The Stepdaughters Episode 14

The Stepdaughters Episode 14 A staff sabotages Luisa, Isabelle organises a party to humiliate her stepmother

Luisa was on phone talking to Mayumi. She said she was busy doing the laundry. However, Mayumi asked why she was doing the chores while there were servants available. Luisa explained that she was idle and wanted to get herself busy.

Luisa and Mayumi decided to meet the next day since they had missed eachother and they agreed on Mayumi preparing the food for their meeting. Later, Isabelle got home and asked a maid to prepare a white top for her to wear for a meeting. She was told that the top she wanted could be among the clothes which Luisa was washing.

Isabelle went to check and found out that Luisa ruined her clothes but Luisa knew none of that and how it even happened since she separated the coloured clothes from the white ones. She told Luisa that she would fix it and referred to her as “my child” which got on Isabelle’s nerve. Isabelle threw the top at Luisa and told her never to refer to her by that name since she was not her mother.

Hernan arrived and sensed a chaos so he asked what was going on. Luisa said she got wet trying to fix Isabelle’s clothes and Isabelle was surprised that Luisa did not reveal what she did. Isabelle met Daphne and told her about what she did to Luisa but she failed to reveal her deeds to Hernan.

Daphne warned her to be careful of how she treated Luisa and instead wait for their honeymoon phase to end so that they could get rid of her. Mayumi wondered the kind of stew to make for her mother as she wanted to do a good job. Francis’ friend urged him to take Mayumi to his grandmother’s house so that she could learn to make a good recipe.

Francis didn’t want to after the talk he had with Hernan but he agreed to send her along. His grandmother teased them by asking if they were dating and the two vehemently denied it. The following day, Hernan left for a meeting and asked the staff to take care of Luisa since he would be gone overnight. He also instructed them not to allow her to do any house chores.

Luisa left to see Mayumi and they ate the stew that she made. Mayumi wanted to know how Luisa was doing at Hernan’s house and she denied having any trouble with Isabelle. Mayumi escorted Luisa home and left to meet up with Sasha for a concert.

Isabelle decided to have a party at the house and sent the staff away. When Luisa returned, Isabelle told her that she needed help to attend to her guests. Luisa agreed to help her and cleaned the mess in there. Later, Luisa announced to everyone that the party was to welcome her step mother who used to be poor but hit the jackpot after marrying her father. She humiliated Luisa and Luisa went to cry in the kitchen.

Hernan called to check on Luisa and she told him that Isabelle hosted a party. Hernan wanted to know if she was fine and Luisa said that she was doing okay. Isabelle’s guests called Luisa back to clean some vomit. Luisa bent to do it, when she was on the floor, Isabelle poured alcohol on her. Luisa had enough and fought back.

She poured alcohol on Isabelle too and scolded her for being disrespectful. She threw everyone out of the house but Isabelle said she was in charge. She told Luisa that she couldn’t tell her what to do since she wasn’t her mother. Luisa retorted that she was glad not to be her mother, because she would be ashamed to have a daughter like her. She asked what Isabelle learnt from Brenda and Isabelle took offence that Luisa insulted her mother.

After their exchange of words, Isabelle was hurt and told everyone to leave. Mayumi went to the concert with Francis as Sasha could not make it. She however couldn’t enjoy it since she had tried to call Luisa and she didn’t answer. Francis saw how worried she was and offered to send her to see Luisa.

Luisa called Baby to inform her about the humiliation Isabelle made her go through. She did not want their fight to affect Isabelle’s relationship with Hernan so she said that she would sort things out with Isabelle. She also asked Baby not to say anything to Mayumi.


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