The Stepdaughters Episode 40

The Stepdaughters Episode 40 Daphne protects Isabelle from ending in prison, Mayumi is a step finding Isabelle’s secret

Daphne kept throwing dusts into the eyes of the police and Mayumi claiming that Isabelle was not her accomplice in the kidnaping. Mayumi debunked her claims to urge the authorities to believe that Isabelle and Daphne were working together but Isabelle told Mayumi not to accuse her without any evidence.

Later, Francis went to check on Mayumi and Bryce told him that Mayumi had asked to be discharged. When Mayumi returned to the hospital, she told Francis that she was at the station to see Daphne. Francis asked her to rest because she was injured and shouldn’t be up. He asked her not to make him worry about her but Mayumi said she couldn’t rest without knowing where her mother was.

Mayumi went to see Daphne at the station before she was transferred to prison. She wanted to know where Luisa was but Daphne said she didn’t know. She provoked Mayumi by saying that Luisa was probably dead. They fought with each other until a guard came to stop them. Mayumi therefore had to keep looking for Luisa on her own. Francis brought her to church so they could pray for Luisa and hope to find her.

Isabelle went to see Daphne and assured her that she would help her get out of prison. Her plan was to take back the money Hernan gave to Luisa and later k!ll her since they were not able to get rid of Mayumi. She also met up with her henchman and told her to lay low since Mayumi was still looking for Luisa.

Soon, Isabelle took Luisa and Hernan out for a drive to the park. Luisa saw Mayumi when they stopped and got out of the car. She ran toward the car and Mayumi saw her from the side Mirror. She quickly asked Francis to stop the car so she could see who it was. Francis stopped at an intersection and Mayumi wasn’t able to cross the road in time to get to Luisa.

Isabelle went after Luisa and dragged her back before Mayumi saw them. She lied that she knew where Mayumi was but later said Mayumi got tired of waiting and left. Luisa lost her doll and it got ran over by a car. She was upset that her baby was hurt so Isabelle got her friend to buy another doll.

Since Mayumi didn’t see Luisa, Francis told her that she had probably imagined it. As they were driving, they heard that someone got hit by a car and Mayumi was scared it might be Luisa. They went to check the body but fortunately, it wasn’t her. Mayumi saw the doll that Luisa carried around on the road and was able to confirm that it was Luisa she had seen.

Francis brought Mayumi home and she told Sasha and Baby that she couldn’t find Luisa. She said she had already been to the places she used to frequent with Luisa. Sasha asked her about Hernan’s house and Mayumi decided to look into it.

Luisa was distraught about not seeing Mayumi. Isabelle told her that Mayumi did not want them to be together as a family and instead wanted to take her to the mental institution. She told Luisa that it was better not to have Mayumi with them.

Later, Luisa was taking care of the doll in the sitting room when the phone rang and it was Mayumi. Mayumi recognised her but Isabelle stopped Luisa from talking. The housekeeper took the phone and told Mayumi that she was mistaken.

Mayumi went to Isabelle’s house demanding to see Luisa. Isabelle got the help to take Luisa to her room and went outside to confront Mayumi. She said Luisa wasn’t there and stopped Mayumi from going inside. Mayumi told Isabelle to prove it by letting them look inside the house.

Isabelle said she would report Mayumi for trespassing and Mayumi said she would report her for kidnapping. As the two of them fought, Mayumi tried to pave her way inside while Isabelle stopped her.


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