian is enjoying his date with Nicole. All attempts by Monica to reach him fails. Javier uses that opportunity to request Monica to return to Vita Sardines to prove Javi wrong.

Realising, the messages Monica has sent, Adrian rushes to the gathering his wife prepares for him. Sensing the change in Adrian’s behaviour, Javier leaves a word of caution to Monica.

Nicole returns home to find an unpleasant surprise. While having a meeting with Adrian she blows the news about Javi working for her dad. Putting his dinner date with Nicole under wraps, least did he know that Monica has received a tip on it. She tells her husband about Javier’s request to make her work at Vita.

Adrian agrees to it much to Monica’s dismay. This intensifies Monica’s doubts on her husband. After refusing Javier’s offer, Monica seeks Javi’s help in order to make him return to Vita but her senior brother is bent on revenging Javier for replacing him with Monica.

Finding it difficult to comprehend why her husband is changing perfumes, Monica also seeks professional touch to look $exy and classy to catch her husband’s eyes.

Soon, Nicole goes on a date with Marco. Adrian together with his wife who are also out on a date meet Marco. While Monica is happy for her friend to be hooking up with a prospective boyfriend, Adrian is fuming with jealousy.

Later, Adrian changes the ad works of Nicole as a sign of jealousy and finally let it out. He warns Nicole to stop going out on a date, she should also not hang out with any man and he k!$$es her. Nicole slaps Adrian and turns him down, clinging to the hopes of being a good friend to Monica by not hurting her.

However, a hearty confession of Dante to Ruby tears the heart of Nicole apart. She then embraces Adrian as a retaliation. Meanwhile, Adrian informs Bradley about the quick sand he has fallen into and admits his feelings for Nicole after their affair.

Receiving a message from the woman she is yearning for, Adrian wastes no time to meet up with Nicole to have an affair with her. The relationship grows and Adrian runs the two women together. He lies to his wife just to have a vacation with Nicole. He soon, comes home to meet a surprise Monica has prepared for him for their anniversary.

Dante does not slow down in fighting for Eloisa and delivers a bouquet to surprise Eloisa. Realising the gift comes from his rival, Javier get it thrown away in fury. Monica on the other hand, gains Max who has slowly getting closer to her family a project.

While she embarks on a journey to Costa Escaparse with some clients to break the news, she stumbles on her besty and husband going for a trip but Adrian tells her lies that they are returning home.

At Costa Escaparse, Max discovers Adrian and Nicole little secret while snapping pictures one midnight. He later makes the two l0vers know what he knows about them, sending a warning tone for the two to lie low with their illicit affair.

Fast forward, Monica breaks her bracelet which Adrian gives her as her anniversary gift. She sends it to the shop where Adrian bought it only to discover that Adrian bought a necklace along with it. Seeing sample of the necklace, Monica digs much deeper into finding who Adrian gave it to.

Elsewhere, Rowena gifts Nicole a book on how to be a good mistress. Adrian finds himself in hot waters when Monica tails him and confronts him on having a girlfriend. The Santiago family begins to drift apart as Eloisa once again packs out since her children are all gone.

Monica tries to make Javier see the need to apologise to his family but Javier remains adamant and advises Monica to concentrate on her husband because he saw in Adrian a filthy Magot, reason he objected her relationship with him.

As she receives advise from Jasper to calm her nerves, the Bikini shoot out project at the resort of Costa Escaparse makes Monica to wake up to a painful discovery of the mistress in her husband’s life.


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