The Stepdaughters Episode 27

The Stepdaughters Episode 27 Hernan blessed Francis and Mayumi’s relationship, Isabelle takes her revenge on Luisa’s baby

Isabelle arrived home to incite Hernan to ruin the relationship between Francis and Mayumi so Hernan spoke with Francis about his relationship with Mayumi. Hernan was upset that Francis did not listen to his advice and continued to pursue Mayumi. Francis said he tried but couldn’t stop himself from falling in l0ve with Mayumi.

After listening to Francis, Hernan felt that he had no right to stop two people who were in l0ve from being together so he approved their relationship and gave his blessing. Francis also told him to give Mayumi time so that she could forgive him.

Isabelle talked to Hernan about the money and asked him not to feel guilty for taking the lottery winnings for himself. Hernan said it was the wrong thing to do and he had to make it up to Mayumi. Isabelle did not want him to return the money but Hernan said Mayumi was entitled to it since it was her money.

Luisa visited Mayumi at home and Mayumi formally introduced Francis to her as her boyfriend. Soon, Hernan bought a crib and decorated a room for the baby he was yet to welcome with Luisa. Isabelle was upset and envious since Hernan had never done that for her when she was young.

She recalled how Brenda told her never to allow anyone steal their wealth since it belonged to only her so Isabelle refused to share it with Mayumi and Luisa’s child she was expecting.

Isabelle met with Daphne and the two plotted on how to make Luisa lose the baby. They hired a goon for the job but they asked him not to kill her since that would be murder and they might be suspected as the ones behind it.

Daphne went to the hospital where Luisa did her check up and pretended to be nice to her. She gave her some poisoned food as a peace offering but Luisa threw it back at her. Daphne tried to attack Luisa but Mayumi who had accompanied Luisa to the hospital defended her. They were curious as to why Daphne was there and Mayumi suspected that she was up to something.

The guy Daphne hired went to Luisa’s house pretending to be a delivery guy. He asked for Luisa but the housekeeper said she wasn’t home. Luisa arrived with Mayumi so the guy wasn’t able to carry out his task. He accidentally dropped a pocket knife as he left on his motorcycle and Mayumi became suspicious of him.

When Mayumi went home, she told Francis and Sasha about the delivery guy. She was worried about her mother and asked Francis to tell Hernan that Daphne might be planning something. Francis thought it was better to find proof first, then tell Hernan.

Luisa planned to go for shopping for the baby she was expecting and wanted Mayumi to escort her but Isabelle asked to join them. When they met, Mayumi asked Luisa if they had a CCTV camera at the house since she was still suspicious of the delivery guy. Isabelle said she was just being paranoid and told Mayumi that there was nothing to worry about.

Mayumi went to the bathroom so she asked Isabelle to watch over Luisa. Isabelle planned to cause an accident for Luisa to lose the baby and took the chance when Mayumi left. The guy they had hired for the job arrived and Isabelle lured Luisa somewhere else. She then said that she would go look for Mayumi and asked Luisa to wait at a flight of stairs. The goon they hired arrived and was ready to push Luisa.


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