The Legal Wife Highlights Finale Episode 43-47

The Legal Wife Highlights Finale Episode 43-47 Nicole repents after Monica saves Jacob’s life, Dante finally becomes the father Nicole wanted, Monica builds Adrian’s hopes high in getting together after their break up

Adrian has the chance to spend time with his estranged family but gets pissed off by Max’ presence which makes him violate the agreement he had with Monica concerning the time she will come for the kids.

After the estranged couple fight over the kids, Monica proceeds to a lawyer to seek legal redress to annul her marriage. She begins to face a challenge since she has to prove to court that Adrian is psychologically incapacitated and also a pathological liar.

Using lies to get her marriage annuled is the only option left since the court will not grant her divorce for just her husband cheating. This fortifies the strength of her estranged husband and he fails to attend the meeting with the psychologist.

Hell-bent on using the illegitimate son of Adrian as the proof of his infidelity, Monica is ready to go to any length to cut ties with Adrian and her former best friend. She informs the Sorkins and Sheldon boss about her intentions to quit her job to return to the United States.

She is told to wait for a replacement of her position as the country director before she can go back to the state. Elsewhere, Vince and Japer make plans to organise the 48th anniversary ceremony to celebrate Javier and Eloisa. With the advice of Vince, Jasper enlists Monica’s help to organise the party.

Nicole stumbles on Monica and she warns her to quit stressing Adrian up but Monica did not give any attention to her. Later, Adrian goes for his children and send them to a resort. Nicole also goes there with her illegitimate child, making it difficult for Adrian.

This compels Adrian to take drastic moves to come clean to Bunjoy. As Dante opens the case of Javi, the Junior Santiago arrives in Philippines but various scandals bring Infinity Sardines to its knees.

The lawyers of Dante propose he sells off his shares before it collapses. Seeing the news on how Javier and Eloisa are excelling with the Tuyong brand of Vita Sardines, Dante takes desperate measures to finally end his feud with his mortal enemy, Javier.

Elsewhere, Monica pursues her divorce with Adrian but her estranged husband is not willing to give up the fight for his wife to secure the future of his children.

Realising Adrian is not slowing down in his quest to maintain his marriage, Nicole tries to irritate Monica to indirectly compel her to divorce Adrian even if Adrian doesn’t approve it. She confronts Monica for playing the victim of the story and refers to her former best friend as attention seeker.

Monica visits her usual salon and her husband once again becomes the topic. She is urged to give him tough time that will make Adrian still sees her as the hot cake he lost.

Dante visits Nicole to inform her about the situation of Infinity. He discloses that some of his shares have been put in Nicole and Jacob’s name. Seeing her father in his down turn, Nicole pledges to help revive the Sardine company and seeks the campaign assistance of Sorkins and Sheldon which Adrian bounces it.

Fast forward, the Santiangos organise the 48th anniversary ceremony to celebrate Javier and his spouse, Eloisa. During the celebration, Javi is outdoor as the new CEO of Vita Sardines since Javier announces his retirement from the industry.

As the celebration comes to its tail end, Javier receives an unwanted guest who sends him to a remote bush to execute his vile plans against the Santiagos’ head. He compels Javier to apologise for everything he did against him.

To instill peace, Javier apologises for attempting to k!ll him and also to take his wife and daughter from him but Dante is still unsatisfied and makes his g√n ready to shoot him.

At the verge of his atrocious act, Adrian who followed him to the place shows up to stop Dante but the gun accidentally fires and hits Javier. Dante runs away from the crime scene.

With the help of Adrian, Javier survives and Monica thanked her estranged husband for saving her father. Soon, Eloisa begs Javier for all the pains she has caused him, for eloping with a man togetherness with their kid.

She knows she is at the centre of the misfortune that has befallen on her family and wishes Monica will find happiness like she and Javier. Fortune begins to smile at Max as his photo exhibition attracts the attention of an investor who employs him into his company outside the country.

He relays the good news to Monica. Hoping Monica will stop him from leaving, she rather urges him to embrace that bigger opportunity. Monica praises Max as finally his hard work has paid of. She encourages him to find happiness once he travels and build his life.

Seeing the two together, Adrian is consumed with jealousy and tells Bradley he will never accept the divorce. However, Bradley advised him to set Monica free to be happy with whoever she chooses to be happy with if only he l0ves her.

Rowena on the other hand, tries to wake Nicole up to reality that Adrian is fighting for his wife and she is a mere mistress who is not needed anymore. At work, Monica declares to Adrian that she will be going back to the United States but will not repeat her mistake of not allowing him to see his children.

Later, Adrian visits Nicole to apologise for not giving her the l0ve and happiness, she has been seeking for. He also declares intentions of granting Monica the divorce. Nicole hopes he will reconsider her since she is the one by his side when Monica abandons him.

Adrian reminds her of their earlier agreement to coparent Jacob. Max invites Nicole out to talk to her to find a better person in life. He believes Nicole deserves better and tells her about his new job outside the country. Elsewhere, Adrian informs Sandra about his plans of not pursuing the affidavit he filed to contest the annulment case.

Sandra assures him that he will never be alone. At the precinct, Javier hinders the police in their investigation about the person who shot him. He fails to file a case against Dante. Eloisa urges Javier to file the case if he thinks it will help the situation since she can disclose the hideout of Dante but Javier refuses.

As Dante recalls all the time he shares with Eloisa and Monica in the secret base, Eloisa arrives there and he begs for forgiveness for everything he has been doing against her and Javier. Eloisa believes Dante did it out of l0ve and advises him to move on with his daughter and grandson.

Elsewhere, Rowena is put to labour in her banter with Nicole to make her think of getting over Adrian. Adrian bumps into Monica to announce to her that he is finally setting her free and has granted the annulment. Monica corrects him that she sets herself free and not Adrian who did that. Adrian returns his ring to Monica and left in tears.

As, Monica tells her father about her annulment and trip to the United States, Javier asks for forgiveness for contributing to the collapse of Monica’s marriage and prays she gets true happiness she deserves.

Soon, a devastating news breaks about Adrian. This makes Nicole and Monica fight over who is supposed to be with Adrian. With the help of Sandra, Monica use her position as a legal wife to throw Nicole out.

However, Nicole reminds her that Adrian has already granted the divorce she was seeking and she lost her right as legal wife the very day she abandons Adrian.

Later in the house, Dante tries to make amends for all his short coming as a father but Nicole reminds him of how she has become horrible in life all due to him.

Nicole enlists the help of a cleaner to get close to Adrian after her plea to Monica to allow her see Adrian falls on deaf ears. She then receives the green light she has been waiting for.

Adrian has finally woken up from his comatose state by the sound of Monica’s charming words on how he brought happiness into her life and how she wants her
children to remember him. To Monica, Martina inherits Adrian’s courage and friendliness while Bunjoy takes Adrian’s creativity.

Nicole races to see Adrian but Adrian is not enthused to see her since he is relying on his weak state to get him close to Monica for them to comeback together. Nicole cries all her entrails out for Adrian to take pity on her to choose her and Jacob instead of Monica.

Least did Nicole know that her son is trapped inside her car outside the hospital. She receives a call from the nanny concerning Jacob which makes her races out to check on her son. she discovered that the boy almost d!ed from suffocation and shock.

She is surprised to learn that Monica is the one who saved Jacob and apologises for everything she did against her. Nicole makes a hard decision to return to Australia but Dante once again stops her.

He apologises for not being there for her ever since she was a kid and is now willing to be in her life as a father for them to raise Jacob together. Monica has a hearty talk with Eloisa and tells her how everyone is waiting for her to gets back to Adrian but holding the son of Nicole brought back all her pains and agony.

She later meets with Adrian to tell him about embarking on her trip to USA that weekend, they said final goodbye to eachother. Adrian admits he is at fault but will visit his children. Monica tears down to narrate how she never fails to leave Adrian’s sight but Adrian broke her heart into pieces and returns Adrian’s rings for him to keep them.

She believes some day they might marry again and this torch a new hope in Adrian that some day his ex-wife might forgive him to rekindle their broken marriage.


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