The Stepdaughters Episode 20

The Stepdaughters Episode 20 Daphne works to make Luisa insecure, Isabelle builds hopes up in Francis

Luisa had a talk with Baby about her issue with Hernan concerning Mayumi and Isabelle’s incident. She was worried that Hernan was upset with her after the incident. Baby advised her to sort things out with Hernan and should stop assuming things.

Luisa deemed it wise to visit Hernan at work in settling their differences. When she arrived, Luisa asked Francis concerning the whereabouts of Hernan and Francis told her that he was not in his office. He stepped out to see Mayumi at the cafeteria. He then offered to send Luisa there.

Mayumi was having lunch with Sasha and Sasha asked her if she was sure that Isabelle was almost raped. She suspected that Isabelle only made the story up to get Mayumi in trouble. Mayumi said it could not be the truth and doubted Isabelle would hurt herself. She said Isabelle would be crazy to do so and Sasha began imitating a crazy person.

Hernan overheard them and got upset that Mayumi was making fun of Isabelle’s situation. Mayumi tried to explain that he mistook the situation but Hernan wouldn’t listen and scolded her infront of everyone.
Luisa arrived during the argument and tried to talk to Hernan.

Hernan told her that Mayumi was making fun of Isabelle but Luisa said it couldn’t be true. Hernan took that to mean Luisa called him a liar but Luisa said all she wanted was for him to listen to Mayumi’s explanation. She also got upset that Hernan never allowed Mayumi to explain and humiliated her in front of everyone.

Hernan said that it was nothing compared to what Isabelle suffered. Luisa said it was not about comparing whose daughter was hurt the most. They were already shouting at each other when Isabelle arrived. She asked Hernan to go to his office as people were already staring at them.

Luisa sat down with Mayumi and she was in tears after fighting with Hernan. Mayumi said they should not be fighting and asked her to sort things out with Hernan. She asked Luisa to listen to Hernan and not get angry.

Meanwhile, Isabelle and Daphne put all the blame on Mayumi and Luisa. Hernan told them not to talk ail of them since he shared part of the blame for getting angry to an extent of shouting at Luisa.

Daphne hugged Hernan to console him and Luisa walked in to see the scene. Daphne said she was only consoling him and Luisa said it was fine. She asked Daphne to leave so that she could talk to Hernan. They sorted out their differences and made up. Luisa also explained Mayumi’s side of the story and Hernan was no longer angry at her.

Luisa wanted them to help Mayumi and Isabelle yo get along so that they wouldn’t fight. Francis tried to talk to Mayumi to see if she was fine after the incident with Hernan but she reminded him that he did not want to be around her. Francis tried to apologise but Mayumi refused to listen. She said she would not complain about not getting to talk to him and they should ignore each other like a gust of wind.

Hernan apologised to Mayumi and reserved a table at a restaurant. He invited Mayumi and Isabelle so that they could talk and make up. Mayumi apologised to Isabelle and said she was sorry for everything. Isabelle said she would only accept Mayumi’s apology if she stayed away from Francis and she agreed.

Meanwhile, Daphne decided to work on making Luisa insecure about her relationship with Hernan. She told Luisa to get botox and fillers to look younger but Luisa said she liked the way she looked. Later, Daphne brought sushi for Hernan and fed it to him since Luisa did not know how to use chopsticks.

Mayumi spoke to Luisa and asked her how she felt about Daphne feeding Hernan. Luisa said they were friends and she was alright with it. Daphne’s next plan was to make Luisa lose her trust in Hernan. She told Isabelle about it and Isabelle set the plan in motion by telling Luisa that she thought Daphne might be in l0ve with Hernan.

Since Mayumi wouldn’t listen to Francis, he bought her a bouquet of flowers as a way to apologise to her. Mayumi got upset and returned the flowers to his office. They were arguing over it when Isabelle arrived and Mayumi said the flowers were for her.

Isabelle was delighted to hear that Francis had bought her flowers and asked if he was going to start courting her. Francis said no and explained that he only bought the flowers to make her feel better.


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