The Stepdaughters Episode 28

The Stepdaughters Episode 28 Luisa runs over by an assassin on her wedding day

The goon made an attempt to push Luisa down the stairs but Mayumi appeared, compelling him to flee before he was caught. The place was overcrowded so Mayumi told Luisa that they should leave. They left to meet Sasha and Baby for lunch.

Isabelle stood a distance waiting to hear the screams of Luisa and became furious when she saw the goon approaching her. He told her that he wasn’t able to push Luisa since someone appeared. They decided to carry out their plan at the restaurant where Mayumi and Luisa went to eat.

Before Mayumi and the others went inside the restaurant, she spotted the delivery guy from the motorcycle. She told Luisa to go ahead since she forgot something in the car.
Mayumi approached the guy on the motorcycle and asked him why he was following them. He was able to recognise him from his jacket and helmet so the goon drove off.

He was not able to flee as fast as he should since there were lots of people on his way so Mayumi caught up with him. She asked him again why he was following them but Isabelle followed them and told Mayumi to stop chasing after him. Sasha went outside to look for Mayumi and Mayumi told her what happened.

Sasha said it might just be a coincidence. She told Mayumi not to tell anything to Luisa as that might worry her. Francis and Bryce went to Daphne’s house to investigate but they found out from the housekeeper that she was not at home. When Francis called Mayumi to update her, she told him that she saw the delivery guy following them again. She was worried about Luisa so she told Francis to tell Hernan about the incident so that he could hire a body guard for Luisa.

Francis talked to Hernan and he agreed to hire guards for Luisa. Isabelle tried to make it seem like they were overreacting but Hernan said it was better to be safe. Isabelle therefore spoke to the delivery guy and told him to keep a low profile for a while as Mayumi was now investigating about them.

Meanwhile, Luisa and Hernan found out that they were going to have a boy. They had a gender reveal party and sent the video to Mayumi since she could not attend. They also continued to plan their wedding and visited Mayumi asking her to attend. Luisa convinced Mayumi to forgive Hernan but Mayumi asked her not to ask that of her.

She also had to meet potential investors to present a new organic product on the same day. Hernan knew the people Mayumi was meeting since he was the one who recommended her. He called them and asked them to reschedule her meeting to the following week. He then visited Mayumi and handed her an invitation card to the wedding, saying he hoped she would come.

On the night before the wedding, Mayumi had a nightmare about Luisa losing the baby. She told Sasha and her friend advised her not to worry since it was a mere dream. The following day, Mayumi went to see Luisa as she was getting ready and Luisa was delighted since Mayumi would be there for the wedding.

She and Isabelle escorted her to the church. Isabelle and Daphne planned to make Luisa lose the baby so they plotted with the goon.
Isabelle tricked Mayumi into leaving Luisa by asking her to attend to a problem since she did not do anything to help with the wedding preparation. Having no clue about Isabelle’s plan, Mayumi left saying she would get some supplies to refresh Luisa’s make up.

With Luisa left alone, the goon ran her over and she fell. Mayumi sensed something was wrong and rushed back to where she left Luisa. She arrived in time to see her get run over.

They rushed Luisa to the hospital but the doctor said they couldn’t save the baby. Hernan was distraught since he failed to protect her. He watched over Luisa in the hospital and was so sad about the incident.


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