The Stepdaughters Episode 26

The Stepdaughters Episode 26 Mayumi resigns from Coco Lin, Isabelle is disgraced at Beauty Pioneers Ball

At the hospital, Mayumi told Luisa that they should leave the Salvadors’ mansion but Luisa tried to tell her to talk things over with Hernan. Mayumi refused and she left. Francis told her to calm down to hear what Hernan had to say but she said Hernan betrayed Mario.

Hernan arrived and explained that he never intended to keep Mario’s jackpot but Isabelle had an accident while he was searching for them to return the money. He said the amount needed for Luisa’s operation compelled him to spend part of Mario’s winnings on her.

Mayumi arrived in Salvadors’ mansion to find her things being packed out by the maid who was acting upon the orders of Isabelle. Isabelle said Mayumi should not think about it that she would stay in her mansion after she insulted her father. Mayumi said she actually did not want to stay in the house of those who stole her father’s winnings. She told Isabelle that she was alive due to her father’s money since she was the reason Hernan stole her father’s jackpot.

Isabelle asked her to name the amount she had to pay: whether 2million, 3million or whatever she would issue a cheque for her. Mayumi left with her things and went to Baby’s place to inform her and Sasha about the stolen jackpot of her father. Sasha was stunned that Hernan had to steal Mario’s 120, million jackpot for himself. Mayumi was upset that after all that her mother still remained with Hernan.

Sasha believed l0ve conquered all. Baby told her to understand her mother. Aunt Baby called Luisa and asked her how she was feeling. Luisa was weeping, Baby said Mayumi had informed them about everything that had happened. Luisa was sad that Mayumi did not give Hernan chance to explain his side of the story. She told Baby to take care of Mayumi.

Once Luisa and Hernan arrived home, Isabelle asked how Luisa was doing and she said she was fine. She then voiced out that Mayumi has left the house. Hernan then told her that he wanted to talk to her but Luisa said she knew what he would say since Mayumi had told her that he used the money to cure her. He told her father not to worry since she was on his side and understood that he never meant to steal the money. Hernan thanked his daughter for understanding him.

At the bar, Daphne got wasted and was in the company of Froilan who showed interest in her but she was out of his league. The next day at the office, Mayumi resigned from Coco Lin. She packed her things and the beauty products she made but Isabelle warned her not to leave with the products from Coco Bella since it was part of the company’s rules not to leave with anything done in the company.

As Hernan was speaking with Joel, he was informed that Mayumi had resigned so he went for his drive and tried to return the 120million jackpot to her but she refused to take the winnings. Mayumi while having lunch with Sasha and Francis told them that she rejected the whooping sum, Sasha exclaimed. Mayumi told them about her plans of starting up her own Beauty cosmetic products.

Soon, Mayumi went to Beauty Pioneers Ball event. Isabelle also arrived and caused trouble with her concerning the actual inventor of the Beauty Cream. Sasha took selfie of herself but Isabelle’s friends dust up with her. Mayumi joined Sasha and they took the pictures. She posted it on social media and Luisa saw it. Luisa was happy for Mayumi and she called Mayumi to wish her luck while telling her how she l0ved her.

Outside the ball, Francis arrived with Bryce and he bumped into Lizzy, his school mate. Lizzy asked him if he was there to represent Coco Lin and he said yes but was also there to represent his girlfriend. Lizzy thought it was Isabelle but he said he broke up with her long time. Lizzy told him about Isabelle’s Coco Bella “OO cream” she made. Francis saw it and laughed together with his friend for the lies Isabelle spoke.

Lizzy was part of the organisers, so later on at the event she called Isabelle on the podium and asked her the inspiration behind the Coco Bella cream. As Isabelle did not have nothing worthwhile to say, Lizzy called the actual inventor of the cream Mayumi, much to the dismay of Isabelle. Mayumi explained the inspiration behind the Coco Cream and the uses at the event.

This got Isabelle upset when Mayumi gave one to Lizzy to apply the product on her face to confirm how it felt. She pushed her and Mayumi fell. She then took the mic to ask them to take picture of her and Mayumi. Meanwhile, Hernan promised Luisa to get their marriage registered. Back at the ball, Isabelle pulled Mayumi to a place to talk to her on the reason she wanted to block her shine.

Mayumi said the products were done by her and if Isabelle had an idea, she would have explained properly on the inspiration of the organic products. Isabelle attacked Mayumi and Francis appeared in the scene to save her. He then told Isabelle that Mayumi is his girlfriend and he would not tolerate any form of disrespect on Mayumi.

Isabelle was perplexed since she knew Francis and Mayumi were mere friends but Mayumi confirmed to her that Francis and her were dating. Isabelle pulled Mayumi’s hair and fought with her. This ruined the ball as the journalists took pictures of the fight. Francis and Mayumi left, leaving Isabelle disgraced at the event for fighting over a man.


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