The Stepdaughters Episode 30

The Stepdaughters Episode 30 Luisa goes crazy after Isabelle counter her medication, Francis reunites with his brother in a bloody encounter

Isabelle and Daphne met to discuss about Luisa’s situation. They were sure that Hernan would leave her if she went crazy so they decided to work together to make Luisa completely go insane. Daphne advised Isabelle to get along with Mayumi so that she wouldn’t suspect it when they implement their devious scheme.

Luisa asked Mayumi to return to the Salvadors’ mansion in ordering for her to keep her company. Mayumi told Francis about it and also her plan to throw Luisa a surprise party. She noticed that he seemed distracted and asked what he was thinking about.

Francis answered that his grandmother saw his brother, Froilan and he pretended not to know her. Mayumi asked him why his brother left and Francis said Froilan left when they were kids. He was a problematic kid and left because he was tired of being scolded. Francis said it was his fault since he was the one who told him to leave.

Daphne gave Isabelle the drugs she would use to counter Luisa’s medication to make her go crazy. She added it to some ice cream and gave it to Luisa. Luisa did not want to have the ice cream but Isabelle insisted. She proceeded on to give Luisa the medication and she began acting insane.

When Mayumi gathered Luisa’s friends for a surprise party, Luisa was irritated and shouted at her friends, demanding them to leave. Baby was worried about Luisa and told Mayumi that the medication she was taking might not be appropriate for her system. Mayumi said it was not the case since her doctor would not prescribe medication that was not good for her.

Luisa continued acting crazy and carried around a doll as her baby. She was upset with the people who reminded her of her lost child and ran out of the house. Mayumi went after her and took her back inside. She and Hernan were worried about her actions and were eager to take her back to the hospital for another checkup.

As Francis and Bryce were driving, they saw a man on motorbike wearing the same helmet from the CCTV footage of Luisa’s accident. They followed him but he turned out to be an officer. He told them that he bought the helmet abroad but it was stolen the previous week.

Francis then explained that they were looking for a thief and asked for his help. They were able to trace Froilan and Francis chased him. He caught up with him and the two fought. Francis tore Froilan’s shirt as he tried to stop him from running away, he saw a scar on his back.

Isabelle tried to give Luisa the medication again but she refused to take it. Luisa fought back so Isabelle forced her to take them. Luisa shoved her hands away and pushed Isabelle to the ground. Hernan and Mayumi went to see what was happening and Isabelle said she tried to invite Luisa to eat but she refused. Mayumi sent Luisa to her room and Hernan asked Isabelle to be patient with Luisa.

Mayumi talked to Luisa and Luisa said Isabelle was making her swallow some pills. Mayumi confronted Isabelle and asked what medication she had been giving Luisa but Isabelle said Luisa was making things up since she was crazy.

Isabelle however dropped some pills when she was fighting with Luisa and Mayumi found them. Luisa told her that it was the medicine Isabelle had been giving her. The medicine wasn’t part of Luisa’s prescription so Sasha told her to tell Hernan. Mayumi said she would wait to make sure she had enough evidence.

After Froilan ran away, Francis told Bryce that the scar on Froilan’s back reminded him of his older brother. Froilan got it when he had defended Francis when they were kids so he had not forgotten. They went looking for Froilan again but Froilan attacked them. He was going to punch Francis but Bryce told him not to hurt his brother.

Froilan was stunned, he let go of Francis but asked him not to refer to him as his older brother since he was not the one.


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