The Stepdaughters Episode 19

The Stepdaughters Episode 19 Isabelle stages her rape to revenge Mayumi  

Isabelle and Mayumi left for the make up conference. They went with Mayumi’s car and Isabelle went to sit at the back. Mayumi did not want to look like Isabelle’s driver so she insisted on her to be at the front. Isabelle indicated that she would only sit at the front if she would be the one to drive. Mayumi was not ready for that so Isabelle maintained her back seat.

At the event, Isabelle gave Mayumi orders on how to arrange things on their section. Since Mayumi was the only one working, some of the attendees asked if Isabelle wouldn’t help Mayumi. Isabelle said Mayumi was her employee so she had to do as asked.

When the attendants came to learn about the Coco Line cream, Isabelle told them about the benefits and bragged about making it herself. Mayumi was appalled and told the people that the cream was organic, hence did not make fake statements.

Isabelle got upset, knowing Mayumi was shading her. She threw a bottle of the cream at Mayumi and asked if she was insinuating something. Mayumi said her words must have been true if Isabelle was affected. Isabelle then explained that she owned the cream as it was her company that produced it. She ordered Mayumi to arrange more products but Mayumi walked out on her and said she should do it herself.

Francis’ friend tricked him into going to the convention to check on their booth without telling him that Mayumi would be there. Mayumi was delighted when she bumped into him. She invited him out for lunch. Francis declined, saying he had to return to the office. Mayumi noticed that he was avoiding her and asked him if they had a problem.

Francis said he just didn’t want to be around her. Mayumi was hurt by what he said and decided to let him go. Isabelle came to scold Mayumu for leaving her and was surprised when Mayumi didn’t argue. She apologised and packed up their things so that they could leave.

On their way back home, they got a flat tire and Mayumi told Isabelle that she had to go and look for someone to help them change the tire. Isabelle did not want to be left alone so Mayumi asked her to come along but she refused. Mayumi therefore left alone in search of a vulcanizer.

Isabelle decided to order a cab so that she could leave. She was however attacked by some streetwalkers who mistook her for a thief and accused her of stealing their spot. They left her and some men helped Isabelle by bringing her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Mayumi asked help from some guys who were drinking and they helped her change her tire. She was about to leave since she couldn’t find Isabelle but Luisa called to tell her that Isabelle had been admitted at the hospital.

Hernan and Luisa received a call from the hospital about Isabelle’s accident. When they arrived, Isabelle told them that Mayumi left her alone and she was attacked by some men who almost raped her. When Mayumi arrived, Hernan was furious for leaving Isabelle alone. Mayumi explained that she had to leave to find help since they had a flat tire.

She was shocked about what happened to Isabelle but Isabelle wouldn’t let her explain that she was the one who refused to go with her. Hernan got upset that Mayumi was trying to put the blame on Isabelle instead of apologising for what she did.

Luisa took Mayumi away and Mayumi finally told her that she did ask Isabelle to go with her but Isabelle refused. Luisa was puzzled since she thought Mayumi and Isabelle were getting along but Mayumi said it wasn’t true and they only pretended infront of them.

Mayumi was worried over Hernan’s reaction so she thought it would be best to leave the house but Luisa told her that she was not going anywhere. Daphne visited Isabelle at the hospital and was ready to report the incident to the authorities when Isabelle confessed that she made the whole thing up to get Mayumi in trouble.

Hernan did not go home and stayed at the hospital to take care of Isabelle. Luisa texted him but he didn’t answer. In the morning, Hernan brought Isabelle home but she threw a fit after seeing Mayumi there. She attacked Mayumi but Luisa asked her not to blame Mayumi for what happened. She also asked Hernan to listen to Mayumi’s side of the story first.

Daphne took Isabelle to her room and Luisa took the chance to ask Hernan if the two of them were okay. She told him that they shouldn’t let their daughters issues affect their relationship. Before Hernan could answer, Daphne interrupted them and told Hernan that they had to head to the office.

Hernan seemed distracted so Daphne asked him if he was fine. Hernan said he was thinking about Luisa and thought it was best to apologise to Mayumi since she didn’t intend what happened to Mayumi.

Elsewhere, Francis was worried about Mayumi but he couldn’t call or talk to her. He therefore asked Sasha to update him on what happened to her. Sasha told Mayumi that Francis was asking about her but she didn’t believe her since Francis had said he didn’t want to see her. Isabelle suddenly arrived at work and Mayumi was worried if it was fine since she still had to recover from her wounds.

Isabelle said she came there to give Mayumi instructions and told her to prepare a vlog for their product. Mayumi said she didn’t know how to do that, she was only a chemist. Isabelle insisted on her to make one.


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