The Stepdaughters Episode 39

The Stepdaughters Episode 39 Mayumi escapes death, Daphne arrested for attempted murder and kidnapping

Daphne went to the hideout to find Froilan taking care of Mayumi. She asked Froilan to leave. When she was left with Mayumi, she beat her till the girl woke up from her sleep. Mayumi warned her that her friends and family would soon realise that Daphne was the one holding her as hostage.

She explained that Isabelle and Daphne were the only enemies she had so they would be the suspects. Daphne believed Mayumi was right since all her friends had gone to see her. She called Isabelle to inform her that there was nothing else they could do with Mayumi so they decided to eliminate her.

Isabelle stayed at home taking care of Luisa and making her go crazy. Luisa remembered that Mayumi had gone to seek help but never returned. She was worried that something had happened to her and Isabelle teased her that Mayumi would d!e, making the crazy woman become desperate.

Francis and Froilan were about to search for Mayumi together but Froilan got a call from Daphne. She told him that they were going to k!ll Mayumi but Froilan asked her to wait for him. He then left without telling Francis.
As Daphne waited for Francis, the other guy they hired dug the grave that they would use to bury Mayumi.

He went to get the body bag from Daphne’s car and Daphne removed Mayumi’s blindfold to show her where she would be buried. Mayumi begged Daphne not to k!ll her but Daphne said she was a nuisance in hers and someone else’s lives. She asked her not to worry about Luisa since she would soon join her in the afterlife.

Froilan arrived and covered his face so that Mayumi wouldn’t recognise him. He took the gun away from Daphne who was happy that the time to k!ll Mayumi had finally arrived. She got a call from Isabelle and walked away to answer it.

When she was gone, Mayumi told Froilan to tell Luisa, Francis and her friends that she l0ved them. Froilan however shot twice in the air and untied Mayumi. He handed her back her phone and car keys to help her run away. He then took a rock and hit his face with it.
Daphne and Isabelle heard the shots when they were on the phone.

Both thought Mayumi was finally dead. Froilan came later with a bruise on his face and said Mayumi ran away. Daphne was furious and went after her. When Isabelle got off the phone with Daphne, she was convinced that Mayumi was d£ad.

She told this to Luisa and she became hysterical trying to deny what Isabelle said. Isabelle hit her and Luisa said threatened to reveal her deeds to Hernan. Isabelle stopped Luisa by injecting her with a syringe and Luisa went to sleep.

Mayumi called Francis and told him that she had escaped from her kidnappers. She told him where he would meet her but Daphne was already tailing her. Mayumi drove away so Daphne took a detour and met Mayumi from the front. She was going to run into her but Mayumi swerved and hit a tree on the side of the road.

Daphne got out of her car to finish off Mayumi but Francis arrived on his motorbike and pushed her away. As he was getting Mayumi out of the car, Daphne ran away. Her henchman was waiting in the car and decided to shoot Francis. Froilan was there watching the incident and he ran toward Francis, taking the bullet instead.

The police arrived and sent both Mayumi and Froilan to the hospital. They also went after Daphne and arrested her. When Mayumi woke up at the hospital, she was glad to learn that Daphne was arrested. Since no one had found Luisa, she asked Sasha to bring her to the station so they could confront Daphne. She wanted to know who her accomplice was.

The police went to get Isabelle for questioning but she denied having anything to do with Mayumi’s kidnapping since she was busy taking care of her father. Mayumi was convinced that the two were working together but Daphne told her that Isabelle was not her accomplice.


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