The Stepdaughters Episode 18

The Stepdaughters Episode 18 Hernan announces his upcoming church wedding, Francis confesses his feelings for Mayumi

Francis opened the door which Mayumi was trapped in and revealed to her that Isabelle locked her up. The maid then apologised for helping Isabelle to accomplish that plot. Mayumi did not want to disappoint Hernan by not attending the party so she fixed her torn gown and dressed up to attend the party.

Isabelle was happy that Mayumi had not arrived the party. She took the microphone to offer an apology to the guests. Before she could say something else, Mayumi arrived with Francis surprising Isabelle. She took the microphone from her and apologised for arriving late.

Mayumi thanked Hernan for throwing the party. She also expressed gratitude to Francis for helping her to arrive at the party safely. She made another shout out to Isabelle for helping her with her dress. Isabelle whispered that she did not do anything but Mayumi said she ruined it. The party continued with Mayumi’s arrival and she danced with the guests.

Isabelle then vent her anger on Francis for helping Mayumi. Francis was disappointed in Isabelle for locking Mayumi up in the room. Isabelle was expecting Francis to be on her side since they were friends but Francis said he was Mayumi’s friend too.

Daphne arrived with a good news for Isabelle, she had been able to stop the registration of Hernan’s marriage to Luisa. Since their marriage wasn’t filed, it meant that they were not married. She therefore told Isabelle not to worry as plans were far advanced to get rid of Luisa and Mayumi.

During the party, Hernan surprised everyone by proposing to Luisa once again. He also wanted to have a church wedding. The guests congratulated them but Isabelle and Daphne were not happy.

When Isabelle got home, she scolded the maid for exposing her to Francis. The maid she was scared since Francis threatened to call the authorities. Isabelle said she wouldn’t have let her go to jail. She was also upset that Hernan wanted to marry Luisa at a church when he had never done that for her mother.

She told Daphne that it was clear Hernan l0ved Luisa more. Daphne told her not to worry as she had other plans to ruin their marriage. The following morning, Daphne had a meal with Luisa, Hernan and Mayumi. She raved about their church wedding and also offered to help Luisa plan the wedding.

Hernan went out to prepare a surprise for Mayumi. He returned to get her and Luisa. Since Daphne was not asked to follow, she went to spy on them. Hernan gave Mayumi a car as a birthday present but Mayumi didn’t want to accept it due to what Isabelle might say. Hernan however insisted and asked Mayumi not to worry about Isabelle.

He insisted on her to open the car for another surprise. Mayumi found the story book that Mario bought for her before she died. Mayumi was delighted since she was finally able to get her father’s gift. The three of them later went for a test drive.

Elsewhere, Francis admitted to his friend that he liked Mayumi but he did not know how to pursue her since he had promised Hernan to stay away from her. He didn’t want to cause a problem between Mayumi and Isabelle so he opted not to pursue her.

When Mayumi parked her car, Isabelle used the mirror to check her make up. Mayumi rolled down the car window and asked her to use the rest room instead. Isabelle was shocked to see her get out of the car alongside Luisa and Hernan.

Hernan informed her that he bought the car for Mayumi as her birthday present and Isabelle complained that it was the same colour as hers. She also tried to tease Mayumi for not knowing how to drive but Hernan praised her driving skills. Isabelle left feeling upset.

The next day, Isabelle went to see Mayumi at the office and offered to send her to a conference so that they could market the new cream she made for coco line. Mayumi agreed since Hernan was there.

Isabelle had an evil plot to finally show to Mayumi that she wasn’t part of their social class, hence she was happy Mayumi consented.


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