The Stepdaughters Episode 15

The Stepdaughters Episode 15 Hernan makes a bold decision to ensure his new wife is respected by Isabelle

When Luisa was helping Isabelle to go to bed, Isabelle mistook her for Brenda and slept on her shoulder. Luisa held her for a while then resumed to clean the house.

Francis dropped Mayumi off at Isabelle’s house. He decided to leave so that Isabelle would not see them together. When Mayumi went inside, she found Luisa cleaning so she asked why she was doing cleaning late at night. Luisa said the staff took the day off and she decided to help out Isabelle.

Isabelle got up from the noise and started fighting with Mayumi. She said Mayumi was trespassing and began pulling her hair. Mayumi pushed her away and Isabelle fell. Luisa told Mayumi not to aggravate Isabelle and asked her to leave. She assured that everything between her and Isabelle was okay so that Mayumi could leave.

Luisa went back inside and helped Isabelle to go to bed. The following day at work, Francis’ friend told him that he met Mayumi’s mother and Isabelle humiliated her in front of the guests. Mayumi overheard part of the conversation and confronted Isabelle when she arrived at work.

Isabelle said nothing much happened and that she was treating Luisa well. Francis pleaded with his friend not to talk about what happened at the party as that could cause Mayumi and Isabelle to fight. Isabelle went out with Daphne and told her about humiliating Luisa.

Daphne said she went too far, she insisted that Isabelle shouldn’t have done it as Hernan might find it out. Isabelle therefore brought some food to Luisa and apologised for what happened during the party claiming she did not to remember anything. She hoped that Luisa would not inform Hernan about the party and what transpired there.

Luisa also said she was sorry for anything hurtful she might have said. Isabelle commented on Luisa calling her a brat but Luisa said she only wanted them to get along since she was her father’s wife. She told Isabelle that she did not intend to replace her mother. Isabelle got pissed off and wanted Luisa gone.

Luisa had enough of her tantrums, while she was trying to get along with her and made it clear to Isabelle that she would no longer try to get along with her and they could all live in misery since she was not going to leave.
Francis was in his car with Mayumi when his friend called to say that his grandmother was ill. They went to see her but she refused to go to the hospital.

Mayumi stayed to chat with her and put make up on her. After Mayumi left, Francis’ friend showed him a video from the party where Isabelle humiliated Luisa. Mayumi forgot her wallet so she returned to get her it only to see the two watching something suspicious so she insisted on watching the video.

After seeing it, she stormed out in a rage.
When Hernan arrived, Luisa told him that he scolded Isabelle for disrespecting her and it seemed both wouldn’t be able to get along.
Hernan had the house keepers take out Brenda’s portrait but Luisa insisted on keeping it since it would make Isabelle upset.

Isabelle walked in and saw Luisa holding the portrait. She attacked her thinking that she wanted to get rid of it. Mayumi arrived then and threatened to smash the portrait if Isabelle wouldn’t leave her mother alone.
Hernan went downstairs after hearing the noise. Isabelle ran to Hernan claiming that Luisa wanted to throw out Brenda’s portrait.

Hernan said he was the one who ordered to have it taken out since he deemed it as disrespectful to his new wife Luisa. Mayumi however was furious that they had been mistreating her mother and advised Luisa to leave the Salvadors’mansion. She told Hernan to stay with them since she wouldn’t allow Isabelle to mistreat her mother.

Mayumi dragged Luisa out and Isabelle tried to stop Hernan from going after them. Hernan however pulled her hand away and went to get Luisa. Luisa told Mayumi that she had to stay with Hernan as his wife. Mayumi got upset with Luisa for enduring Isabelle’s abuse. When Hernan joined them, Mayumi reminded him that he promised to protect Luisa. She insisted that they leave with her but Luisa refused.

Mayumi went home upset that Luisa refused to choose her. Mayumi talked to Sasha and Aunt Baby, they advised her to try and understand Luisa. Hernan apologised to Luisa for Isabelle’ abuse. He decided to leave the house with Luisa. He told Isabelle to keep the house as he was packing out with Luisa.

Isabelle knocked on the couple’s door as they were packing, hoping to convince them to stay. Hernan wouldn’t listen and walked Luisa to the car. Isabelle stood in front of the car, forcing them to come out. She told Hernan that she was sorry for what she did but he told her to apologise to Luisa.

Isabelle dropped to her knees and begged Luisa to forgive her for what she did. Luisa helped her up as she accepted her apology and hugged her.


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