The Stepdaughters Episode 25

The Stepdaughters Episode 25 Mayumi fights the Salvadors for depriving her a better life 

Isabelle asked Sasha for Mayumi and was told that Mayumi was at the hospital with Luisa, who fainted and was admitted. Isabelle later came across Francis and asked him the same question but Francis said he had not seen her all day. He kept on with the pretence that he did not know where she was.

Hernan rushed to the hospital to see Luisa instead of going to Singapore. When he arrived, he was greeted with the good news about Luisa’s pregnancy and he was delighted. Mayumi and Baby left the two of them alone to talk and they eventually made up. Luisa apologised to Hernan for the things she said to him but Hernan said he was the one who should apologise for how things turned out.

After Luisa was discharged from the hospital, Hernan and Mayumi brought her home. They shared the baby news with Isabelle and she congratulated Luisa. She told them she was thrilled to have a new sibling. Later, Isabelle called Daphne to tell her how upset she was with the news. Daphne said she would finish the arrangements for the convention in Singapore and come back.

Mayumi and Francis needed some documents for the launch of their Coco Cream but the documents were with Daphne. Someone who had keys to her drawer opened it for them and they found the file containing Hernan’s marriage certificate. Isabelle found them and Mayumi hid the certificate from her.
Francis took Mayumi to meet a lawyer and he told them that Hernan’s marriage to Luisa was never registered so they were not officially married.

Mayumi concluded that Daphne had pulled out the certificate to prevent Luisa and Hernan from officially filing their marriage as a plot to separate them. She called Luisa who was having lunch with Hernan and asked to talk to both of them. Francis accompanied Mayumi to the restaurant.

When Daphne returned from her trip, she couldn’t find the marriage certificate in her drawer. Isabelle told her that Mayumi might have taken it since she saw them there. Daphne was worried that Mayumi would expose her to Hernan and Luisa so she told Isabelle that they had to stop her.

Isabelle quickly called Hernan to meet with him for them to talk about work but Hernan declined, saying he was having lunch with Luisa. Isabelle asked where they were and sent Daphne there.

Daphne stopped Mayumi as she was going inside. She said she only helped Luisa to prevent her from marrying Hernan since he was a thief and a liar. She went on to tell Mayumi that Hernan actually stole Mario’s winning lottery ticket and took the money for himself.

Mayumi rushed inside to get Luisa. She said they needed to talk at home. Hernan tried to intervene but Mayumi called him a thief. Isabelle who had already joined them told Mayumi not to disrespect her father. Mayumi said she was not lying since Hernan stole the lottery ticket that belonged to her father. Luisa tried to speak to Mayumi but she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. Hernan went to help her but Mayumi stopped him and asked Francis to help her mother instead.

The two rushed Luisa to the hospital. Hernan was following them when he bumped into Daphne outside. He asked her if she told Mayumi about the ticket and Daphne denied it. Hernan slapped her and told her not to lie. Daphne admitted that she told Mayumi and it was now clear to Hernan that she wanted Luisa to separate from him.

Daphne said she had always l0ved him and wanted him to be with her instead of Luisa. Hernan told her that it would never happen and he never wanted to see her again. He therefore fired her from her job. Hernan then called Francis and asked where they had taken Luisa.

The doctor examined Luisa and said she was fine. She also advised her not to get stressed as it might be harmful to the baby. After the doctor left, Mayumi said they should leave Hernan’s house since he took the money that was supposed to be theirs, making them suffer in life. Luisa indicated that she initially felt upset after finding out the truth but she understood Hernan after he explained everything.

She therefore asked Mayumi to listen to Hernan’s explanation first. Mayumi was upset that Luisa had forgiven Hernan and pulled out their certificate to tell her that she and Hernan were not married. Hernan walked in as Mayumi explained that their marriage was never registered.

Daphne went out for wine with Isabelle who was shocked to find out that all the wealth she enjoyed belonged to Mayumi. She however convinced herself that Hernan was supposed to find that lottery ticket and it was Mario’s fault for dying before taking the winnings.

Daphne also told her not to let Mayumi bully her. They decided to keep a low profile since Hernan was still upset and would not like to hear they were seeing each other.


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