The Stepdaughters Episode 32

The Stepdaughters Episode 32 Isabelle bribes a nurse to counter Luisa’s medication, Coco Line sales drops as Mayumi’s cosmetics take over the market

Worried about his brother, Francis asked Froilan if he had a job. He offered to employ him in a company he started with Mayumi but Froilan refused, saying he had a job. He also did not want to owe Francis any favour.

Hernan went to Baby’s house to see Luisa only to find out from the landlady that they had already packed out from the house. He tried to call Mayumi but she refused to answer, making it difficult to find out where they were staying currently.

Froilan found the nurse looking after Luisa at the mental institution and brought her to Isabelle. They paid her a lot of money to change Luisa’s medication to continue given her the antidepressants for her to go completely crazy. The nurse gave Luisa the medication and her mental state worsened.

Meanwhile, Mayumi started her beauty products company. After a few months, it was doing really well and became a big competition for Coco Bella. Isabelle’s company was struggling and some of their stores were shut down to minimise financial loses. Her team told her about the new product trending on the market and Isabelle decided to go to one of their events out of curiosity.

Isabelle was shocked to discover that Mayumi owned the company that was outselling Coco Bella. She tried to leave before she got noticed but Mayumi saw her and asked what she was doing there. They got into a fight and Mayumi smeared one of the products on Isabelle’s face.

Thinking Hernan had already forgotten about Luisa, Daphne tried seducing him but Hernan did not give in. He made it clear that the only woman he has ever loved was Luisa and kicked Daphne out of his house. Soon, Hernan ran into Baby at a restaurant and begged her to tell him where Luisa was.

She gave him the hospital address and he went to see Luisa. Mayumi got upset when she saw Hernan there and they began to argue. Luisa complained about the noise and they agreed not to fight. Meanwhile, Coco Bella’s sales continued to decline so Isabelle hatched up a plan to sabotage Mayumi’s products.

She sent her secretary, Marigold to a store selling Mayumi’s products and replaced them with harmful substance that caused facial burns. Within no time, the products began to trend online for being harmful to users.

Elsewhere, Froilan borrowed Francis’ bike to go out. Bryce thought he was acting suspiciously so he told Francis that they should follow him. Froilan went to meet Daphne but Francis and Bryce did not recognise her since her back was turned on them. Froilan realised that Bryce and Francis were spying on him so he confronted his junior brother at home for his act.

He warned Francis not to ever follow him again. He said he would leave the house if Francis did it. Francis got upset too that Froilan did not want to let anyone know about his life. The two fought over their misunderstanding.


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