The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 29-33

The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 29-33 Monica beats Nicole for her illicit affair with Adrian, Nicole commits suicide

At Costa Escaparse, Max discovers Adrian and Nicole little secret while snapping pictures one midnight. He later makes the two l0vers know what he knows about them, sending a warning tone for the two to lie low with their illicit affair.

Fast forward, Monica breaks her bracelet which Adrian gives her as her sixth anniversary gift. She sends it to the shop where Adrian bought it only to discover that Adrian bought a necklace along with it. Seeing sample of the necklace, Monica digs much deeper into finding who Adrian gave it to.

Elsewhere, Rowena gifts Nicole a book on how to be a good mistress. Adrian finds himself in hot waters when Monica tails him and confronts him on having a girlfriend. The Santiago family begins to drift apart as Eloisa once again packs out since her children are all gone.

Monica tries to make Javier see the need to apologise to his family but Javier remains adamant and advises Monica to concentrate on her husband since he saw in Adrian a filthy Margot, reason he objected her relationship with him.

As she receives advise from Jasper to calm her nerves, the Bikini shoot out project at the resort of Costa Escaparse wakes Monica up to a painful discovery of the mistress in her husband’s life.

Joining the pieces together, Monica concludes that her best friend is the other woman and cries. Nicole and Adrian can’t find Monica at the function so Adrian becomes worry and confront Nicole for revealing herself as the owner of the necklace.

Elsewhere, Dante pays a surprise visit to Eloisa at Jasper’s condo to ask her to return to him but Eloisa denies him that chance.

In the midst of their worry, Monica rolls out an elaborate plan to catch the two and her trap caught them, leading her to make an attempt on the lives of her husband and best friend by running them over.

Surprised to see his wife’s desperate attempt on his life, Adrian races with time to reach home to settle his issue with Monica but Monica slaps him multiple times to wake him up to reality. While Adrian chooses her over Nicole, Monica prefers he views Nicole as a dead person in his life.

Adrian then meet Nicole to call it a quit. Realising her once best friend is avoiding her, Monica in fury storms the Ramos mansion but meets her friend’s absence. She then goes to Idea Factory in search of Adrian. This makes Kelly realises there is a problem between the couple.

Soon, Nicole packs her things to leave the Ramos mansion but receives surprise beatings as she bumps into Monica in the living room. Nicole admits that she felt jealous of Monica, pointing the fact that her best friend has everything including her own biological father’s l0ve and she could not contain it, hence her actions and says sorry to Monica.

Elsewhere, Jasper storms the house of the De Villas to fight Adrian for betraying his sister after she even abandons her family to prove her l0ve to him.

The news about the illicit affair spreads like a wild fire as Dante returns to Eloisa to enlists her help in solving the problem between Nicole and Monica but this leads to an altercation between Javier and Dante.

Realising his daughter still l0ves Adrian, Javier provides a shoulder for her to lean on. She saw Monica in his shoes when the homewrecker, Dante and Eloisa betrayed him. He comforts Monica and advises her to fight for her family.

Monica now monitors every movement of her husband to prevent him from seeing Nicole. Adrian feeling so suffocated his marriage voices out to Bradley how Monica is becoming a torment.

Nicole attempts to commit suicide. Hearing his flame is rushed to the hospital, Adrian secretly seeks Bradley’s help to check on the health of his flame. Not ready to leave any stone unturned, Monica rushes to pick a fight with Nicole for trying to seek her husband’s attention.

The fight between the once best friend becomes so intense that Marco discovers the deeds of Nicole. Meeting in a bawl, Monica picks a fight with Nicole and spreads the deeds of Nicole to everyone. Nicole then gathers courage to reciprocate the fight Monica has brought to her door step in a new plan that will leave Monica in a disadvantage.


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