The real history of Ghana is the story of the Ashantis— Anokye Frimpong

The real history of Ghana is the story of the Ashantis— Anokye Frimpong

Popular historian, Yaw Anokye Frimpong has declared that the real history of Ghana is the story marking the Ashanti history.

According to him, the Ashantis were the only Ghanaian tribe which fought the Europeans more than five consecutive times and won the battle.

Speaking in an interview with Max Morning Agenda in Accra on Wednesday, the legal practitioner noted that the Ashantis made remarkable contributions to the history of the country that no other African countries were able to accomplish.

He cited the death of Sir Charles McCarthy, the governor of the British territories on the Gold Coast of West Africa who the Ashantis cut and secured his head.

“This is one of the greatest records in Ghana that set the country on the map. None of the African countries like South Africa, East Africa and the rest are able to defeat the whites in such a manner,” Anokye Frimpong noted.

He expressed the need to acknowledge and honour those who honour was due so that when another was able to accomplish something remarkable, others might equally laud them for it.

“Let’s honour those who honour is due them. You will never lose anything when you honour those people. You can’t bypass the Ashantis as far as African history is concerned. Even the whites have named children after them, talking of the Europeans, United States of America and the Caribbeans. We have Ashanti barracks in some places in Africa,” the lawyer stated.

Anokye Frimpong maintained that Ashantis deserved all the accolades for their profound contributions to the history of Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Source: www.spotonnews.net

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