The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 34-38

The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 34-38 Nicole is pregnant for Adrian, Monica plans to travel to Canada with Adrian

Monica keeps acting up at a business meeting. This in turn makes the client believe she is pregnant. Later, Javier makes Monica choose a dress for the upcoming charity bawl and Max brings the invitation of the bawl to her.

Seeing Monica deeply wounded by the betrayal, Max then comes clean and even shows pictures of Adrian and Nicole’s affair to her. With the help of Rowena, Nicole also picks a similar dress to Monica with same green colour.

Aware of Nicole’s presence at the bawl, Monica acts paranoid, leading Nicole to fight back to teach Monica a lesson. Marco, the date of Nicole is perplexed to see the two friends inciting eachother with Max asking Nicole to back off.

The organiser who happens to know Adrian replaces him with the model who is supposed to stand for the bidding.

Seeing this as punch to hit Monica, Nicole offers 200,000 pesos for Adrian’s mask after a stiff bidding with Monica and she is made to spend the night with Adrian.

Meanwhile, Eloisa and Javier patch things up. Javier heeds to an advice to give Adrian a chance for Monica to fix her marriage. As part of the bawl rules for winning the bidding, Nicole uses that opportunity to confirm from Adrian his actual feelings for her.

Making Adrian realises that she did have a genuine intentions about him, Monica stumbles on Adrian and Nicole. Out of jealousy, she throws her purse at Nicole for not slowing down after everything she did to her by sleeping with her husband.

Irritated by the act of Monica, Nicole spills out that she did not only eat her husband’s piece of cake, they made l0ve. Monica slaps her, unknown to them, some patrons shoot the confrontation and it begins to trend on Twitter with various news articles that put Nicole at disadvantage as a Waterfall Hair shampoo ambassador.

Monica grows more paranoid each day and keeps an eye on her husband to monitor his every movement. Realising Adrian has changed his password, she uses the vulnerability of Adrian against him to obtain the password.

Monica then sets a tracker on her husband’s phone to check his whereabouts whenever he steps out. Adrian cries out to Bradley how his wife has stopped trusting him and always on his throat monitoring his every movement to frustrate his life.

Soon, Andrew breaks his legs. Sandra enlists Monica’s help and uses that opportunity to beg Monica to forgive her husband. Nicole has delayed menstruation and goes to MC Carthy a hospital which Adrian is.

Believing the two betrayers are together, Monica acts so upset but Adrian returns home with a necklace with inscription Adrian from where he went. This makes Monica develop a level of trust in him but she promised herself not to be complacent for Nicole to take her by surprise.

She then begins to sabotage Nicole but her plans backfires leading one of Idea Factory’s prestigious client to end their ad contract with the agency. Monica returns to the office after a scuffle with Nicole to vent her anger on Adrian.

Adrian had enough as he reaches his limit. He goes to a bar to drink. Being compelled by his wife to take action to bring the family together, Javier pleads with Javi to return to Vita but the latter refuses so Javier throws his pride aside to talk with Dante to relieve his son of his post.

Nicole then receives a call from a bartender and she goes to Adrian’s aid. Monica tries to make Bunjoy fall asleep and follow the tracker to the hotel which Adrian is lodged. A confrontation ensued when Monica stumbles on Nicole. She accuses Adrian for involving himself with Nicole and all explanation fall into a deaf ear.

Monica confides in her father and Javier teaches her key of l0ve a endless forgiveness. He urges her to forgive her husband but Monica rather separated from Adrian to come up with a better solution for their marriage.

Elsewhere, Javi finds himself in hot waters as he gets sued for contaminating the foods of Infinity. Bunjoy begins to pick a fight at school and his grades drop so his teacher meets with the De Villas to talk to them in solving their marital problems. The couple then begin to act right to turn things around.

As they make plans to seek a councilor’s help to make their marriage work again, Adrian discovers a shocking secret that might throws his family apart. He quickly acknowledges his responsibility to father the child Nicole is carrying but Nicole wants something else.

A client had a hearty talk with Monica concerning separating from her husband. Citing herself as an example, she maintained her husband despite his short comings and urges Monica to keep her marriage irrespective.

Adrian finds himself in a dilemma. He is torn between following Nicole to pregnancy workshop or to follow his legal wife to counseling. He finally makes a decision that puts Nicole at disadvantage.

In making up for Bunjoy, Monica decides to make her husband lives in the house with them. However, Adrian conflicts between telling his wife about the pregnancy of Nicole at the moment or to wait for a convenient time to do it.

Dante fails to heed to Monica’s advise not to sue Javi. He shows up at a celebration of Vita Sardines success meeting with stakeholders to fight Javier over Eloisa. Eloisa later turns her anger on Javier for not exercising patience.

After patching things up, Monica proposes to her husband they leave to Canada to start afresh. Adrian then meets Nicole to straighten things up with her for the sake of their unborn child before he flies off to Canada.


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