The Stepdaughter Episode 13

The Stepdaughter Episode 13 Isabelle pays a servant to make life unbearable for Luisa in the Salvadors’ mansion

After Isabelle kicked her father out of his own house, Daphne advised Isabelle against her action. She made Isabelle realised that the only way to get rid of Luisa was to accept her in the house, adding that it was the right thing to do.

She therefore urged Isabelle to let Hernan return home. Hernan went to Luisa’s house t reveal his fight with Isabelle concerning their marriage. He was envious that Luisa had managed to sort things out with Mayumi, something he had not been able to do with Isabelle. Mayumi offered to stay on the couch so that Hernan could sleep with Luisa but he refused to make her uncomfortable.

Hernan rather slept on the couch to make Mayumi sleep with Luisa for the last time.
When they were having breakfast in the morning, Daphne arrived to let Hernan know that she talked to Isabelle and managed to convince her to allow him stay in the house with Luisa.

Hernan was happy to hear it but Daphne made it clear that only Luisa was allowed to stay with them. Luisa wouldn’t agree to leave Mayumi behind but Mayumi said it was fine. She reasoned that it would be appropriate to let Isabelle get used to the situation first.
Mayumi and Sasha went with Luisa and Hernan to the Salvadors mansion.

Isabelle was not happy to see Mayumi and Mayumi made it clear to her that she wouldn’t be living with them. Hernan invited Mayumi and Sasha to lunch before she left. The comments Isabelle made during the meal made Mayumi suspect that Isabelle was only pretending to be okay with Hernan’s marriage. She warned Isabelle against doing anything to hurt Luisa.

After Mayumi left, Hernan introduced Luisa to the house staff and asked them to listen to her instructions since she was now his wife. One of them did not like Luisa sincy she was loyal to Brenda. Isabelle noticed and offered to give the housekeeper a raise if she made things difficult for Luisa in the house.

Mayumi arrived late at work and Francis teased her for being Hernan’s step daughter. Mayumi was sad that she would now be living alone and refused to have noodles with Francis and her friends. She gave Luisa a call when she got home and ate the food that Luisa left for her.

During breakfast the following day, Isabelle called Luisa’s food poisonous, claiming it was too greasy. She called the staff and asked them to throw the food away. She said she preferred more organic food, saying it was healthy. When Baby visited, she advised Luisa to find out the food Isabelle liked so that she could cook that for her.

Mayumi arrived late at a meeting and Isabelle embarrassed her infront of everyone. She accused Mayumi of taking advantage of her privilege as Hernan’s step daughter. Hernan spoke to Isabelle and told her not to talk that way to Mayumi.

Isabelle however said she wouldn’t be nice to Mayumi just because he married her mother especially since she was trying to steal Francis. Hernan now realised Francis was the reason Isabelle was fighting with Mayumi. He called Francis to his office and asked him if he had a relationship with Mayumi.

Francis said there was nothing them, they were just colleagues. Hernan apologised to Mayumi about what Isabelle did and asked her to be patient. Mayumi said she would handle the situation with Isabelle so that they could get along. Mayumi went to see Isabelle at her office and asked that they stop fighting.

Isabelle said they would not be related to each other for long. Luisa helped one of the house keepers with the laundry. Mayumi called and when she took the call, the house keeper who didn’t like her ruined the clothes in the washing machine by adding a coloured shirts.


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