The Stepdaughters Episode 17

The Stepdaughters Episode 17 Isabelle rolls out schemes to ruin Mayumi’s birthday party

Luisa after acquiring the ingredients baked the cake she promised to make for Isabelle. Isabelle came into the kitchen and asked to help. Luisa handed her some chocolate powder for the cake mix.

When Isabelle heard Mayumi coming, she pretended to bump into Luisa and poured the powder all over her. When Mayumi came in, she assumed that Isabelle was hurting Luisa and attacked her.

Luisa tried to explain that it was an accident but Mayumi wouldn’t listen. She and Isabelle pulled each other’s hair until Luisa managed to stop them. She scolded Mayumi for not listening to her and doubting Isabelle.

Luisa told Mayumi to apologise to Isabelle and Mayumi was hurt that Luisa was defending Isabelle. She said an insincere apology and went to her room.

Luisa apologised to Isabelle for Mayumi’s behaviour and went to speak to her. She told Mayumi that she should give Isabelle a chance but Mayumi told her that Isabelle was only pretending to be nice to her.

She was upset that Luisa couldn’t see through Isabelle’s act but Luisa wouldn’t listen. She told Mayumi to offer Isabelle a better apology.
Mayumi hence spoke to Isabelle and said that she hoped her change of attitude toward Luisa was sincere.

Hernan arrived and asked what Isabelle did. Isabelle was upset that Hernan thought she was to be blamed but Luisa said it was only a minor misunderstanding. Hernan said he couldn’t blame Mayumi for her reaction since it was hard to trust someone who has hurt you before.

When Mayumi went to sleep, Luisa tried to talk to her again. Mayumi made it clear that she didn’t like Isabelle and only went to live there to protect Luisa. She therefore refused to fall for Isabelle’s act. She told Luisa that she had to wake up early for work so she went to sleep.

In the morning, Luisa prepared breakfast for Mayumi but she refused to eat and went to work. Isabelle offered to eat with Luisa l and was glad to see that their bond could be broken so easily.

At work, Francis noticed that Mayumi didn’t seem happy as she usually was. She said that she fought with her mother due to Isabelle so Francis offered to take her somewhere to cheer her up. Mayumi said she was fine and wanted to be alone to think.

During lunch, Luisa brought Mayumi her food. Mayumi took it but refused to eat with Luisa. When she was about to leave, Luisa stopped her and asked whether they were not going to make up. She told Mayumi that her father wouldn’t be happy to see them fighting and she wouldn’t stop pushing until they made up. Mayumi eventually gave in and apologised to her mother.

Since Mayumi’s birthday was approaching, Hernan offered to throw a party for her. Mayumi said she didn’t want one since the day reminded her of her father’s death. Hernan insisted on doing it as a way to remember Mario.

Mayumi was skeptical about having the party, she was worried about what Isabelle would say. Sasha however asked her not to think about Isabelle and enjoy her birthday.

Her birthday finally approached and Hernan threw a party for her. Everyone else left before Mayumi. When she was getting ready, Isabelle sneaked into her room and tore up her dress. She also locked Mayumi inside and took away her phone with the help of the house maid. She then told the driver who was supposed to send Mayumi to the party that she already left with her friends.

At the party venue, the guests began to worry about Mayumi since she has not arrived and wasn’t picking her calls too. Francis asked the driver and he said that he was told Mayumi already left with her friends. Francis grew suspicious since all Mayumi’s friends were at the party so he went to her house.

Francis asked the maid where Mayumi was and she said Mayumi had left. Francis asked her who she left with but the maid couldn’t answer. He then threatened to call the police since Mayumi was missing. The maid got scared and told him where Mayumi was. She opened the door to her room.

Mayumi was on the floor crying and she hugged Francis when she saw him. At the party, the guests were still waiting for the arrival of Mayumi.


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